Auburn Hills, Mich., Feb 27, 2008 - For decades, Chrysler LLC has offered specialized programs to help its technical talent build their skills and develop strong careers while at the same time helping the company to create incredible vehicles and powertrains?and two of these programs are now getting even better.

The new Technical Fellow and Master Black Belt Senior Specialist programs will build on the Company?s existing Technical Specialist and Master Black Belt programs.

?Chrysler knows that engineering innovation and disciplined decision-making are vital to the success of the Company,? said Frank Klegon, Executive Vice President ? Product Development, Chrysler LLC. ?Technical Specialists and Master Black Belts are highly valued in this regard and are key to successfully carrying out our future product plan.?

The Technical Specialist program has been in place at Chrysler since 1988. Technical Specialists are instrumental within the company?s engineering community in several ways: They help develop state-of-the-art technology for Chrysler, they stay abreast of emerging technologies, and they share knowledge, as well as coach and mentor other engineers.

To be recognized as a Technical Specialist, engineers must meet criteria that include education and experience, job performance and accomplishments, and a peer review. The new Technical Fellow program includes even tougher criteria, but provides recognition and new opportunities for career growth for engineers with extraordinary knowledge and experience.

Chrysler also is offering something new within the Master Black Belt program with a Master Black Belt Senior Specialist designation.

?The mission of the Master Black Belt program is to build on our culture of creating robust designs, rapidly solving problems, and ensuring the most efficient business processes are used throughout the organization,? said Doug Betts, Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Chrysler LLC.

Black Belts use different problem-solving methodologies, including Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Critical Thinking and Shainin Red X to solve various technical and process issues throughout each vehicle program. They progress through the Black Belt ranks to the current top rank of Master Black Belt Specialist. The new top rating of Senior Specialist demands tougher criteria, but provides greater personal recognition and reward ? and benefits to Chrysler?s Product Development operations.

Engineering expertise and process-driven methodologies are critical to Chrysler?s ongoing success. The Technical Specialist and Master Black Belt programs provide a competitive advantage to the Company by developing and implementing new technology, refining internal processes and identifying cost-savings opportunities. Both Chrysler and its talent base have a lot to gain from the new programs?but the ultimate beneficiaries are Chrysler?s customers.