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Thread: "Digital" Camaro Berlinetta

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    "Digital" Camaro Berlinetta

    Some of you may recall the early-mid '80s Camaro Berlinetta - which had a unique digital dash as well as other features that standard Camaros didn't have. The Berlinetta was supposed to be the "luxury Camaro" - but it never quite took off and was eventually replaced by the RS in the latter '80s.

    Here's a link to a site with info about these unusual Camaros, along with some cool photos of the digital dash:

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    Re: "Digital" Camaro Berlinetta

    The 3rd generation Camaro Berlinetta was an intesting car. The '84 - '86 digital dash layout was like Knight Rider. Here's a 1985 Berlinetta ad:

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