The Orange Balloon Deflates

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Trump could not replace – much less repeal – Obamacare. So, instead, he did what Republicans do best: Bomb foreigners, remotely.

Even the Chimp-esque, Oceania tis’ for thee verbiage is back. Remember “Saddam”? The first-name personalization of the Enemy of Freedom? Now it’s Assad. And, of course, Assad is the leader of a regime. The Assad Regime.

It sounds like an ‘80s hair band.

It is never the Trump Regime. Only regimes being targeted by the regime in Washington are regimes.

The Assad Regime?

God, my teeth ache.

I had hope – small, but some – that Trump understood or at least wanted to change the pattern of a fatwa’ing federal government – and not just with regard to EPA and DOT ululations about “safety” and such.

This business of lobbing bombs at foreigners – an act of war – without a declaration of war – is the most dangerous form of fatwa’ing.

The Constitution says no lobbing of bombs without one and that Congress must pass the declaration legalizing the lobbing of bombs. Of course, the Constitution is “just a goddamn piece of paper,” as The Chimp quite accurately described it.

We’ve grown accustomed to whomever inhabits the Oval Office lobbing bombs on his mere say-so, exactly like a first-name authoritarian despot. No one seems to notice this – or if they do, they don’t seem to mind it much. Nor wonder – ever – why anyone foreign could possibly hate us for something other than Our Freedoms.


It’s defeating to a thinking brain to contemplate not merely the lawlessness of lobbing bombs at foreigners on the say-so of a single man, who has no constitutional authority to do it, much less any moral right to do it, because the normalization of such lawlessness and moral cretinhood is exactly why we have fatwa-issuing “agencies” such as the EPA and DOT – which also lack any constitutional authority to pass laws and enforce them, yet do.

By changing the name to regulations.

By lobbing bombs at foreigners on his say-so alone and without any constitutional authority to do it, Trump has shown himself to be simpatico with the EPA ayatollahs and undermined any principled basis for objecting to their fatwas.

Which is why the fatwas will continue to ululate from within the Beltway, only with a different emphasis – just as a Sunni Ayatollah will have a different parsing of the Koran (who deserves beheading? Or do we just cane him?) than a Shi’ite Ayatollah.

Principles are lacking generally, these days.

Here’s another that’s down for the count:

The tribunal that sentenced the surviving leadership of the German Reich to hang by the neck until dead did so on the basis of, among other things, the leadership’s conspiring to and then actually launching an aggressive war against countries that had not attacked the Reich first. Lobbing bombs at Poland was decreed to be a war crime. And not merely the Reich lobbing them at Poland, but generally. In principle, aggressive war was decreed unlawful.

So much for that.

The Reichsmarschall wasn’t a hypocrite.

Syria – “Assad” – has not attacked the United States. He may have attacked some people within his country. Who knows?

You know, like the federal government did, as at Waco – if you’ll recall.

And by the way, gas was used there as well – and in that case it is a certain fact that it was the Regime – the American Einsatzgruppen who were sent on its behalf, to do its dirty work – who actually lobbed the gas. It is questionable whether “Assad” actually did gas his people. If he did, it makes little sense given the green light he had to know it would give the Orange One to lob bombs his way and perhaps more to come.

But it smells, regardless.

Not the gas.

The lobbing of the bombs constitutes not only a shitting all over the Constitution’s very sound investing of the power to declare war in a large deliberative body and requiring a majority vote of that body before the lobbing of bombs, so as to assure there is a very good reason for the lobbing and that if not, the people who lobbed will be called to account – but also constitutes a war crime when the bombs are lobbed at foreign countries that haven’t attacked the United States.

Like Iraq, for instance.

And now, this.

Did they hate us for Our Freedom, too?

Of course, no one will hang or even be handed a small fine. The Chimp paints. Trump has got people talking about something other than his failure to rid us of Obamacare. Lobbing bombs is an excellent tonic for a wilting presidency.

It is like Fuuuuhhhhhhttttttball.

Americans, in the main, love the lobbing of bombs just as they love a Hail Mary pass during the Big Game.

So long as the bombs are not lobbed at them.

They enjoy seeing them dropped from planes and fired from ships, the contrails brightening the room in which they are watching it all on TeeVee. Few ever bother asking themselves how they’d feel if a foreign country’s leader, incensed by some noxious action of our regime against its own people, decided to lob a few our way.

Least of all the Orange One.

The teeth begin to ache.

There was, for all of three months, some hope that perhaps this time it’d be different. That – for once – the federal government was headed by someone not perpetually priapic for wars, which are (cheers!) the health of the state, the mortification of liberty and sulfuric acid thrown in the face of human decency.

Many who perhaps did not like Trump voted for him nonetheless because they dreaded the bloody fanged alternative. They knew we’d be lobbing bombs at foreigners in that event. They hoped that maybe Trump would not.

So, they took a chance, rolled the dice – and pulled the lever for the Orange One.

And, as always, got the same result.

America is the land of Charlie Brown, eternally hoping Lucy won’t pull the football away at the last minute. But it’s worse than that, actually. Charlie Brown wants to kick the football and is disappointed when Lucy pulls it away at the last moment. Americans, in the main, seem to like lobbing bombs, or having it done on their behalf – as evidenced by their not objecting to it.

Note that even the Left has quieted down. And the Right is cheering. Yeah, Freedom!

Only Libertarians, the only sane Americans left, are appalled.

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  1. Very well said. 🙂 I did not vote, out of principle. Having said that, I had false hope that maybe, just maybe, The Orange One was going to be different. I knew Killary was going to get us into a war, but Trump (the question mark) made a great strategic move by reaching out to the alternative camp and the angry white male. He had many convinced and many hopeful that he was going to stick it to the puppet masters. He has, unfortunately, and to the chagrin of many a voter that took a chance on him (against their better judgement) turned out to be the (orange) turd in the punch bowl.

    • This election above all, just illustrates the folly of voting.

      That Trump was the “best” choice of all the candidates, is pretty revealing.
      That they can say ANYTHING when campaigning, and not be held at all accountable in any way…
      And that even the “Libertarian Party” candidate was a steaming turd…

      Why anyone wastes their time voting, I’ll never understand- but so much more could be accomplished by non-participation. They call us irresponsible for not participating, but in reality, their participation is what keeps the system alive.

      Imagine how we’d feel had we voted?!

      • I ended up voting. there were two maybe three things on the ballot to eliminate units of government. I couldn’t pass that up. I wrote in Ron Paul and Monty Brewster for president and vice or the other way around. Can’t remember.

        • If Ron Paul were in the mix, even I would vote for the first time in my life!

          That there was no one running who was worthy of his endorsement, pretty much told the story of this election, and of where we are in history.

      • How do I start a new thread? I want to post a partial article, it proves that there will always be someone taking control – it is a matter of making an attempt to keep what government we already have in check.

        “. . .Republicans in turn won control of all three branches of the federal government – at least the three envisioned by our Founding Fathers – for the first time in a decade.

        As a consequence, Democrats have pinned their hopes to stifle President Donald Trump’s pro-growth agenda on the unprecedented insurrection of an unchecked, de facto branch of government: the bureaucratic state.. . ”

        Unless you can find yourself a deserted island, there is no way any of you are going to have the solitude you desire, but before you do this – sign up for a 21-day stint with Discovery’s ‘Naked and Afraid.’ To get a real feel how living on your own would be like.

        • You just don’t get it. We’re not talking about “living on our own” on some deserted island in a state of nature. This is not at all the same thing as the simple right to be left alone and not be interfered with by gun-toting control freaks.

          What we are talking about is human interactions being voluntary rather than coerced by violence or threat of violence. I do not live on an island by myself. I obtain what I need from others by trading value for value. I have no desire or expectation that some cadre of psychopathic goons calling itself “government” is going to loot my neighbors at gunpoint supposedly for my own good.

          I do not see government as having any legitimacy whatsoever, no more so than any other group of gangsters running a protection racket. In fact the primary difference between government and “organized crime” is that the Mob is less violent and has far less blood on its hands. Elected thugs are still thugs. These are facts that cannot be disputed.

          Now if the federal government would restrict itself to attending to its duties enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 and otherwise leave us the hell alone to live our lives probably most of us could live with that. But that motley collection of violent control freaks is not willing to do that. Ditto for the rest of them all the way down the line to the local costumed “heroes” collecting revenue on the highway and beating people senseless, or killing them, when they sniff any non-compliance.

          I say spit on them all and feed them fish heads.

          • Democrats Turn to Bureaucrats to Stop Trump

            As a consequence, Democrats have pinned their hopes to stifle President Donald Trump’s pro-growth agenda on the unprecedented insurrection of an unchecked, de facto branch of government: the bureaucratic state.

            Through executive orders, President Trump immediately began cutting needless red tape draped across the federal government by his predecessor. This led deliberately resistant entrenched civil servants to wage a campaign to subvert the administration’s clear intention of deregulation.

          • Dear Jason,

            Well said!

            Except for the part about feeding them fish heads.

            Most Westerners don’t know it, but fish heads are actually delicious. Chinese and other Asian peoples cook them all the time.

            They are very “Primal”. Very “survivalist”. Very “waste not, want not”. The diametric opposite of millennial snowflake squeamishness.

  2. America is great because it’s people property and abilities are great. If you exchanged all our politicians with North Korean politicians. Nothing would diminish, only different hands would be greased.

    If you sent all American politicians and military to North Korea and they had only the people and resources that exist there, there would be no improvement.

    Government and military are takers. They can only consume or redistribute what already exists. They contribute nothing.

    • True, Tor- except, our people aren’t so great anymore. A majority of them act more like North Koreans than real Americans these days- and that is largely because of the influences exercised upon them by our government, through the schools and the media, and other methods of social control, like welfare programs.

      Take the current condition of blacks for instance: 50 years after slavery had ended, the vast majority of black kids were born in wedlock, into homes where men were the bread-winners and head of the households. Now, 50 years after the “Civil Rights” movement [More like Malcolm X-crement’s bowel movement!] and “the Great Society” of the state “goan pay all they bills”, look at the state of ’em! Almost 80% of niglets born out of wedlock; it’s a rarity to see a black household headed by an employed male who is married to the mother his “chillen”, and something like one third of all jigs have been encarcerated by the time they’re 25. [The above was basically a paraphrase of what Thomas Sowell has stated].

      Communists use propaganda; the threat of violence; compulsory “education”; laws & regulation; and economics, to not only control the actions of people, but to control their minds, so that they will eventually come to DEMAND the very things that the state wants to shove down their throats- like Obozocare.

      Our government is practicing all of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto- and the vast majority of our people now support these actions.

      • Hey Nunzio,
        I agree with the substance of your analysis, however calling my fellow blacks niglets and jigs really wasn’t necessary… I find it a bit offensive as a black man and really don’t see the value such name calling brings to the discussion. Again, I whole heartedly agree that “civil rights” and the “Great Society” among other things were a detriment to the solidarity and stability of the black family specifically and the whole of society of the “unwashed masses” generally. If more of my contemporaries truly understood who our true enemy was and still is, we would be well on our way to 10,000% improvement of our lot.

        • Hi Mac,

          No offense intended, I can assure you. I just abhor politically-correct terminology (That, and I do get rather annoyed with the behavior of a lot of “your people”….)

          Hey, if you’ve read enough of my posts, you may have noticed that I refer to my own people as “Dagos” and “WOPs”!

          And NOTHING pisses-off liberals more than using un-PC terminology, which is one of the reasons I love it! You want to try something neat: Go on a public forum where something like N. Korea is being discussed, and defend the Koreans against our warmongering threats- only refer to the Koreans as “Gooks”.

          Everyone will call you a “hater” [because people today are taught to react to certain words and concepts, without any actual thought- i.e. programming)- Even those who advocate bombing NK and killing innocent people who have done us no harm and who pose no threat to us, will call YOU the hater, merely for using the word “Gook”, even though you would be advocating the preservation of those very people.

          Such is the absurdity of our times- and personally, I think it a positive thing when such things can be illustrated to the few who may be willing to listen or who care.

          So…how about that Thomas Sowell? 😀 (Seriously, I love that guy!)

