This is what two men and a machine had to do everyday,

It is compromised but this is what driving ateam engine was.
In older days, it was harder on the fast 100mph express trains, but this video clip had eluded me, fiound it below , and the fireman has a good demeanour, sometimes on the older engnes with freight it was a bit more quiet, I don't think I can quite explain it.

But is a rare possibly unique view of running an intercity train with hand-fired coal,these engines liked coal left and right with a thin fire a little in the moddle, where the train coms to a near stanstill with signals and then accelerates.

This kind of stuff will be gone in a few years, not because the engines don't exist, but because the men who ran these 100mph steam engines will be gone.

shows a cup of tea, a driver who starts a train in full gear then backs off , getting the train up to speed then there is gradient, hardly any words are spoken. Best viewed in full screen.