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Thread: Remember when a new sh**box cost $4k?

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    Re: Remember when a new sh**box cost $4k?

    Quote Originally Posted by Henry
    Quote Originally Posted by Eric
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry
    I remember when I lived in Texas and they were selling brand new Chevettes for $2650.00 Those were total shitboxes. The top speed was about 75 mph.
    Yeah - but they were largely free of the cost-padding weight adding saaaaaafety bullshit you and I despise. $2,500 for a basic transpo shitbox I could mostly fix myself.... not so bad, when you think about it!
    Hot Rod Magazine did a buildup on a Chevette back in the early 1980s for one of their projects. They pulled the 4 cylinder and put in a modified Chevrolet 2.8 liter V6. As I recall it had some mighty impressive performance numbers when they were done modding it.

    Plus, you could modify the engine to produce more HP. More HP has a greater effect on a lightweight car.

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    Re: Remember when a new sh**box cost $4k?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric

    Man, I remember that! '

    I would have loved to test drive a brand-new Yugo press car.....
    I drove many new Yugo's that summer. The new car smell in the Yugo was a strange odor, can't really describe it but hope to never smell it again. The stick shift stuck out of the floor with a long stalk and had a cheep plastic handle. The stick shift seemed as long as the stick in a CJ Jeep. The seating position was high and visibility was very good. The car was like driving a go cart - it did not seem like a real car. It was peppy even with only 64 horsepower since it was so light. I could rip the front tires, however the best burnout you could expect was about 8-12 inches. I also remember when you got up to highway speeds the car got a little scary - the tiny pizza cutter wheels and tires did not give you a safe feeling and the engine really made a lot of racket above 50 mph. The manual gearbox was not that smooth. I also remember the optional air conditioning unit which was a small under the dash add-on with two vents. There were no luxury options on the Yugo, this car was cruisin' Eastern Block style.

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    Re: Remember when a new sh**box cost $4k?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken
    Hence the proliferation of tuning firms thatwould produce special cranks or balance crank assemblies. On the 850 mini engines the cranks had a critical whirling speed of, if memory serves me correctly, just over 6000 rpm. Coupled with the fact that the main bearing were often out of line by several thou it was easy to destroy a crank by over-revving. I had a small firm that did a superb job of crank assembly balancing and, when the original cast main bearing caps were replaced by steel caps and precision line bored, I was able to run the polished and balanced crank in my souped up 850 at 8000+ rpm.
    How pertenient! These many years ago my BIL competed a Morgan Plus 4 quite sucessfully. The engine was factory red-lined at 5500. Carl had to use 7000 off the grid, and 6500 elsewhere, to be competitive. We never ran any one crank more than 3 meetings, and the line-bored bearings were a must.

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