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from Kwozzie about bad language in reply to Kwozzie's managent of dogs on farms..

Good that you gave it away then.

I've had working dogs albeit not as much as you, and when they did wrong mostly they knew it, and when they came back sometimes I was so angry that I had them paws-up squealing with my hand on the back of their neck, but I didn't think this was very brilliant, and I tried, but the very brightest dogs did anything; they found a way, but in return would die for you, and if they did things like eat slime in a city street I didn't stop them, I just went silent while looking at them, and the nose would turn this way, that way, the eyes kinda nowhere, and that was enough. The yelling was nowhere useful except on farms where it was a bit different.

Did you have a really good dog ay any time?

None of my city dogs had leads except to stop trouble from the law. Even unfixed males, but they used to get rhthym, excercise and life. We had to be a team; he would protect me from all but nukes, and I would, as boss, sat "sit" and he would sit, and "stay" when I said stay, but when he saw a newborn ducklings... horror, he would come back all, "so what?"
Sasha was finest. a fixed female. lab huntawayX she was the perfect city dog, she couldnę quite work out the traffic on the one or two times a tear she went AWOL reurning very fat or via the Pound....