I bought the car back when I was 14 or 15 when I was in Detroit on a business trip with my father. It had 70,000 original miles and the price was right - a measly $900. I only had $600 so Dad "gave" me the difference. We brought it back to Canada and with the exception of a paint job and worn clutch (which I replaced the first day I got home with a friend) it ran flawlessly. I spent 2 months saving for a paint job, then had it done in a Brilliant Sky Blue. I drove it on and off for another 7 months (because I didn't have a full liscence yet - I may have only had a learners at the time). I remember going on a camping trip for 3 or 4 days and when I got home the car was gone and so was my father (He'd gone to Victoria for a week).

He called that night to tell me he sold it to someone who lived out there. I griped and moaned, but he told me that he couldn't say no to the price they agreed on - $6000. I told him it wasn't his car to sell and he reminds me that he fronted 1/3 of the money. When he got back home he took 1/2 and placed it in a joint bank account (that I needed his signature to withdraw from, so I effectively couldn't access it) and gave me the other $3000. A few years later, the gentleman in Victoria sold it to his brother who moved to Miami Beach. He still has the car to this day and with the exception of a an engine rebuild at 160,000 miles and a repaint (in the same colour), a stereo system, a second clutch and new seats it looks just like the day I left it for my camping trip 15 years ago. The current owner told me it just passed 200,000 miles last year.

.......And no..... he refuses to sell it back to me. He intends to hand it down to his son in a couple years.