I personally haven't driven it since my high school graduation. I begged him to let me drive it to grad and he refused repeatedly. So I did what any enterprising young man would have done. I had a set of keys cut to his car and stole it.

Not only did I take his car to grad..... I took it to an aftergrad party that lasted 4 days. I drove all the way out to Invermere, B.C. to a huge aftergrad party (just about all the coolest car people from 5 separate high schools were attending and I HAD to make an impression). Suffice it to say that I used the car for its original intended purpose - racing and picking up beautiful ladies. I made a small fortune through a series of calculated bets. It was worth it. Oh, yes it was worth it! Some of the things I did at that party are still talked about today. I was extremely lucky that the Olds was neither stolen nor vandalized during the celebration.

When I brought the car back on the 4th day at 4 am, the old man was waiting on the driveway with a flashlight. He wouldn't let me speak. He just crawled over and under the car and checked the motor (fortunately, I paid a professional detailer to thoroughly clean it before I returned it). He checked the top, the tires and the interior. He sat in the car, turned it over and spent what seemed like an eternity staring at the instrument cluster. It took me a minute to realize what he was doing.....he was calculating how much mileage I added. In my haste, I had forgotten to disconnect the odometer for the long highway drives!!

He hands me the flashlight and tells me that I had better have one hell of a good story that accounts for the additional 1,493.6 miles on his odometer, and not to come into the house until I was prepared to tell him with exacting detail. I followed him in an hour later. But not before pulling the car in the garage and slowly getting a feel of every inch and angle of the car. I knew I would never drive it again.

And I haven't since.