            • Ah, you probably know this old stand-by already, then, Eric:

              How do you circumcize a hillbilly? >
              (Kick his sister in the jaw!)

              I love all ethnic, racial, redneck, liberal, etc. jokes- basically, making fun of ANYBODY!

              (Some of the liberal ones aren’t even really jokes, but rather, just true statements- like the G. Gordon Liddy quote: “A liberal is a person who feels a great debt towards society, which debt he proposes to pay with your money.” )

              I’ve always loved the racial and ethnic stuff- but I love it now even more, because it just drives idiot white liberals INSANE! Where I now live, a lot of people have never even been more than an hour or two away from home; never spent any time in a big city, much less the “hood”. Most have never even personally met a Jew. Many have never personally known a schvatze (Sorry, Mac! 😀 but believe me, it was one of the more conservative choices;) )- and yet, because of their programming, they will promptly volunteer to tell you all about these different groups and their problems, and “how they are all caused by de eebil white man” and “racists”; and of course, the obligatory “everyone’s the same”….. That stuff is more hilarious than any joke.

          • Ok, cool. Believe me, I get just as annoyed (or more annoyed) with “my” people for their complete idocy. Indeed, using the old slurs (especially in reference to the group of which you’ve been labeled a member) and everyone (libtards, repubtards and everyone in between on that unidimensional spectrum) flies into a cum stained, piss soaked tissy! I know this first hand! In re-reading your post, I see I might have been a bit sensitive, and can sense your frustration with the entire works, lock, stock and barrel. I’m there with you. It burns my fucking hide when race hustlers, purposeful bigots (of every color), etc. vehemently and zealously wax indignant with the absolute wrong things and offer the problem (more government intrusion) as the solution. I weep when the great majority (of every cultural background) lap it up like manna from heaven. I know plenty of you all are atheistic or agnostic, so excuse me when I pray “Come Lord, QUICKLY!!!” I swear we are all doomed to the dustbin of history if he doesn’t come and set things back as they were intended with an old liberal bent.

            • Hi Mac,

              For me, one of the depressing things about our time is that so many people have lost their sense of humor, become hypersensitive and Perpetually Aggrieved. Jerry Seinfeld’s comment that he can’t do shows at college campuses anymore says a lot.

              The racial hate thing depends, of course, on collectivism.

              X hates Y presumptively because of the slights/wrongs committed by Z. Or because of the slights/wrongs committed by Z’s ancestors – and not even them, specifically.

              Of course, the hustlers in and out of government want us thinking collectively. It keeps us from thinking too much about them.

              • Mornin’ Eric,

                You know, between the air of seriousness and walking-on-eggshells created by these libturds; the reverential god-like attitude they expect one to have, which precludes all humor; and the entitlement attitude they have created around certain classes of people, they are actually doing MORE to fan the fires of contempt than to extinguish them.

                It’s like when I used to live in the city. A lot of my neighbors were handicapped. Many of them contributed absolutely nothing to society, and were just “useless eaters” [Not because of their handicap or ailments, but because the government had made them so]- and their sense of entitlement was so outrageous….

                They just expected special and reverential treatment from everyone. They acted as if it was their RIGHT to have anything and everything they ever wanted or needed provided to them. They demanded special treatment, while acting only in their own interest, and not giving a hoot as to anyone else. Most of them acted like state-created monsters.

                I used to see them crossing the road sometimes and think that it would be great to run them down!

                In short, most of them made themselves into the most abhorrent people you’d ever want to meet [Not all- a few older ones worked and did what they had to do- one whom I knew personally, despite being in a wheelchair, had 3 jobs and helped others, and didn’t expect anything from anyone…but such were rare] to the point where to this day, I still cringe when I see a handicapped person. What the libturds made these people into, has made me discriminate against them- whereas I never would have before.

                I have a physical ailment myself- but I’m pretty good at hiding it- and those who don’t know me wouldn’t have a clue. My former neighbors though [It was a newer “accessible” building in a neigborhood of older non-accessible buildings- which i guess is why it attracted a lot of gimpers…], my former neighbors would EMPHASIZE their disabilities and use them to full advantage to get special treatment. Their behavior made me sick.

            • Hey, Mac!

              AHhhh! The glorious truth in what you say! Such truth transcends any superficial human distinctions, like race or culture- it’s just truth!

              It’s like when someone doesn’t know I’m Italian and refers to someone guido as a “greaseball” or makes a reference to organized crime when they see some pisan scheming- It’s the people who are perpetuating the negative behavior whom I have the problem with- not the people observing that and calling it what it is.

              And you know what I’ve been seeing a lot of too, lately? Now that some black conservatives and/or Libertarians are becoming a little more well-known in the mainstream, the very PC libtards who have a meltdown if one dares not use the proper most reverential PC-language when referring to “an ehtnic minority”- those very same idjits will dismiss a Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams as “Uncle Toms”, merely because they do not support the radical Marxist liberal nonsense that “blacks are supposed to support”.

              And how ironic is that; that the libtards fully act as though blacks are inferior and incompetent, and need the welfare state to take care of them and protect them from society at large and their own “dysfunctional ways”?

              But, use the wrong terminology, or advocate freedom for all….and suddenly YOU’RE a “raciss”!

              And AMEN! May his kingdom come! I know our atheistic friends here like to hope that somehow libertarian society will come about- but it’s never going to happen, humanly speaking. The world gets less and less free with each passing year, and has, since the beginning. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the ultimate end of human endeavors will eventually result in worldwide destruction and mass death- and people being what they are, those who survive would just rebuild the exact same type of societies as were destroyed, as indeed has happened down through history.

              If WE did not have a Divine hope, we would have no hope for this world.

              What often passes for Christianity these days gives us a bad name, so I don’t blame those here for being leery- but I know that I am a Libertarian because I am a Christian- and historically, Libertarianism has it’s roots in Christianity, because we always seem to be the ones who are affected first and most severely by the workings of kings and states; and we have always realized that the fundamental thing is to ensure freedom for ourselves and our neighbors, so that we all may live our consciences before God. Better that we should tolerate some bad behavior by other free people, in order that freedom should abound, than that we should demand enforcement of our beliefs upon others- because such does not prevent evil anyway, but it does squelch freedom- ours, as well as theirs. And I do believe that this is the very thinking of many of our American founding fathers, but is lost on many people today (Thanks largely to the government schools)

        • Well, in my day – young Black children were called Pickaninny – which has since become racist. I don’t know if our Black brothers and sisters decided to take offense at this or rather our White Liberal brothers and sisters decided it was, and pushed it until everyone believed it. I thought it was cute, and all young children are cute whether you call them ‘rugrats,’ ‘Curtain-climbers,’ ‘munchkins,’ or whatever. Can’t we all just have fun and get along.Clover

          BTW and for anyone’s information, the word Pickaninny stems from Irish folklore of small, black faries that lived in the hills. Who doesn’t like faries?

          • It had to be the white liberals, Gail. I’m sure it was them too who invented “African-American” (I used to know people from Haiti and Jamaica who HATED that term!).

            I like “turdler” for a young black kid; or “teenaper” for an older one! 😀

            And it has nothing to do with race, or “slurs”- it’s just freakin’ funny!

            The Verazanno Bridge in NY goes between an Italian section of Brooklyn and Staten Island. I once heard a Mick refer to it as ‘The Guinea Gang-plank’ and thought it was the funniest thing ever! I didn’t get all offended and think “Oh, what a prejudiced guy who must hate all Italians!”- I just laughed!

            Once, I, very-Italian Nunzio, was with another very Italian friend, and we saw this tough-looking guido who fulfilled just about every Italian stereotype you could think of. He had some little kids with him. Later on, I was making a remark to my friend about the guy and his kids, and I referred to the kids as “Little Mafia kids”!

            Yes, if people would just relax and stop taking all of this stuff so seriously.

  3. This Gail Morrison chick is one sick momma and a perfect representation of everything that’s gone wrong with those who falsely claim to be Christians. With her comments I more fully understand the concerns Bevin and others have expressed in the past – & share some of it – when it comes to the likes of her. I.e. “Exodus 15:3 – The LORD [is] a man of war:” yeah, yeah, just ignore the whole bit about Jesus saying, ‘Love your enemies’ and such. I suppose people such as her take that to mean, ‘Love them to death’ or something, and she and her ilk are, The Hand of God alongside Ceasar as they facilitate and support wiping out Christian churches in formerly secular Mideast countries? Could you imagine her ilk happily working alongside Ceasar? No wonder The Daily Bell got such flack for their excellent piece, ‘Body of Executed Terrorist Mysteriously Goes Missing’ By Joe Jarvis – April 16, 2017.

    How freaking covetous is it to say with a straight face, “with the exception of Israel, it doesn’t bother me at all to take over the whole area, and bring them into the 21th century.” as if she were a god herself and theft is only something which ‘other’ people do. It’s sickening to read her remarks. Imho, there’s no way to use reason with a person who says such, she’s like Greg Hunter, they see ‘Isreal the government’ as if it were a Christian entity and the chosen people of God, irrespective of the words of Paul as he brought ‘The Word’ to the Gentiles, while the Sanheddrin who still rule modern Isreal (and the world?) rejected it.

    She sure does go to great lengths to describe this and that, but she never seems to get around to answering anyones questions. Funny, that. Very, bot-like. Flesh or software, sometimes, either one is the same.

    I am still kind of shocked whenever I see an Imperial christian say words such as this: “As far as being a warmonger, yes, of course I am. But I believe in winning the War, and keeping the spoils. This is how and why the USA is great”

    Imho, there’s absolutely Nothing Christian about this statement, or this woman. It’s economically ignorant, to boot. [See: Austrian Economics] But I guess that’s par for the course these days. With that, I can understand the disdain many people have towards christians, especially the hypocritical Imperial kind who work against freedom and liberty.

    She reminds me of the troll Gil [or, is it Clover?] who I noticed used to haunt Will Griggs blog, too, when she writes, “I have interacted with the government and changed laws. Now, tell me what you have done to make your life and our country more to your liking?” Very, king-like words. Very, love the system, words. As if working within the system ever changed anything for the better in the long run. Oh yay! We get to drive 65mph, everyone gets to feel more free, while in fact, everyone is made less free by other means. What a slight of hand.

    I guess she and those like her will Never understand the contrariness of a statement such as this one, “I never developed the ‘socialist mentality’” Ah-hem, oh yes you have lady, you bought into it lock, stock and barrel.

    One thing is for absolute certain, in no way, no how, is she ever close to being, a ‘Free Spirit.’ I wish it were not so, but from where I’m reading, she may be about as far from that as one can be.

    What really reminded me of Gil was when she wrote this:
    “Did it occur to you to ask me what I thought constitute a crime before deciding what I believe?” as if she’d done a real good job of discussing the facts you all presented towards her and answering questions posed. She’s a Perfect representation of an ugly american’t Imperial christian.

    Did she ever answer even ONE question?

    Is she the poster child of, “The Tyranny of Good Intentions” or what?

    “I used to have a bumper sticker that read: ‘NUKE ‘EM, TIL THEY GLOW!’”

    Pardon me, but OMG, may God have mercy on her soul for being so foul. Based on this thread, there’s absoluetly Nothing, ‘Christ-like’ about that woman, nor her views. It’s totally the opposite.

    That’s all I have to say, except – mang! – Apple PC’s suck.

    • After you get through ranting, and raving, pissing and moaning Donald J. Trump will still be president.

      I give you a challenge; Try to shift your mindset from what is wrong with the USA to what is right. List 10 things, or 5 or even 2 things that you appreciate and/or thankful for.

      • Dear Gail,

        I’m thankful for the fact that surprising large numbers of Americans still realize that the right to keep and bear arms ought to be sacrosanct, because it is a natural right essential to individual liberty.

        Other than that, not much to be glad about.

        The Republican Party has totally abandoned any pretense of support for Old Right political values, and has become the Party of RINOS, Republicans In Name Only.

        Today’s GOP is largely distinguishable from the Democratic Party. Today’s GOP is essentially a watered down version of the socialist Democratic Party. It is best described as “Democratic Party Lite”. Whatever the Democratic Party advocates, today’s GOP advocates in “kinder, gentler” form.

        The GOP establishment should change its party emblem from an elephant to a rhinoceros.

