I just sent this short note to a Ron Paul staffer who contacted me about the campaign; thought some of you might be interested...

Dear Brian,

I'm not convinced that there's much chance of transforming the Republican Party into a party that supports and defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have to remember that the GOP is the descendant of the Whig Party - which for the first 60 years after the country's founding sought an "end run" against the principles of federalism and voluntary association; of governments deriving their "just powers from the consent of the governed." It was the Whig dream to establish a strong central government dispensing patronage at home - and an empire abroad. To end forever the idea that, when a government no longer serves the interests of the governed, the governed may go in peace to form a government more to their liking. Abe Lincoln, founder of the GOP, forced that vision on the Republic - at gunpoint.

It is my belief that to defend freedom, we must reject the Whig tradition - and thus, the Republican Party.

An honest new party, not chained to the floor by the shackles of a self-contradicting legacy of statism and empire, could do far more to rally the revolutionary spirit that must be channeled for true reform to become more than just talking points.

As history shows us, no empire is forever. The United States as it is currently constituted will be no exception. The weight of debt, the dissolution of common purpose - and the rising foment of ethnic/racial tensions may prove its undoing - just as these factors undid the former Soviet Union. And just as in the case of the Soviet Union, we may see a day - not too far off - when this country, too, breaks apart into autonomous regions.

I believe we should prepare for that day - and in the meanwhile, do all we can to lay the foundation for a restoration of the Republic.

If I can help, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Eric Peters