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Thread: Write GM's history?

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    Write GM's history?

    This is unusual -

    While many companies publish histories to commemorate special milestones, GM is putting a 21st Century, open-source twist on the way its history is told in cyberspace.

    Beginning today, GM is inviting people worldwide to contribute to the Generations of GM Wiki on and share their personal, first-person experiences from the company's first 100 years - everything from a story about a summer job in an assembly plant to pictures of a first car to favorite experiences with GM products. GM thinks its best authors are those who experienced the company firsthand - its employees, retirees, dealers, customers and the generations of people who have shaped GM.

    "The Generations of GM Wiki proves once again that there is no limit to the uses to which business can put social media tools - and no limit to GM's willingness to open itself to the conversation," said Shel Holtz, Principal, Holtz Communication + Technology and author of the blog, "A Shel of My Former Self."

    The Generations of GM Wiki allows everyone to contribute to GM's history. To add submissions, users will register their e-mail on and click the new "Wiki" tab at the top of the page. From there they can post a picture, write a story or simply spend some time reading what others have shared. All submissions are moderated to assure they follow the "Rules of the Road" listed on the Wiki, but accuracy is overseen by the user community and subject matter experts.

    The Wiki will be based on a timeline of basic facts about GM's history from its incorporation to the present. Using technology similar to that pioneered on the popular Wikipedia Web site, the GMnext Wiki will expand on the company's history through links to stories, images, videos and audio.

    "We welcome everyone to share their stories and build a rich and continuously evolving history of GM's people and products," said Steve Harris, Vice President of GM Communications. "And we couldn't think of a better way to launch our interactive Wiki than at the Chicago Auto Show, which is also celebrating its 100th anniversary."

    The Generations of GM Wiki is the latest initiative under GMnext, a dialogue-based global platform that marks the company's 100th anniversary and spotlights GM's next generation of people, products and technologies. To join the conversation, visit

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    Re: Write GM's history?

    Shit, this thread made me remember something.

    I've just realized that I left my 1955 Chevy clip-on visor mirror in the Honda when I traded it in.

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    Re: Write GM's history?

    Quote Originally Posted by misterdecibel
    I've just realized that I left my 1955 Chevy clip-on visor mirror in the Honda when I traded it in.
    You are doing better than me. I owned about eight GM cars since 1971, the first being a 1960 FB Australian GM Holden with a stonking great 2.2 litre OHV straight six, the 2nd was identical but in GM pink with grey, and I drove it for 14 hours from Wellingon to North Auckland 450 miles with no thermostat and it got very cold in the middle of the night at about freezing, but the shot bearings held together ... and I recall stopping in the middle of the night on a completely deserted State Highway One in the middle of the North Island and having a cigarette and far away there was the sound of a couple of EMD engines heading a new luxury overnight train, the 'Silver Star' which was illuminated by moonlight as it snaked across the landscape spread out below me... from the road you could see half across the country,

    That old FB Holden sedan was well-worn but made 35mpg average. Then I sold it to a guy who was into full throttle speed. He tried to escape from cops who mounted a major chase, and he damaged several cop cars and was never caught, but it was still registered in my name, and they came to arrest me. Meanwhile he had bought air tickets to Australia... The cops would not believe I sold it to a stranger in a pub.

    Who says GM cars are boring?

    Another thing which is nice about GM cars.
    They are not Fords.

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