        • Bravo, Mr. Bevin!

          What you said can be simply illustrated by the fact that the Repugnantcans no longer oppose socialized medicine; they just want a version of it that works better now.

          It’s kind of like having an alternate party in Nazi Germany, who favors not gassing the Jews, but instead wants to just starve them to death.

          • Dear Nunzio,

            Obamacare. That was one of the key points I had in mind too. The GOP establishment no longer opposes it. They merely want their own version of it. “We can do it better”.

            As Ayn Rand correctly noted decades ago, the GOP is a “Me too!” political party with no firm principles of its own. It is content to be dragged inexorably leftward toward a socialist dictatorship by the Democrats.

            This may not have been true at one time, but it is now, and has been true at least since the Vietnam War era.

            The clearest evidence of the GOP’s decadence was the way the Republican National Committee treated Ron Paul during his 2012 primary campaign.

            Here was a man who was the exemplar of Old Right Republican political values. He should have been the Republican Party’s flag bearer.

            Yet the RNC evinced greater animus toward him than it did toward the Democrats. I suspect he was an embarrassing reminder to them of their own betrayal of the party’s erstwhile principles.

    • Dear Helot,

      Impressive continuity we have here on this forum. You still recall the knock down, drag out debates we had about whether organized religion encouraged authoritarianism!

      I haven’t forgotten either, even though that was several years ago. Time certainly flies.

      • Bevin, not to start a row or insult anyone but religion has to rely on brain washing since there are no hard facts. It’s always seemed to me very religious people are more easily duped into believing government dogma. I don’t say any religion is a false doctrine since I cant prove it just as it can’t be proven to my satisfaction that it is the truth.

        • I’m not offended either.

          Sadly, what goes on in most “Christian” churches, is just a model of statism/authoritarianism. Which I guess, is why so many of them seem to support statism and the military etc. -in defiance of the Word of God.

          I’ll bet you though, that a large contingent of Libertarianism can be traced back to Christianity though [i.e. real practitioners of the Bible- not large organized churches- who were more often the persecutors and real enemies of such Christians].

          For both in Europe, and here, it was primarily the Christians who objected to the forced alternate “morality” of the state and it’s moral system [laws], and who realized that in order for them to be free to worship and live life as they so choose, they must preserve freedom and restrain the state.

          Even today, it is primarily such Christians who are the first and loudest objectors to such things as national IDs and social engineering and government intrusion.

          • I do not belong to a mainline Christian church. In fact, my church have been horribly treated through their short existence. Driven from place to place, called cruel names, chased to the end of the known area of the country in the desert to die, but they didn’t. When they didn’t die, the government sent the Calvary in, that fort is still an active military base today. We have been and still are laughed at, poked fun and called a cult. Often people want to rescue me, because they think that “I don’t know about the church.” When I joined, I lost friends, and even my family member stopped talking to me. But my beliefs and salvation is more important to me than anyone’s opinion of what I should believe. Our chapels are small, we have several congregations that meet at different times during Sunday. Members of that group are asked to speak in the meetings. We do not have a paid ministry, all is volunteer. We live what we believe. There are high standards, and morals. Those who don’t comply are ex-communicated. Yet, we aren’t as strict as we once were. So in that respect, I’d say that the early Christians were NOT libertarians. Even though the early settlers came to America to worship the way they wanted, they were just as harsh, and maybe harsher than the powers in Europe.

            If we go back to the way it was, you’d not get more freedom, but less – remember the Blue Laws and Prohibition.

            • Hi Gail,

              We try to avoid religious debates here for one reason: No adherent of any faith can produce objective facts to prove the existence of their specific deity nor this deity’s (supposed) instructions/demands, etc. It’s all hearsay and opinion – belief. People become annoyed when their beliefs are challenged and it’s annoying to be unable to challenge someone’s beliefs on the basis of facts. You end up with a shouting match that Eukenaba is superior to Jebediah who takes no second seat to Hxtlopochtli who farts in the direction Allah.

            • Hi Gail,

              I’d really like to discuss authoritarian collectivism with you.

              Do you understand what the term means?

              In simple terms – and one term at a time:

              Authoritarian: The exercise of force or its threat by one person or a group of people against other people to compel their obedience.

              Collectivism: The precedence of the group over the individual.

              Now combine the two – and apply to the GOP and the Democrats and the Communists and the National Socialists (and so on).

              Do you see a common thread?

              The philosophical – the moral – difference we have is that I reject both authoritarianism and collectivism while you appear to support both of those things, so long as they are directed toward ends you personally approve of – such as “nuking them until they glow” and so forth.

              Which means that in principle, you have a great deal in common, morally, not only with Democrats but also with Communists and Nazis (and so on) since you all accept that authoritarianism and collectivism should be the basis for society and government. You wish to surrender your self to the hive – to the will of the Queen Bee – whom you believe (somehow) transmutes the will of “the majority” – or (when it goes your way) the majority (or minority) you approve of. You support the use of force against people who want no part of the hive, who simply wish to be free to be left in peace.

              I’d really like it if you would address the above – directly. I don’t want to hear about “old glory” or any other such.

              Explain why authoritarianism and collectivism are moral when practiced by the right but not the left, for instance.

              • Eric said [in response to Gail]:” I reject both authoritarianism and collectivism while you appear to support both of those things, so long as they are directed toward ends you personally approve of ”

                DIng!Ding!Ding! Ding!Ding!

                This is how most people operate today, and how our pluralistic “two party” system is kept enshrined.

                This is why someone like Gail can fight the establishment when it comes to the 55MPH speed limit, but yet not give a hoot about the concepts of Libertarianism [liberty] in general, and as it pertains to others.

                To someone like Gail, there is no problem with an authoritarian system, as long as that system works for her. It’s like “All others be damned! As long as I’m comfortable with the constraints placed upon society by the system, and as long as that system doesn’t interfere with what I want to do; and criminalizes what I don’t want other people doing….”

                And as such a system grows, eventually emcompassing more and more aspects of life, it can only end in pure tyranny- which is why we are at the place we are at today.

                • You have that partially right, Nunzio. I will tell you why. . . It isn’t that I can fight some issues, but not tolerate others – the fact of the matter is the government is necessary or we would have anarchy, so either of these systems would be bad is allowed to get out of hand. This has been so since the beginning. The government needs to be controlled at all times to keep it small and under control. I see on the highway less and less control and rudeness. People cutting each other off, driving on the wrong side, etc. Once there were unwritten rules of the road, and unless one was ignorant, they were practiced, now not so much. it is being disregarded in other areas too. The riots we are seeing – this isn’t the right to assembly or free speech, this is anarchy. ‘Black Lives Matter’ fails under the same umbrella, too.

                  Many of the posts are the same – attacking me for my opinions and/or beliefs are refusing to allow me to practice and post mine. Those that are posting, including you, Eric, are trying to “make” me believe in your philosophy or shut me down. Where is the difference?

                  • If we didn’t have government we would be ruled by sociopaths! Oh wait… um….

                    The roads are discourteous places because of government. Government has spent the last 80-90-100 years focused on speed and revenue. As a result it has become an environment where all rules only matter if you get caught breaking them. “Speed Kills” has destroyed any respect for rules but since these rules still exist conflict results.

                    We’d be better off with ruleless road system where at least we would still have civility. BTW, look up hans monderman. See what a driving environment without rules does when it replaces one with lots of rules.

                  • Dear Gail,

                    You wrote:

                    Many of the posts are the same – attacking me for my opinions and/or beliefs are refusing to allow me to practice and post mine. Those that are posting, including you, Eric, are trying to “make” me believe in your philosophy or shut me down. Where is the difference?

                    There are several differences. But I will focus merely on one, the most critical one.

                    You are the only person here attempting to justify the initiation of brute force coercion to “make everyone obey the rules”.

                    Everyone else here is a free market anarchist, and subscribes to the Non-Aggression Principle, or “NAP”.

                    It is obvious you have no familiarity with the NAP, so I will explain.

                    The non-aggression principle (or NAP, also called the non-aggression axiom, the anti-coercion, zero aggression principle or non-initiation of force) is an ethical stance which asserts that “aggression” is inherently illegitimate. “Aggression”, for the purposes of NAP, is defined as initiating or threatening the use of any and all forcible interference with an individual or individual’s property.[1] In contrast to pacifism, the non-aggression principle does not preclude violent self-defense. The NAP is considered to be a defining principle of libertarianism.[2][3][4][5]

                    You on the other hand, cling to the myth that “Government is necessary”.

                    In fact, government is not merely unnecessary, it is a moral abomination.

                    Government: a gang of thugs that demands obedience and money at gunpoint from everyone inside a line it drew on a map.

                  • Gail said: “government is necessary or we would have anarchy”.

                    Oh, wait. You’re implying that something is wrong with anarchy? That unless men elect other men to rule over them with violence, that society would break down into violence, corruption and economic manipulation, much like what we have today? Oh…

                    Gail: “This has been so since the beginning”.
                    No, it hasn’t, actually. Except for modern times, and for those who lived under the rule of the empires of the past, a good deal of human history has gone on in patriarchal societies which enjoyed great stability and freedom.

                    Gail: “The government needs to be controlled at all times to keep it small and under control.”

                    That’s an oxymoron. Which is it? Does the government control the people, or do the people control the government? And if the people control the government, why can’t they just cut out the “middleman” and control the problem people themselves?

                    Gail: “I see on the highway less and less control ”

                    Perfect example! Never before have humans been under such control and scrutiny, as they are today when traveling in their cars. There are cameras and sensors and radar guns; license plate readers; RF monitors; and cops everywhere, who are empowered to molest the innocent for something as innocuous as not wearing a seatbelt. In NJ you can get a $1000 fine for not having your pet restrained in your car, and people are ticketed for going 2MPH over the speed limit.

                    Despite this unprecedented level of governmental interference and control, as you have observed, people’s behavior has become FAR worse than it was 50 years ago, when much of the above did not exist, and you could drive cross-country doing unlimited speeds in many places (as an older friend of mine used to do in the 60’s) with no consequence and very little threat of such- or at the most, a mere ticket.

                    That is just one example of how your thesis that government restrains bad behavior, is fatally flawed.

                    In fact (and you are old enough to have personally observed this): It seems as though the more government we have, the worse the behavior of society at-large becomes.

                    If you have a government of the people, and those people are largely ill-behaved and corrupt, all that happens, is that ill-behavior and corruption become institutionalized and given legitimacy and power- and THAT is exactly what we see.

                    An then, it is doubly worse for the innocent, as they must not only battle random lawless criminals (or be prevented from doing so by the government which protects those criminals) AND they must also battle the government, which finds it more profitable to harass the average harmless citizen who has assets, than to bother real criminals.

                    I would not have much of a problem with a very limited government, such as the Founders sought to establish- but the problem is, as we have seen to be the case, that power structure can grow all too easily and rapidly, while disenfranchising those governed of their power.

                    So what is the advantage of government? We have rampant crime and social decay, and are powerless to do anything about it. The average person has more money stolen by the government each year than could ever be stolen by any robber; and is FAR more likely to be the victim of one of the governments armed agents of any variety, than they are of being the victim of a private criminal- and are even rendered powerless in many cases to defend themselves against those criminals by the very government which claims to exist for their own protection.

                    Government is thus worse than useless- it is a mechanism under which crime is perpetrated and flourishes.

                    And this is not even to mention the economic crimes, and wars which can only exist under the rule of governments.

                    Do you realize that in patriarchal times, and even during some of the early empires, like Babylon and Persia,, 1500 years could elapse with NO inflation? Inflation [legalized theft] is ANOTHER crime of modern governments. [As is fractional-reserve banking; fiat money; income tax; property tax; yada, yada- all crimes against humanity, which could not exist, but for kings and governments, and those who serve them!]

            • Gail said: ” I’d say that the early Christians were NOT libertarians. “.

              Ah, but Gail, you fail to distinguish between voluntary association as opposed to compulsion/coercion on all.

              For instance: I believe in free speech. You come to my house though, and start spewing profanity, I will kick you out. I impose standards in my own life, and over my own property, and any who will not respect those standards are not welcome.

