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Baby Steps For Kleptoholics Anonymous

I’ve always been a book thief. Growing up in daycare, me and this other kid would ride our bikes to the library all the time. Libraries are socialist institutions where people read books they didn’t pay for, because somehow that’s okay, when it’s done in this special venue. It was a real nice one. A…


There’s this thing called swatting. It’s when a hacker finds the address of a person live-streaming, and anonymously alerts the local police of a shooting or bomb threat at the steamer’s location. Some time during the stream, police breach the streamer’s residence for all to see. Good fun for the hackers.

So, all someone (anyone, including police) has to do is call in a threat, and you lose your rights.

Notice in the video below they don’t read him his rights, as they search his phone and eventually turn the camera away.

Recent example, raid happens at about 1:40:

Article about the incident:

SWAT Team Arrest of Online Gamer Caught Live on Webcam After Hoax 9-1-1 Call

Elliot Hannon

Jordan Mathewson was playing the video game Counter-Strike online Wednesday when he noticed something wasn’t quite right. “Uh oh, this isn’t good,” Mathewson said on the live online broadcast of his gaming session. “They’re clearing rooms, what in the world? I think we’re getting swatted.” Mathewson, sitting in a video game company in Littleton, Colorado was, in fact, being “swatted.”

Within moments, a heavily armed SWAT team charged in the room and arrested the gamer after a call to police said there was an active shooter in the building. “The caller claimed to have shot two co-workers, held others hostage, and threatened to shoot them. He stated that if the officers entered he would shoot them as well,” the Littleton Police Department said in a statement. “There were no victims or any evidence that a shooting had taken place.” The 9-1-1 call appears to be hoax. But the danger to Mathewson was real as police in Littleton, understandably, take active shooter situations seriously after nearby shooting tragedies at Columbine and Aurora.

The practice of swatting, as Slate’s Justin Peters wrote last year, is when “you contact the police, falsely report a horrible crime or a hostage standoff, and convince them to send a SWAT team to your unsuspecting victim’s door.” The high stakes prank, which also happens to be illegal, first blipped on the pop culture radar with celebrities getting swatted. Now, the BBC reports, some in the gaming community have adopted it as a way to sabotage opponents.

Living Without Government

Critics will say living without government is only theoretical; nobody has done this before for real. The nagging fear of change and distrust of the unknown is strong. It moves men to wonder: “well, couldn’t we just limit government, instead of doing away with it altogether?” The answer to that is a resounding NO, we…


THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MONSANTO, THE WORLD’S MOST EVIL CORPORATION SOURCE: WAKING TIMES   Of all the mega-corps running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed its rivals, earning the crown as “most evil corporation on Earth!” Not content to simply rest upon its throne of death, atop a mountain of rotting corpses, it remains focused on newer, more scientifically innovative ways…

Basic Questions of Freedom


Question 1: A neighbor plans to build on his property in such a way as will, you think, hurt the market value of yours. What will you do? Invite him over, to explore a possible resolution Contact the Zoning Board to prohibit his plans Serve him notice of a lawsuit if he proceeds Question 2:…

Off the Beaten Track


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