The news is out about an accident Friday night near Washington DC (I think) A deserted strip of interstate seems to have become the magnet for two set of drag racers. The news blurb said that after two cars raced through, the crowd moved into the street to watch. A non-racing car came along and killed several people. Now, I assumed when I first heard the story, I thought one of the cars went out of control and hit spectators. Now several people are dead, many more are injured and possibily maimed and a driver who was going about his or her lawful business has to live with killing pedestrians.

This is one thing I have absolutely NO tolerance for. Drag racing is on a track with proper safety precautions. Street racing is illegal and you can't even boast because there is no proof you won. On a track, you have a timing slip. Granted, I did have a badge for a few years. Still, if someone gets caugth street racing, regardless of damage or injuries, they don't want me on the jury. The prosecutor will still need to prove they are guilty, but if they are, I'll be perfectly happy to throw the key away.