              On the other hand, I would not want to see government dictate what I nor anyone else can say at any time or in any place, because such is not their right.

              So it follows, that if we choose to associate with a group of people, regardless of what their beliefs may be, we do so voluntarily, and as a requisite to that association, we may be required to adhere to certain beliefs and conduct in order to maintain our association with that group- be it a church, or secular club, or political association.

              Even the staunchest Libertarian is not going to tolerate someone taking the stage and giving a lecture on the merits of Marxism at a meeting of the Libertarian Club.

              Libertarianism is all about freedom of association- which, next to property rights, are pretty much the line of demarcation between freedom and tyranny.

              Liberatarians do not have to accept and tolerate everything…or anything; as a fundamental of liberty is that it is your choice as to what and whom you will accept or tolerate, be it everyone, or no one at all, or only certain ones who meet your criteria; and for no other reason than that it is your criteria which you hold, without needing to justify such to anyone else.

              This is why the Bible in general, and the Apostles/New Testament church did not advocate conversion by the sword, or by civil legislation, but rather advocate conversion by evangelism and example.

          • Nunzio, there may be some truth to what you say but for me morality is almost exclusively derived from mores, something that differs radically from culture to culture.

            • 8Man, I don’t quite “get” that. You mean morality is just something that is arrived at by what has been accepted by a majority of similar people over a given period of time so as to be associated with that group’s traditions?

              If that’s so, then head-hunting could be considered moral for natives of Myanmar; as could communism be considered moral for inhabitants of California. It all becomes relative then, and there would be no absolutes.

            • Dear 8,
              When you say “differ radically” that leaves considerable room for interpretation.

              Culture definitely plays a role, but I don’t believe it leads to utter subjectivity based on arbitrary tradition.


              Because different cultures must still comply with natural law, which is objective.

              This is why the Golden Rule is so universal. Ancient or modern. East or West. The Golden Rule, which is closely related to the NAP, reigns supreme.

              One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (positive or directive form).[1]

              One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated (negative or prohibitive form).[1]

              • bevin, in some cultures female babies beyond a certain number are killed simply because eons of living there and nothing changing everyone knows there are only so many people who can survive. A large crop of babies would mean death for everyone at some time in the future. That’s a more that is viewed as a moral. Indeed it would be immoral for the person having a baby beyond the certain number for that season to allow it to live.

                Other cultures use a certain size ring around everybody’s neck. Once you get to a certain size you are choked to death by it. That allows the entire society to keep reproducing and survive. Should someone remove their ring they would be killed or banned from existing anywhere that society lived. Necessity is not only the mother of invention(thanks Frank…..mud sh sh shark)but becomes a more that represents the “morals” of that society.

              • bevin, and let me say this too. It’s not subjectivity based on arbitrary law. It’s very much based on objectivity, no exceptions. It varies greatly from Texas Rangers hanging a horse thief no matter what the circumstance. It’s certainly not like the subjectivity of valuing a phero’s life more than a mundane, hence the capital punishment laws regarding killing a cop. FE, FEFH’s.

                • Dear 8,
                  The scenarios you describe are unfortunately all too real.

                  But that said, I firmly believe that with civilizational progress, people of all cultures are advancing toward much less “Social Darwinian” norms.

                  It’s a big question all right. I won’t deny that.

    • Oh, really?!?!?! Do you spit on our returning warriors, and call them ‘baby-killer’ the way your grandparents did? What nerve!

      • That spitting on Vietnam vets never happened, pure propaganda, I was enslaved by the military back then and if anyone had ever spit on me or my buddies they would have been rendered incapable of ever spitting again. That meme was the start of the brainwashing to worship anything in uniform that plagues Amerika today.

        • Mike, I narrowly missed becoming a scared shitless kid in uniform. I knew lots of draftees and one single person who joined voluntarily. Gail never refers to the “returning slaves “.

          Goering rightly described war.

      • I sure would, Gail. “Returning warriors” my ass! People who drop napalm and bombs on other humans who have done them no harm, just because someone commands them to, and because they would rather inflict death and suffering on innocents, rather than suffer the consequences of disobeying a tyrant [while claiming that they are “fighting for our freedom”] are not “warriors”- they are cowards and criminals- just as those who did Hitler’s dirty work- and if being spat on is the worst thing that happens to them in this life for their crimes, then they are getting off far too easily.

          • Gail, you surprise me. I was really expecting better from you.

            Would you give the same courtesy to a burglar to who didn’t intend to kill the homeowner? “He just got in the way!”.

            I’m embarrassed for you, Gail.

            • Nunzio, you’re embarrassed for me – don’t bother. You don’t sound happy with yourself, your country or your president. I don’t know what your experiences have been, but they must have been pretty gruesome for you to be so jaded.Clover

              I do feel sorry for you, but not embarrassed for nor by you. God bless!

              • Gail,

                Please confine your posts to facts and reasoned arguments. How you feel is of no interest to anyone here. Nor your family history, etc.

                PS: Your language, your choice of words, reveals your conditioning. For example, “our” president. No. He is the president. “Our” conveys a kind of servile reverence as well as the implicit idea that “we” must line up behind – that is, support and respect – the president, because he is “our” president.

                Well, Gail, many of us do not consider him “ours” – just as I am certain you didn’t consider Obama yours.

                Why the deferential attitude toward these people? What gave Trump or Obama or any of them the right to order any of us about? To take even a cent of anyone else’s money? Because they hold office? Because other people voted for them?

                I’d like a specific answer, if you are up to it!

              • Gail, my country is not of this world; and this deranged lying warmonger is not my president, nor was any other man who has been in office in my lifetime.

                We technically do not even have a president, because a legitimate president is one who is constrained to exercise only the powers granted to that office by the Constitution- and no president of the last 150 years has ever been so restrained so as to be faithful to that oath.

                Personally, I’ve had a wonderful life, and continue to- and that continuance is only because I abstain from entanglement with this illicit and corrupt system by residing in a remote rural area, and operating strictly within what’s left of the free market.

                All Americans should be able to live so freely in “the land of the free”- but 99.5% no longer do, because of our government overstepping it’s bounds, while at the same time failing to uphold the very things which it is obligated to do- such as protecting our borders from ALL foreign invaders!

                • “and no president of the last 150 years has ever been so restrained so as to be faithful to that oath”

                  Take a good look at Coolidge. While not perfect, I believe he was the last to be aware of the limitations of the office as proposed by the founders. Others will argue that he wrote “tons” of Executive Orders. But if you look at the subjects, most are things an Executive should be able to control and apply to his own branch. As I recall, few, if any, tread on the Legislative’s territory.

                  I recommend “Coolidge – An American Enigma” by Robert Sobel. As fate would have it, we got Roosevelt Lite, then Roosevelt because a kid played tennis without socks. I don’t hold with the butterfly/tornado theory, but it is amazing how small events can result in catastrophes (like FDR).

                  • Thsnks, ARY!

                    I don’t know much about Coolidge, but I kinda sorta remember hearing some good stuff. I may just have to get that book, to fill in the void. It was a very interesting time period- in a way, much like our own, with huge upheavals in society, such as feminism, and the push towards communism, which ultimately resulted in FDR’s reign- as well as being the beginning of mass popular culture and it’s use to distribute propaganda.

                    Very interesting too, as my mother was born in 1925- so I have an actual eye-witness 350′ from where I am sitting, to the days of FDR!

          • Dear Gail,

            Speaking of “educating yourself on the use of napalm”, I guess you never heard these “jody calls” that troops shouted out while jogging in formation?

            The following verses are from “Napalm Sticks to Kids.” One of the cadences of Vietnam, its use by the U.S. military created controversy about the theme.

            Bomb the village
            Kill the people
            Throw some napalm in the square
            Do it on a Sunday morning
            Kill them on their way to prayer
            Ring the bell inside the schoolhouse
            Watch the kiddies gather round
            Lock and load with your 240
            Mow them little motherfuckers down[11]

            The messages chanted by recruits may depict brutal treatment of civilians and the themes even suggest that troops might kill civilians gathered in public areas.[12]

            • All part of the programming. The one that sticks in my head went:
              Napalm sticks to little children,
              All the children of the world
              Be they yellow black or white,
              They will light up in the night.
              Napalm sticks to little children of the world

              Pure class and civilization there.

            • You do realize that this is an anti-war song sung by the same people that spit on the troops coming home – right? The draft-dodgers. The grandparents of today’s “Pussy Parade.’ Right?Clover

              Who’s side are you on? Those that will build the nation or those that will tear it down?

              • Gail,

                Do you believe that slavery is moral?

                I ask because the draft fits the definition of slavery: People with power (the state) claiming they have the right to forcibly conscript another human being and compel him to “serve” their interests. That is slavery. The fact that it is not permanent alters nothing as regards the morality of the act.

                Furthermore, it is worse than merely enslaving a person so as to exploit their body and steal the fruits of that body’s toil. The draft entails ordering a person to kill other people he has never met, who’ve done nothing to him. You will say these people are “the enemy.” Of whom, exactly? The ruling clique? Which of course doesn’t do the murdering it insists others do on its behalf.

                If it’s “pussy” to question the right of some random strangers in this thing called “government” to threaten me with violence if I do not agree to do violence to other people I’ve never met on their behalf, then I joyfully assume the mantle of “pussy.”

                I harm none who haven’t harmed me first – or tried to.

                And you know what, Gail? By that standard, the people in “our” government are far more a threat to me than foreign people thousands of miles away whose names I don’t even know. Think about it. What “freedoms” have been “taken away” by “Islamic terrorists”?

                How many freedoms have been taken away by white (allegedly) Christian men right here in the “Homeland”?

                The Chimp took away my freedom – and yours – to travel by airplane without being subjected to a loathsome and degrading incoming felon “processing.”

                Not bin Laden.

                Just one example.

                Stop taking the bait.

              • Gail, a more noble generation, instead of spitting, would have shot those returning criminals. Murderers; torturers; and oppressors of people and sovereign nations who have done us no harm nor threatened our borders, are no different than Hitler’s SS.

                Every illicit war we enter into destroys our own country more than any enemy ever could, for it makes us hated the world over; puts our nation into deeper debt; straddles the public with a bunch of desensitized, psychotic PTSD bastards when they return from their crime spree (Most of whom end up as cops or other government agents- if they don’t become drug addicts or criminals first- or even if they do in many cases); and worst of all, it morally degrades this entire nation, collectively and individually, to the point you are seeing now in everyday life, where everyone has become so used to rationalizing pure bullshit, that words and concepts no longer have any concrete meaning, and brutality and violence havec become the accepted norm.

                What we inflict on others, is returned upon our own heads.

              • Dear Gail,

                Did you not get the part of these “jody calls” being the chants that “our men in uniform” chanted during training???

                Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?

  4. President Trump has not deflated. You do not understand how he works. You want to see establishment behavior out of President Trump, and you will not get that. Trump actually won on Repeal and Replace! He got directly behind Ryan. He promoted what a good man Ryan is and that he will get it done! And Ryan didn’t do the job. So it became Obamacare lite and then it became Ryancare. And then… Ryan is suddenly saying we can get this done!! Ryan got played, and the people (well most people) saw that Ryan was the problem, not President Trump.

    Oh ye of little faith!! The game has changed and you are not going to get the square peg to go into that round hole no matter how badly you want to!!

    • Hi Tuaca,

      Well, here’s what I know:

      Trump has not replaced (much less repealed) Obamacare. He doesn’t even talk about it anymore. It looks like Obamacare is here to stay… until we’re saddled with “single payer,” once Obamacare collapses.

      He has instead “intervened” – that is, committed an act of war – against one foreign country that in no way threatened much less attacked the U.S. and seems to be preparing to “do something” about another foreign country (North Korea) that could have horrendous consequences and, in any event, will do nothing at all to make Americans more free.

      His cabinet is lousy with the same poltroonish chickenhawks and neo-cons we would have seen had Hillary won – or The Chimp been brought out of retirement.

      I grant that he did not run as a Libertarian. But at the same time, I was hoping for not just another Republican.

      • eric, another day, more bullshit. These people arguing for their obvious Republican jackoffs don’t bother to delve into what their heroes are really doing. Ryan’s health care bill was 230 pages of backdoor gun grabbing….for all intents, the same thing as Obamacare. Both were written so that those without the big bucks to pay for the horrendous amount for expensive stuff such as life saving operations and treatments give up their rights to retain the guns they had previously legally owned.

