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Thread: GM says "no" to new Firebird - it's official

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    GM says "no" to new Firebird - it's official

    GM executives recently said there's not going to be a new Firebird spun off the pending 2009 Camaro - in part because of the cost (estimated at $200 million) and in part because the projected volume for a new Firebird would not rise to the level needed to offset the investment, etc.

    More bad news: Pontiac itself maybe on the chopping block, at least as it being GM's "performance division." GM honchos said the recently passed 35 mpg CAFE edict could make it economically impossible to continue producing powerful V-8 cars like the new G8 sedan. Pontiac may either become an uspcale economy brand - or be dropped entirely.... .

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    Re: GM says "no" to new Firebird - it's official

    This is unfortunate but not surprising. GM has spent little money on Pontiac in the last few years. The newly released G8 though a great car is essentially a rebadged Holden so GM did not spend a lot of money on development costs. The same thing happened to Plymouth before Chrysler shut it down. I can forsee a day in the future where Pontiac, Buick, GMC, and Saturn will be eliminated. GM will be left with Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Hummer.

    This problem all started 30 years ago when GM decided to consolidate the separate auto divisions by sharing engines, general body designs, and eliminating the individuality of the different divisions. Said another way it's like Europe which once was England, France, Germany, etc. its now the Europen Union, nobody jumps for joy about European Union, its a big bunch of nothingness. However in the Past the French took pride in France, the Italians in Italy, etc. The same thing has happened to GM their is no customer pride in the individual makes/divisions like there once was. Now all the GM makes are designed by the same designers and you know what? The cars look it. And the buying public knows it, and sees all the cars as essentially the same. General Motors has become Generic Motors. The only divisions they spend money on are Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Hummer so this is to be their future. GM forgot something along the way that having all the different divisions with differences gave them a large customer base. The less divisions/makes they have the less customers they will have. In essence GM's future will be one of a much smaller company.

    I am also not so sure the Camaro will ever see the light of day, GM has been axing their best future projects ever since the new CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards were recently passed. The much anticipated rear-wheel drive next generation Impala was the first victim of the CAFE. The Camaro at the earliest would be out as a 2010 model and the CAFE standards start rising in 2011 (in increments until 2020) putting a real pinch on performance cars. So it is possible GM may pull the plug on the Camaro by the end of this year. I hope it does not happen but it would not surprise me if I did. The clock is running out on these cars, and when the bean counters at GM realize that a new Camaro will have a very short shelf life (ie: won't be that profitable) as the CAFE rises starting in 2011, I think the're going to pull the plug. Remember as the CAFE standards start increasing the loose will tighten on Chevrolet, and having the Camaro and Corvette will be too much for Chevrolet to carry and still meet the new CAFE. They will eventually be forced to cut one loose, the Camaro will surely be the one.

    I don't think the buying public has yet figured out how vast the changes in their cars and trucks will be in the next few years to meet these new ridiculous CAFE standards. Surely the day like the early 1980s will return when we all will think 150 horsepower is a lot of horsepower. Stay tuned as things unfold.

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