Prince William and Prince Harry have decided on the codename for their proposed 1000 mile charity ride across Africa - ER+Queen. The 'ER ' element of the codename could be a tribute to their grandmother, or it could be a reference to Easy Rider. The 'Queen' element could be any one, or more, of several references, to their mother Queen Elizabeth, to Steve (The Great Escape) McQueen, or possibly to Freddie Mercury's famous group. Whichever way it seems the princes have a subtle sense of humour.

The idea behind the charity ride arose from Ewan McGregor & Charlie Borman's monumental trip covered by the TV series 'The Long Way Down', and its purpose is to raise funds to help Lesotho orphans with HIV and AIDS.

The trip will probably take place in June when both princes will be on leave from their military duties.