        The Klintonistas first tried this tack and with the help of the NRA succeeded in throwing people with guns and illicit substances on the same property into possible huge prison terms and the much more rewarding forfeiture and seizure law that has been the greatest thing to ever happen to any law enforcement crowd….bar none
        Not only does it allow for taking everything someone owns, their freedom for as much as a few lifetimes and their guns.

        It’s all a huge win for law enforcement of any type or level.

        The Patriot Act simplified hell out of the process by giving LE a bye for using what had been before legal protection to the public at large.

        I love the line in The Departed where the chief cop says I Love the Patriot Act. They can verily do nothing wrong legally, great for them, not too great for the people’s rights.

  5. Eric, I can’t find the post that you wanted me to comment on. The email link doesn’t take me to it. I wanted to reply to Nunzio, too and some others.

    • Hi Gail,

      If you are a registered user this link: takes you directly to the comments. A screen may come up displaying a “sorry, no log-in enablers provided”. Ignore this statement and put in your name and password in the space provided. If you bookmark this link, you can always go directly to the full comments page. It is much easier to navigate from this page. The comments appear chronologically. To the right of the comment there are two headings, “in response to” and “submitted on”. If you click on the date/time section under the “submitted on” heading, it takes you directly to the specific comment. I hope this helps.

      I hope to comment on the gist of your posts shortly.


        • After you get through ranting, and raving, pissing and moaning Donald J. Trump will still be president.

          I give you a challenge; Try to shift your mindset from what is wrong with the USA to what is right. List 10 things, or 5 or even 2 things that you appreciate and/or thankful for.

          • Gail, the only thing “right” about the USA, is the Bill Of Rights. So as far as the country goes, I am thankful for ONE thing: That we still have a view vestiges of those rights left. They’ve pretty much all been severely compromised; and if you are deprived of them, there is nothing you can do, unless you have a decade or two and a million dollars or so to pursue every infraction to the Supreme Court…if they will even hear your case; and even then, there is no guarantee that they will uphold what is right.

            Well, maybe one thing us older farts can be thankful for, is for what we USED to have here, and the heritage of the Founders and our ancestors and the Christian culture that once was- which ultimately is where the knowledge of and appreciation for those freedoms came from. That unique heritage and what it conveys is largely gone now, thanks to the flooding of this country with immigrants from other cultures which don’t share those values, and the filth that our government promotes in the schools and through it’s coercive laws.

            We should be MOURNING the loss of what we once had here. It is too late to be thankful,. Ichabod. [The glory has departed].

            Now personally, I have so many things to be thankful to God for, that I could spend an hour rattling them off (and sometimes do in prayer) but those things have nothing to do with this country, but quite the contrary, are in spite of it.

            And of course, all of the millions of innocents killed directly by this country’s actions- from the 1000-1500 or so people murdered by cops every year; to the millions of our own citizens lives who are ruined, and whose finances and families are destroyed when they are caged wrongfully or for doing something which caused no harm nor violence to any other person….to the Injuns whom we executed for their land, or just to rid places of them; to the millions of innocent citizens of sovereign nations we’ve attacked around the world- I don’t think they can be too thankful; nor should we be thankful for what was accomplished at their cost.

            We [The USA] truly fit the Biblical criteria of the end-time Babylon.

      • “sorry, no log-in enablers provided”

        That refers to the fact that Eric’s config doesn’t allow logins from google, yahoo, facebook, wordpress, and so on to be used. It has to be a logon for this site.

    • Hi Gail,

      Leaving aside the morality of what you endorse, your assertions seem to be based on a number of demonstrably false premises. First, despite the hysteria, terrorism does not pose a significant threat to people living in America. This threat, though still very small, has been aggravated, not ameliorated, by US military involvement in the Muslim world.

      Second, you assert that we must fight them over there so as not to fight them over here. This canard, based on the idea that terrorists are motivated to attack “us” because of our “freedoms” is not borne out by empirical evidence. Such evidence strongly suggests that terrorism is motivated primarily in response to Western actions, not religious fanaticism. Of course, religious fanatics employ dogma to justify, and make attractive, terrorist martyrdom but, absent military intervention, it is unlikely that such preaching would succeed on a wide scale. Think for a moment what it must be like for a Muslim male in the aftermath 9/11. Nearly all of whom, living in an “area of conflict”, are defined by US policy as terrorists. Imagine he witnesses schools, weddings, funerals, tribal meetings, soccer games etc… bombed into oblivion. Imagine that he knows that most of those killed were not terrorists. Imagine that he lost most of his family and then had to listen to the president of the US ludicrously boast that the difference between “us” and “them” is that “we” don’t target civilians. Imagine that he knows that the US intentionally targets weddings, funerals, tribal meetings, hospitals, etc… and then justifies these attacks based on the false certainty that most of those killed were terrorists. Imagine he knows that the identification of terrorist targets is rarely based on hard intelligence but rather unverifiable, self interested tips and inherently unreliable “signature” information. Imagine he sees that “his” government is either unwilling to stop any of this or actively colluding with it. Imagine he knows that, no matter what he does, if he is killed by the US he will be classified by “us” as a terrorist. Finally, imagine that he sees only one element of his society offering any avenue for “justice”. Is it surprising that he would turn to these people? US policy has increased terrorism and made it attractive to many who, otherwise, would not be involved. “Attacking them “over there”, increases the likelihood of them attacking us “over here”.

      Third, you claim that only a show of force will prevent war. Recent history does not support this assertion. The destruction of secular regimes has increased war and violence. For all their faults, Sadam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi prevented widespread religious violence in Iraq and Libya. By deposing secular leaders, the US has empowered Al Qaeda and led to the rise of ISIS. Going further back, the 1953 CIA coup against Mohammed Mossadegh led to the rise of religious fanaticism and the rule of the Ayatollah. Imagine if the first secular, democratically elected government had been allowed to continue. Perhaps this would have led to a more peaceful, democratic Middle East which, after all, is the stated purpose of US policy.

      It is clear that you are a Christian. Does it not bother you that the actions you endorse have led to the destruction of the oldest Christian community in the world (Iraq) and the persecution and murder of Christians in Libya? Should Assad be deposed in Syria, the only relatively safe place left for Christians in the middle east will be Israel and Iran.


      • No, Jeremy, I don’t think that ISIS want to “. . .terrorists are motivated to attack “us” because of our “freedoms” . . . They want our country and they don’t want us here.

        As far as Muslims go, I have a Turkish Muslim daughter-in-law, and my son who has decided to embrace her religion. She is a wonderful person, and treats me with more respect than most Christians I know, and that includes my own family. She tells me that Muslim is a religion of ‘Peace,’ and I have no reason to doubt this. While ISIS claim to be Muslim, my sweet daughter in law says, “no!”

        I don’t like to use the word “terrorist,” as we have our own ‘Home-grown’ loonies to cope with, who may or may not be Muslims.

        I’ll tell you what I can imagine, and that is what the mothers felt and endured from the behavior of their sons. I am appalled at the arrogance and rudeness of many men today. Where did so many mothers go wrong? Is this a result of ‘The Hand that Rocked the Cradle,’ wasn’t the mother, but rather the day centers, and the Liberal run public schools?

        As to your last statement; with the exception of Israel, it doesn’t bother me at all to take over the whole area, and bring them into the 21th century.

        • Hi Gail,

          You believe, “they want our country and they don’t want us here”. Based on what? “They”, as you call them, have been very clear abut what they want. Namely, they want “us” to leave them alone. The idea that radical Muslims plan, and are poised, to take over America is a delusional fantasy. Moreover, if we left them alone it would likely lead to the waning, and eventual irrelevance, of the influence of the extreme elements of Islam. Perhaps if we left them alone many Muslims would reveal themselves to be quite like the “wonderful, respectful” person you know.

          “As to your last statement; with the exception of Israel, it doesn’t bother me at all to take over the whole area, and bring them into the 21th century”.

          So, it’s OK that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people be murdered in order to “bring them into the 21st century”. For what, exactly? Perhaps so that Muslim men can learn to be as rude and arrogant as American men?


      • Jeremy, think what Obomer administration said years ago and it was doubly driven home by the Hitleryites that you and I, both being over 40, believing in our unalienable rights and the 2nd amendment, are, by their beliefs, domestic terrorists. Of course they lump us into the Christian, bible thumping, gun toting crowd because we’re white. I often wonder what that makes my black friends. The kool-aid crowd always has some denigrating moniker for those of us who aren’t socialists, fascists, Communists, or part of the pc crowd or the government suckers. The “My Country,Love It or Leave It” crowd. Fuck em all and when the collapse comes, Let Them Eat Cake.

      • The more I see of “Gail’s” posts, the more I am convinced that “she” is just a newer gang of Yale or Harvard weenies sitting around trying to “rattle the cage”. Surely no one can be that gullible, and unable to rebuff counter-arguments or offer new ones, who has lived the many years “she” claims. Unless totally senile, of course.

        • I know Gail… she is real. She was involved with the National Motorists Association’s efforts to repeal the 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit back in the ’90s… I’m not sure when she became a Chimp-snuggler and warmonger…

        • Arylioa, you are wrong about all of your assumptions about me.
          Well, maybe the senile part. LOL One never knows, does one?

          Thank you, Eric, for chiming in. BTW I thought Bill Clinton/Bush, Jr./ and Obama were the Chimps and Heaven help me, if I ever snuggled up to them. Trump is nothing like them. I stand with him 100%.

          As far as being a warmonger, yes, of course I am. But I believe in winning the War, and keeping the spoils. This is how and why the USA is great, – Well, at least it was until we gave away most of what we won. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama had given the southwestern states back to Mexico. And then, there was Spain, England and so forth. What we enjoy so much in this country, we fought for, and WON! Fact!

        • ARI, if it weren’t for what Eric says, I would agree 100% with you!

          In one post, Gail mentions that she “grew up during the Depression”- but she claims to be 82 years old, and the Depression ended pretty much in 39, at which time, Gail would have been 4 years old, and thus not even old enough at the time to even have remembered the Depression!

          That, and her tendency to dwell more on personal issues rather than deal with facts, are the classic signs of your typical internet troll/disinformation specialist. (And in my near 20 years on the internet, I think I may have suspected people of being trolls on maybe only 2 or 3 occasions….)

          And ya STILL never know- I mean, how many times do even major players in various movements turn out to be agents or provocateurs, etc.?

          Not that it matters- Our words can speak for themselves; let the readers see who has the sounder argument. But it’s funny too, that she does show up just when the site was hacked and is experiencing various glitches……

          And as someone who has lots of experience with the elderly who act much younger than their age (I come from a family of long-livers) I have to say that Gail doesn’t even seem at all even like a very young 82.

          • Well, thank you for the compliment. LOL

            I was in a sleep study and the doctor told me that I had very young brain waves for someone my age. What can I say – I’m a teen-ager at heart, only my body has grown old, and I’m fortunate that the old body hasn’t grown as old as some, and I’m still on this side of the grass.

            Let’s go into the Depression . . do you suppose that the Great Depression – which it was called that at the time, not for years later – started on October 29, 1929 and was over the next week? The results of it lingered but longer than the registered 10 years designated. And, in rural areas such as my parents came from, it lingered even longer. But I was fortunate as my Dad was a sailor and his income was $59 a month when I was born in 1935. Their rent was $11 a month. No, I don’t remember this, I was told by my parents. We were rich compared to most of the nation. One time my father walked to and from the ship to save a nickle each way and brought my mother an eggbeater. Today a bus ride would cost you $3 each way and there is no way you could buy an eggbeater for $6. Here are some things that I remember from my early years – my hand shut in the car door when I was 2 yrs old, my dolly fell off a kitchen stool and her eyes dropped out. Ever heard of the Galloping Gertie? This was a bridge that collapsed in Tacoma Washington in November 7, 1940, I was still 4 but nearing my 5th birthday. I remember driving over it, and the roar of it collapsing. My father stopped our car and I remember seeing cars slip into the water, and people climbing on their hands and knees up the collapse bridge to safety. I don’t remember if any made it or not. The effects of the Great Depression went on into the War years with rationing, government controlled transportation. Don’t tell me what I remember, because you don’t know.

            Eric has vouched for me, so you know that I’m not a troll, nor a hacker, and frankly, I resent your saying these things.

  6. Trump must be overcompensating for his tiny hands/penis by showing how macho he can be. Didn’t take long after the 59(!) missles at $1.4 million a pop to drop THE BIGGEST BOMB EVER on Shitganistan; WTF is next, an actual nuke?! I confess to hoping Drumpf would shake up the warmonger cult of D.C. but he’s done a whiplash 180 on most of his promises, should have known better – fool me 100 times, shame on me. So now he’s filling the swamp and jumping in with both feet, and all the chickenhawks cheer. I just want to live out what’s left of my life in a comfy chair with the cats on my lap, but if these psychopaths provoke a nuclear war I hope for a direct hit on myself so it’s over quickly, and may the rat bastards that cause it die slowly and painfully from radiation poisoning.

    • Ditto, Mike.

      It’s insufferable.

      Not Trump so much; he did as expected. But the lowing cattle who jeered Obama/Hillary for missile tossing and hegemony humping now cheer the Orange One.

    • Ah, Mike, just get out of that liberal shit-hole and join us in the boonies where like myself, you can only hope that they take out Taxachussetts and Neuva York, and Kalifornia. It would improve this country immensely. (Oh, and DC too, of course, but they might not, as if they got a look at “the hood” which half of it is, they’d think someone had beaten them to it).

      [Former NYer here]

    • That’s a pretty cheap shot, Mike in Boston. It is very adolescent to be pre-occupied with a guy’s size. Just hanging out in the gym locker room – checking them out, right? Well, I guess if you think with your ‘dick,’ it is difficult to reflect on how a guy can do anything constructive unless his appendage hangs to his knees, and just forget about a woman having any credibility at all – correct?

  7. I hate to have to do this on my favorite forum but here goes: I was just as appalled and sick as everyone else here when I heard about the $100m cruise missile whack job/hit/rubout.

    Then I started thinking about it- and came to some of the same conclusions that Scott Adams did about the 3D chess game being played.

    Government is not moral. It is “like fire, an untrustworthy servant and a fearful master”. And yet, we (individually, nationally, and western civilizationally if that’s a term) are truly at war.

    We are ALL individually at war for our freedoms, which is to say our souls however you define them. War is the inverse of civilized behavior. It is the negation of all higher law. Which is what offends us all so much about the nazi/commie thug cops attacking innocent people over fabricated non crimes like driving “distracted” or not wearing a suicide strap or having a couple beers with dinner before driving home. They are making war (lawfare) on us in violation of all that is civilized, decent, and good.

    By doing this thing, trump has bought himself a tactical victory and room to maneuver strategically. The communist propaganda assault of “collusion with the Russians” looks laughable now. Insane McCain and the blood chorus are temporarily appeased. Leaders around the world are looking askance at the lunatic with his finger on the trigger after he’s proved that he is ready, willing, and enthusiastic about pulling it.

    I don’t care for whatever it is that Muslims believe, but I do respect their immediate, overwhelming, and disproportionate reaction to slights and offenses to the wierd 9th century mores they seem to treasure.

    Do I like it? Not one bit. But I will watch and prepare and hope and pray that we have hired a competent manager this time in Mr Trump, and in any event he is still doing better than Bush Jong One, Willy the Turgid, Shrub 2 the sequel, and Obastard did and Hitlery would have. Of this I have no doubt, because they were only interested in attacking the things I hold dear, and I still hold to the hope that Mr Trump is defending them in a way that ultimately works.

    OK, let the saloon brawl commence. But dont call me a damned clover, them’s fightin words.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I’d like to think you’re right – but I think Trump has embraced the War Baby. Whether it’s because he decided that getting rid of Obamacare was a political loser for him and he needed a way to placate his fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttttttball loving, war-mongering Republican base… or because he was shown the Zapruder film from a different angle… is ultimately immaterial. We are back to “fightin’ fer freedom.”

      Might as well have (s)elected Hillary.

      • eric, like you I’m affeard you’re correct. Obomer didn’t get a major offensive going till late in his reign. No doubt the Shrub would have with the slightest reason he got early on by telling everyone warning him of the oncoming attack to fuck off, a good enough move back then when the howling blinded dolt Republican cheerleaders were genuflecting at his feet, kissing his ring….and his ass and lining up to give him a BJ so they could absorb some of his DNA and pass it on every “Christian” way they could. It was too much to expect voters could connect the dots to his familial CIA genealogy
        Even though the prez of Diebold publicly declared he and the employees of same were committed to giving him the election, hardly anybody was listening.

        Most of the rabid Republican Bush suckers are still committed to it even now.

        And even though the election was a sham and will always be the MSM continues unabated to do their job of total obfuscation.

        So what’s changed? Not much except the need for war continues to be ramped up before the end of the world economy so the benefactors can roll in their piles of money and continue to believe they have enough control to keep allow their shit when the rest of the world is starving but still have their guns and ammo. That alone should ensure them of only having to deal with half as many people when the masses of the cities have a to swarm into rural areas only to find weuns done gone to ground aND are hunkered down behind something better than our false fortifications. Once the herd is culled the powerful will find the ones left are out for blood and it will be theirs.

        I don’t see a pretty picture for any of us and the expensively coiffed will look just as dead as the poor hanging by their neck.

      • Forget obamacare, that’s on the head of Congress, not President Trump. Give credit where credit is due. President Trump is moving faster than a speeding bullet, in 100 or more direction – with Democrats, Liberals, and apparently Libertarians trying to shot him down from every directions. So far, he is doing everything he said he would do, and he is doing it under cost and under budget.

        • I am sorry Gail, but what are you talking about? Trump has done nothing but break promises. Repeal ObamaCare, didn’t do it. Now you say it’s on the Congress, but it was a key plank of his platform during the campaign. For you to attempt to sweep it under the rug is disingenuous at best. Tax reform, didn’t do it. Stay out of Syria, didn’t do it. Border Wall, didn’t do it. Get rid of Common core, didn’t do it. He has broken just about every single promise he made, with the exception of appointing a conservative judge to the SC. I am hugely disappointed in him.

          • In all of my 55 years [and I’ve been an observer of politics since I was a kid- I had a Nixon bumpersticker on my bike when I was 10 !] I have NEVER seen any politican break so many promises, so fast, and do the very opposite of what he said he was going to do on so many issues, as Trump has already done in just 3 months in office.

            Even that lying piece of shit Obama!

            • What has he broken? He has signed 25 Executive Orders – the most in the quickest time in history. He managed to get Neal Gorsuch into the US Supreme Court. He convince China to brace down on North Korea. He has gone after ISIS. And a number of other promises – the whole while having incredible opposition from the left and right, Democrats and GOP, and from reading this thread, the Libertarians too. Clover

              None of you guys, seem to realize or even understand how angry the American people, like myself are – and we will remove, through the elective system, the rest of the opposition. It boils down to “Get on the Trump Train,” or ‘Get run over.” If you had a candidate that would have been capable of doing better, the election would have gone different – but you don’t. So you can jump up and down, whine and cry, throw tantrums and Trump will still be president.

              • That’s hilarious. You’re cheering a president for ramping up the executive orders? That you’ll fix things through the elective system?

                The Trump Train has Goldman Sachs people running it.

                • BrentP, help me. I think I’m going to choke to death….slap me on the back, call the EMT’s. Gail is the most perverted clover I think I’ve ever seen.

                  It’s obvious she doesn’t even begin to understand the NAP. She’s all for empire building. Yaaaackkk!!!

                  • 8Man, I don’t know what it is with people like Gail. I see the same thing in my mother. They may be basically very good people, but there is a logical disconnect: They politically support things which are contrary to their own values.

                    The government can be exposed as a bunch of perverts, pedos and crooks, and yet when it comes to supposed aggressions and wars, suddenly they believe every word those filthy scumbags say.

                    They teach thier kids to uphold their moral values, and then send them off to government schools where those values are assaulted and replaced, and then demand that the kids do what they are told and earn the approval of their kommissars…..

                    It just doesn’t make any logical sense. It’s like a form a mental illness.

                    You can show them THOUSANDS of videos of disgusting cops committing outrageous crimes against our fellow citizens; show them statements where it is admitted that many such things are even a matter of policy- and yet every single time they will say “Oh, they’re not all like that; that’s just ONE bad one”.

                    They refuse to accept reality.

                    But WHY?! What has gotten so deeply embedded in their brains, that takes all precedence, to the point where they will act upon that programming rather than upon their own values and interests.

                    The only thing I can think of, is that the state is their god above all others- just as in ancient Rome, you could worship any god you chose, as long as you acknowledged Caesar as superior first.

                • Funny how the Trump train suddenly looks identical to the Hillary train, only now those who voted for Trump don’t seem to care- as if what Hillary would do is suddenly A-O-K, as long as it’s Trump who’s now doing them.

                  • Morning, Nunzio!

                    All that people like Gail care about is that they have a white male of their partei in now rather than a black dude or a harpy woman. The policies don’t matter. Just that “our team” is in. Note the fuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttball parallel.

                    If Hillary had won and was bombing Syria and doing exactly what Trump has been doing, the Republicans – Gail, et al – would be stomping their feet and denouncing it all.

                    But because it’s their Dear Leader…

                    • Exactly, Eric! It is for that reason that during the election, knowing that this would likely be the scenario (just as it was with Bush) I said that it might almost sorta be better if Hitlery did win, because then the conservatives would be appalled, and might finally say enough is enough- whereas if one of their own (supposedly) gets in, he’ll have carte blanch to do pretty much anything, and it will be O-K because “He is our guy”. And that is exactly what happened.

                  • What am I overlooking here?????Clover
                    Hillary was at best a Socialist, maybe worse. She openly advocated chopping up and selling unborn children body parts. She wanted to take our guns away. In fact, she felt that the US Constitution was obsolete and wanted it done away with. She supported same gender marriages and sharing bathrooms, teaching children as young as kindergarten how to have recreational sex. Shall I go on? I do not see anything to equate her with Donald Trump. Nothing!

                    • Gail,

                      You have advocated for aggressive war and mass murder. You pine for a globe spanning American Empire. You believe that the “spoils” of such rightly belong to “us”. In short you believe that it is OK to kill people and take their stuff, so long as the killing and theft is done by the State you so admire. When people challenge these “ideas” and point out that they seem incompatible with your professed faith and supposed reverence for the constitution and the rule of law, you respond by calling us bullies and cowards.

                      You claim that you”don’t like to be challenged or misunderstood”. Well, most people here believe that you are promoting evil ideas which deserve to be challenged. As to being misunderstood, I think we understand you perfectly well. If not, please explain.

                      Perhaps the triumph of evil occurs because otherwise virtuous men come to believe that evil is good. As I see it, you are promoting evil ideas, we are resisting those ideas.


                    • Gail,

                      The Constitution is a meaningless old document that holds no water, as far as anything meaningful regarding our rights.

                      Like most Republicans, you have a moral fetish about other people’s sex lives. Do you know what the answer is? It is the restoration of property rights and the right of free association – which are two of many things that Republicans do not support.

                      Certainly, Trump does not.

                      Teach your kids whatever you consider appropriate; leave me (and my wallet) out of it. And keep your nose out of my family’s business.

                      Don’t want a transgender person to use your bathroom? Great! So long as you are the owner, you have every right to say no – or yes. This extends to allowing smoking – or not – and every other such thing on your premises. But Republicans do not believe in free association.

                • Morning, Brent!

                  You and I both know Gail personally. She is a nice lady, but like many of her generation unable or unwilling to parse exactly what is meant by such terms as “old glory” and “democracy.” She, like many people, doesn’t think conceptually. “America” (not defined) is “the greatest country on earth” and “our boys” are “fighting for freedom,” etc. She literally worships icons of state authority like the flag and suffers from both “hero” worship as well as leader worship.

                  Her mindset – her emotional state – is very much like that of the typical German in 1930s Germany. Blood and soil. Deutschland uber alles. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer. The parallels are obvious, but she won’t see them. Because this is America – and we are free.

                  Cue Len Greenwood track.

                  • I don’t know her personally, I know of her or at least vaguely remember. I just don’t understand how someone who found that government suppressed study on speed limits could still have faith in the state. Reading those supressed speed limit studies is where my conditioning to the state started decaying rapidly.

                  • I suppose you think that I’m going to oppose you on what you wrote, O Leader?

                    I had a friend once, who had been in Hitler’s youth group – you know, the Brown shirts, etc. She told me how happy it made her. They would march, go on picnics, sing songs as they marched. She didn’t know what was going on in the country. When people say to me, “couldn’t they smell the bodies burning?” Do you smell the bodies of the 50 million unborn children burning in the incinerators?Clover

                    I also had a Jewish friend that escaped from Nazi Germany. It was interesting that her future husband, then 16 passed as any Aryan and was in the Youth group. He would sneak food for her and her mother where they were hiding, and helped her to get out of the country to American. He promise to find her, which he did and they married. He became a US Representative.

                    Yes, I am happier with my country of the past, and hope that Trump can bring some of it back. I do not expect miracles, just some of the love of country that once was a part of our culture.Clover

                    Right now I see things going more the way of Russia with the overthrow of the government and the incoming Communism, than the Fascist of Nazi Germany. History does repeat itself, and the Roman empire fell, and some day ours will too, but it would be nice if ours could last as long as the Roman and/or Greek did. – Wouldn’t it? The only thing for evil to exist, is for good men to do nothing. What are each of you doing to resist evil?

                    • Gail,

                      You have your facts wrong. The “brownshirts” were the Sturmabteilung (SA) while the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) were a separate body, under the leadership of (first) Baldur Von Schirach and later Artur Axmann.

                      And: You make the common mistake of not perceiving there is no fundamental difference between national socialism and Soviet communism. Both systems are fundamentally authoritarian collectivist. Just as both the Democrats and the Republicans are fundamentally authoritarian collectivists.

                      I keep pointing this out – and you keep ignoring it.

                    • Gail, you make it sound as though gassing the Jews was the only thing that made Hitler a bad guy.

                      It is not necessary to “smell the bodies burning” -the problem is: the establishment of collectivism/state power, and the minimalizing of the individual/family and the trading of free-market/community-based/family-based economies, for state-contolled institutions.

                      The same exact things are being practised here as were practised in Germany or the Soviet Union- from the heavy taxation, to spying, to children spending the majority of their waking hours in the care of strangers.

                      It matters not if these things come about by brute force, as they did in the USSR, or a combination of force and propaganda, such as in Germany, or voluntarily, through economic manipulation and pure propaganda, as is the case with many things here these days.

                      Our Founders knew, before there was a Hitler or USSR, that it is the love of liberty in the hearts of men, and the pursuit of that liberty in all of their dealings and institutions; and their unwillingness to tolerate compromises to that liberty, and their diligence to be ready to fight all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC who try to squalch that liberty, which keeps liberty alive.

                      A Hitler or Stalin is the merely the end result of a society losing that love of and diligence for liberty.

                      The wiser among us would so much as send our kids to a Girl Scout meeting, because just the uniforms and the agenda of those involved, along with laws foisted upon such organizations, are enough to repel those who care, and who don’t want their kids to grow up to slight the concepts of liberty for a little “fun”.

                  • Finally! Eric, you’ve shown your real hand; “The Constitution is a meaningless old document that holds no water, as far as anything meaningful regarding our rights.” And, with statement we really do not have a common thread to go on, because I feel that our nation is based on the original U.S. Constitution, without it there is not USA.

                    Second, I have no fetish, moral or otherwise about or over other people’s sex lives. I just don’t want to know about it. I do not go around telling everyone “when, how or with who,” I have sex with, why should others be legally able to push their lifestyle in my face. Or call me a bigot, because I don’t agree with them – if they kept this personal, then they would never know whether I agreed or not.

                    I have no problem with ‘Family restroom,’ which any gender could use, with or without children, by handicap, and/or Transgender. My objection is a perv lurking in a rest room.

                    I am an apartment dweller, and I would like to live in a smoke-free, dog/child-free community, but I can’t. Do you know why? It would be discrimination, so I listen to dogs barking all day, and the smell is as if I live in a kennel, kids run me over with their bikes, skate boards, etc., and the smoke comes through the wall into my apartment and then I have an asthma attack. Hotels reserve a few rooms for these issues that I’ve brought up, why is discriminatory for apartments?

                    What? “Certainly, Trump does not.” Does not What?

                    • Hi Gail,

                      Are you going to answer my questions about authoritarian collectivism?

                      Why do you – a Southerner – worship the Constitution? Has the Constitution restrained the federal government in any way whatsoever?

                    • Hello Gail,

                      You say: “I feel that our nation is based on the original U.S. Constitution”. I, and many others, have asked you to explain how your reverence for the Constitution is compatible with your attitude about war. Every US military intervention since WW2 has been unambiguously unconstitutional. The Constitution requires a declaration of war by the Congress. Nowhere in the Constitution is Congress authorized to delegate the war making power to the President. So, if you take the “original US Constitution” seriously then you should object to recent US militarism, rather than cheer it on.

                      Please note, I am not trying to prevent your views from being heard. Nor am I ridiculing your faith, beliefs and upbringing, I am asking you to support your statements. In other words, I am granting you respect by assuming that you can make such arguments. Nobody here has attempted to silence you. The fact that you can post whatever you want illustrates that fact. While you may not realize it, it is because you are obviously not an idiot that many of us wish to challenge you to think more deeply about the consistency of your beliefs.


                    • Gail, I’m kind of keen on the Constitution myself, what with it being the only thing restraining the government from absolute tyranny- but it IS essentially a meaningless piece of paper, as you buddy GWB referred to it; because now that the people have lost both the love of liberty and the POWER to demand adherence to the restraints of government prescribed by that Constitution, of what good is it?

                      The owners of private property can protest all day long that it is their right to determine the criteria of whom they will admit and who they will reject as renters of their apartments, but when the activist judge laughs at them, and decrees that somehow code and statute law are superior to what is supposed to be the law of the land, where is the power?

                      Once again, by your own words, you prove the very things we are saying.

                      Any time someone takes up arms to do the bidding of the politicians who refuse to be restrained by that which they took an oath to uphold- be it against a foreign nation, or their fellow citizens- they are just rendering that document even more powerless, as they are serving the enemy.

              • Dear Gail,

                If you are serious about “traditional American values” of small government, self reliance, and individual liberty, you really shouldn’t be cheering Trump on, any more than the libtards cheered Hillary on.

                “No matter whom you vote for, the government always wins”. And the individual who values his rights and liberty loses.

                  • Gail,

                    Every time I bring up authoritarian collectivism, you dodge.

                    Why won’t you deal with this?

                    Is it because you know, deep down, that authoritarian collectivism is indefensible?

                    • Eric, I’m having problems with the format of your website. I am getting a narrow strip of text, which is difficult to read, and even more difficult to answer. I have search for a copy of the “authoritarian collectivism,” and I have googled, and to tell you the truth, I can’t make sense out of what you are asking me, or how I should reply. Please send it in an email, so I can print it out and study it.

                      I know what both words mean, but they don’t seem to go together, do they?

                    • Gail,


                      I defined both terms and how they apply very simply and very specifically.

                      This is probably the fifth or sixth time now. One more time:

                      Authoritarian: The exercise of force or its threat by one person or a group of people against other people to compel their obedience.

                      Collectivism: The precedence of the group over the individual.

                      Now combine the two – and apply to the GOP and the Democrats and the Communists and the National Socialists (and so on).

                      Do you see a common thread?

                      The philosophical – the moral – difference we have is that I reject both authoritarianism and collectivism while you appear to support both of those things, so long as they are directed toward ends you personally approve of – such as “nuking them until they glow” and so forth.

                      Which means that in principle, you have a great deal in common, morally, not only with Democrats but also with Communists and Nazis (and so on) since you all accept that authoritarianism and collectivism should be the basis for society and government. You wish to surrender your self to the hive – to the will of the Queen Bee – whom you believe (somehow) transmutes the will of “the majority” – or (when it goes your way) the majority (or minority) you approve of. You support the use of force against people who want no part of the hive, who simply wish to be free to be left in peace.

                      I’d really like it if you would address the above – directly. I don’t want to hear about “old glory” or any other such.

                      Explain why authoritarianism and collectivism are moral when practiced by the right but not the left, for instance.

                  • Hi Gail,

                    “I’m having problems with the format of your website. I am getting a narrow strip of text, which is difficult to read, and even more difficult to answer”.

                    What you describe is an annoying bug of wordpress. It is much easier to read the comments on the full comments page. I’ve re-posted access instructions below.

                    If you are a registered user this link: takes you directly to the comments. A screen may come up displaying a “sorry, no log-in enablers provided”. Ignore this statement and put in your name and password in the space provided. If you bookmark this link, you can always go directly to the full comments page. It is much easier to navigate from this page. The comments appear chronologically. To the right of the comment there are two headings, “in response to” and “submitted on”. If you click on the date/time section under the “submitted on” heading, it takes you directly to the specific comment. I hope this helps.


                • According to this article I surmise that we all are partially correct, and none of us wholly so.

                  I have discussed the Constitution with constitutional attorney, and it is interesting to note that they don’t all agree on the interpretation. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am not an attorney. dancer: Clover

                  I refer back to an earlier comment I made concerning Plato’s ‘Shadows on the Wall of the Cave.’ Each of us are stuck in this.

                  For those of you who continue to talk about facts, let me point out some “facts” that have been proven to be wrong. The great scientist of their day ‘proved with fact,’ that the earth was flat, that the Universe revolved around the earth, that a baby was totally formed when it left its father’s body. All these facts have been disproved.dancer: Clover

                  I happen to believe that a society needs rules, and enforcement, and it is up to the people to keep those rules reasonable, and the enforcement for the good of the community. This has not been happening, and maybe it won’t now, but please don’t burst my bubble before it needs be.

                  • Gail,

                    You “happen to believe that a society needs rules, and enforcement, and it is up to the people to keep those rules reasonable, and the enforcement for the good of the community.”

                    This statement is what Ayn Rand would have called bromide… a very dangerous bromide.

                    You “happen to believe.” Well, so? Others “happen to believe,” too. What makes your “beliefs” superior, much less enforceable on others? What makes theirs enforceable upon you?

                    “society needs rules and enforcement.” But which rules? Those you select or approve of? Based on what, exactly?

                    “…the people.” Well, who, exactly, is that? You? Me?

                    You fall for the old con that – somehow – “the people” means you and me. It actually means the people who wield power, which isn’t you or me. And even if it were, what would give us the moral right to lord it over other people? Us claiming that we are the “the people”?

                    How so?

                    “Good of the community.” The ancient justification of all tyranny. Who gets to define the “good” of “the community,” Gail? You? Logically, if “the community” decides it is “good” to enslave certain people then – ipso facto – it is “good” because “the community” has so decreed.

                    Do you see?

                    God, my teeth ache.

                    • Dear Lord . . . oh, wait – you are swearing and not praying.

                      True, true, true – who decides? This is why we have elections, and the “. . .and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”Clover

                      The person that gave me the courage to redress Congress was Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Surprised? I didn’t support her cause, however, I believe prayers should be in the home, and not in schools. So I didn’t totally object, and I didn’t realize she was an attorney until long after her cause and mine were history. But the very fact that she, single-handed took on the US Congress allowed me to believe that I could too.

                    • Hi Gail,

                      So, our rights – our liberties – are up for a vote? Whatever “the majority” decides is morally acceptable?

                      “Petition the government for redress of grievances”… Why should a free man have to beg for what is rightfully his?

                      My teeth ache even more now.

                    • Isn’t this amazing, Eric?

                      Gail is like a textbook model of the typical American today. Be they liberal, conservative, atheist, religious, rich, poor, whatever, they’re all just keeping the tyrants enshrined by constantly vying to get their interests and beliefs legislated.

                      Imagine, if instead of doing this, they all came together under the common cause of fighting the tyranny, and preserving freedom for all? Then we might have what the Founders envisioned- but there’s pretty much no chance of that, because people care more about whether their neighbor has an abortion, or about forcing their neighbor who would never have one, to pay for theirs. No one steps back and says “Maybe I should be free to do as I see fit with what is my own, and let you do the same with what is yours”.

                    • Amazing… and depressing.

                      Gail is so like all the rest. My mom is like her. Reflexive incapacity to think in terms of concepts and principles and apply them to particular things. This weird cognitive dissonance that you can’t get them to see.

                      I’ve asked Gail at least half a dozen times now to defend the authoritarian collectivism of the right given she is opposed to the authoritarian collectivism of the left.

                      But then, she is not opposed to authoritarian collectivism.

                      Just when it is used for ends she disapproves of. Otherwise, it’s great!

                      But she will not concede this. Instead, she burbles out bromides about “the people” . . . Yes, her people.

                      It’s daunting. She’s not stoopid. It’s worse. She is programmed. Cognitively crippled.

                    • Hey, Eric, at least Gail is consistent! 😀

                      The “petitioning Congress” and “voting” to determine how others should be ruled, is in keeping with her “might makes right” warmongering stance…. 😀

                      I gotta LOVE it when people use the “petition Congress” and “voting” to justify things which are totally out of context, because they don’t seem to realize that our government was never intended to have the power over people’s lives and property that it now has; so using such tactics to merely determine how government will rule over those things, is totally illegitimate, since it was never intended to have that power in the first place, and thus neither were we intended to have that power over others by extension.

                      Such a perversion of the ori9ginal meaning of such doctrines is uaually used by those who would have us believe that the US is a democracy- for that is how a democracy would operate- and the very thing that the Founders warned against.

                      What people like Gail fail to realize, is that such doctrines were established for and only pertain to the legitimate operation of government, and it’s limited sphere of power- and NOT that we can somehow use such things to allow said government to rule as a defacto democracy.

                    • Dear Nunzio,

                      “Maybe I should be free to do as I see fit with what is my own, and let you do the same with what is yours”.

                      Cue Steve Martin… (beat)…


                    • Eric, when you think about it, EVERYONE who is not a Libertarian, is fine with authoritarian collectivism- as long as it is the brand of such that they approve of. And if we don’t like it we can “move to N. Korea or Iraq”.

                      They don’t fight authoritarian collectivism; they just vie to get it to enforce their goals and ideals.

                      Us Libertarians are the only segment of society which understands what freedom is, and advocates for it.

                    • Funny mentioned Steve Martin, Bevin. I was just thinking: If Trump were to ever get called on the carpet for doing the diametric opposite of every single thing he promised during his campaign [Like if politicians were ever held accountable], I could just picture him saying “Well EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME!”.

                    • bevin, teach you PARENTS well. Several times in my life I’ve been accused by older people of being “too honest”. So I should throw everything I learned as a child away?
                      Not to say my parents didn’t have their blind spots.

                      We(parents and me)used to listen to Paul Harvey every day at noon when I was in school(junior high, high school).
                      Paul beat the drum for war every day during the Vietnam “police action” but then as his son(my age)got closer to the clusterfuck he began having problems with it. It wasn’t lost on my mother….thankfully. I had already seen the light and was prepared to light out for parts unknown to avoid killing people I had nothing against.

                      This came about in the 9th grade when an assistant coach asked all the boys in civics class what they knew of Vietnam. He told us we should learn something since we’d be there soon.

                      4 years later not a single boy from my class, and it was the ONLY class in school to distinguish itself by not having one boy serve in the military. By the time we were seniors we’d smelt the rat and could identify it. The old saw about rich man goes to college and a poor man goes to work didn’t fly with us. There were no rich kids. We were all pore, but enlightened rednecks, determined to not go kill strangers for reasons we had come to see as pure blasphemy, evil as it were, doing the rich man’s dirty work. It was the ONLY class to have this distinction in our school. Amazing what thinking about something and learning what it was all about could do for just plain folk. We got no flak from our parents either.


                    • Dear 8,
                      During the Cold War, including of course the Vietnam War, I was actually a hawk.

                      I was opposed to the draft of course, because that was obviously involuntary servitude. But I did believe that fighting the Communists was the right thing to do, as long as only volunteers fought.

                      But I was deeply anti-Communist because of what Mao did to my fellow Chinese on the Mainland. Millions died.

                      Later on, I realized the defects in my minarchist thinking. I realized the Vietnam War would still have been wrong even without the draft.

                      Live and learn. Let it not be said that cognitive dissonance prevented me from changing my mind. I did it. Others can too. No excuses.

                    • bevin, good god almighty, I scrolled a mile to find a reply button. Screw you WP.

                      I can understand what you saw but communism, by it’s very definition, has never existed. It’s just another form of tyranny with the same old system of some having more than others all the way to the top where a few have it all, not a bit damned different in the endgame than fascism, socialism or any of those “isms”.

                      Funny how when I was 16 I wondered how my dad could be further out of it and when I was 40 he was a damned genius. I don’t recall telling him that in those words but I hope he knew that’s how I felt.

                    • Dear 8,

                      Funny how when I was 16 I wondered how my dad could be further out of it and when I was 40 he was a damned genius.

                      “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”
                      ― Mark Twain


                  • Gail said: “I happen to believe that a society needs rules, and enforcement, and it is up to the people to keep those rules reasonable, and the enforcement for the good of the community.”

                    That all seems well and fine when those who make and or enforce the rules are in agreement with you; but witness the world around you now, when the rules are being made by those who are now hostile to many of your values, in which behavior that you or I might considered illicit is given official sanction, and WE become the “criminals” for “discriminating” against those who practice the illicit behavior; or for doing something on/with our own property which the rulers deem as improper- such as having a wood stove or collecting rain water.

                    It is far better that freedom should exist for all, even if we have to allow others in the world to do things we disapprove of, so that at least WE may be free to not have to tolerate their actions in so far as it affects us, or our property, or our choice of association; and to ensure that OUR behavior can not be “criminalized”, as is currently happening, when those who oppose us become the majority.

                    And in practice, when have governments ever restrained evil? Whether we look at ancient Rome, or Medieval Europe, or pretty mcu any government of the 20th and 21st centuries, they have all caused evil to flourish, or out-right perpetrated it; and have usually persecuted and or oppressed the good/innocent/Christians.

                    As our Founders rightly observed: Once the power structure is in place to rule and control men, it is ALWAYS used for evil, and never good. The only remedy for that is to ensure that such a structure is never erected, and that the ultimate power rests with the people, over their own lives, affairs and property. Once you abridge the power/rights of others, you have established the machinery which will sooner or later claim our rights- just as when our fathers allowed the imposition of a “small tax on income, which would just affect the top few percent of the very richest citizens”, they created the machinery that would enslave every citizen of their country by confiscating at least half of the fruit of everyone’s labor.

                    • I had a difficult time finding a reply link. Why doesn’t it show up after the post sent to me, instead of the bottom of everyone’s post?

                      Anyhow, I don’t guess that any of you will come down off the Hill of dreams to the real world, but since I like walking up to a brick wall, and beating my head against it – I will try again. Clover

                      Now as Sophia Petrillo would say on ‘Golden Girls,’ Picture this . . . Let’s say you want to grow your own vegetables.
                      Would you through the seeds to the wind, or would have a garden that you’ve prepared for planting. Let’s say you’ve chosen the latter – this would be the U.S. Constitution. What does the preamble say: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America. Clover

                      Ok, so instead of throwing the seeds to the win, we will tilled, hoed, matured, etc. But wait, we don’t have anything to show for our work yet, each day we must tend to our garden – water it, pull weed, keep critters out, etc.

                      You guys are wanting to reap the rewards of throwing seeds to the wind, and I’m telling you it can’t be done. The best we can do is to keep the government under control. I shudder what life in America would be like if we didn’t have the government. To think everyone would just live happily with zero control is foolish. Clover

                    • Gail,

                      I’v tried at least six times now, but you won’t respond to my questions about authoritarian collectivism, which tells me you have no response.

                      As I expected.

                      Authoritarian collectivism is indefensible; a moral atrocity. You know this, even if you won’t admit it openly.

                      So, in order to partake of it – you are compelled to avoid discussing it.

                      You evade it, instead – with bromides about “old glory” and “we the people.”

                      I suppose you also regard “taxation” as something other than theft – and believe that government has the right to rule over people who have never consented to be ruled?

                      Words matter, Gail.

                      They must be used precisely, else they have no meaning at all.

                  • Hi Gail,

                    “I have discussed the Constitution with constitutional attorney, and it is interesting to note that they don’t all agree on the interpretation. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am not an attorney”.

                    “The government needs to be controlled at all times to keep it small and under control”.

                    Herein lies the problem. The very entity supposedly limited by the Constitution has a legal monopoly on deciding what the Constitution means. In other words, the Federal government operates outside of the law. Words on a piece of paper cannot limit the power of the State. Only the widespread refusal of people to obey can do that.

                    When you defer to “experts” as to the meaning of the Constitution, you confirm the impotence of the document. Is it not absurd to believe that 9 government lawyers, chosen for displaying a lifetime of fealty to the exercise of government power, whose livelihood and prestige is entirely dependent on the that, can be trusted to limit that power?

                    You are obviously smart enough to understand what the Constitution says about war.


                    • Dear Jeremy,

                      The problem is not that Gail cannot understand your point.

                      The problem is that she is unwilling to understand your point.

                      Your point is of course 100% valid.

                      The Chinese have an expression that sums up the problem.


                      Qiúyuán jiān cáipàn

                      It means

                      “A ball player [from one team] doubling as referee”

                      As most free market anarchists have figured out, the government policing itself is like the fox guarding the hen house.

                      Too bad We the Sheeple still don’t get it.

                    • Dear Bevin,

                      So nice to hear from you, what a wonderful expression. It sums up the problem in a way any honest man should understand.


                    • Dear Jeremy,

                      It was good to see your name in the comments section here again!

                      I myself drift in and out. I have to leave once in a while, otherwise I would turn into a vegetable in the EP Auto’s garden.

              • Dear Gail,

                “None of you guys, seem to realize or even understand how angry the American people, like myself are”

                It’s hard not to laugh out loud at this. The expression, “Teach your grandmother to suck eggs” comes to mind.

                You’re the one who’s not nearly angry enough, because you’re not nearly aware enough. If you were truly aware, you’d be as angry as we are. You’d be advancing the same arguments we are, instead of defending the corrupt status quo out of blind loyalty.

                Those of us fed up to our ears with the “bipartisan” charade that is American politics are the ones who truly have reason to be angry.

                You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. You clearly have no understanding about how the “deep state” or “shadow government” is pulling the strings from behind the screen.

                When you find out what’s really going on, come back to this forum. You’ll really have reason to be angry then.

                • Exactly Bevin.
                  I usually tell people like Gail that everything is working as it is designed to work and they got what they wanted. It’s not liked much but it is the reality of the situation. There’s not a damn thing they want to dismantle about the system or even how it fundamentally works. They just want the right people running it. For some reason with the right people running it, whomever they are, this system will be paradise on earth. Never mind its fundamental design and the reality of people who run things.

                  • Dear Brent,
                    Quite right.
                    As long as the vast majority of people in any nation demand an overriding authority that must be obeyed, they will remain slaves.
                    They will have chosen their own lot.

                    “… people ought to withdraw their consent immediately… rise up and cast off tyranny simply by refusing to concede that the state is in charge.

                    The tyrant has “nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?”


                • Actually, I am both unwilling and I cannot understand your point.

                  I can agree that the powers have to be kept in check, but I truly and fully believe that without a central government chaos would ensue. Clover

                  Hold onto your britches, guys – I’m quoting another Bible scripture; Jeremiah 17:9
                  King James Version (KJV)
                  9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
                  Some people toe the line because of law enforcement, some because God is looking over their shoulder, some because family or a loved one expects it of them. Without any barriers all bets are off. Clover
                  Just look over the past 30 years – I’m sure most of you can remember that far back – look at how the morals have eroded.

                  Rather than fighting the government, we all need to be fighting the ‘Watch dogs,’ that our Forefathers set up to watch the government who turned on us.

                  I understand that you can’t see the situation as I do, and I hope for all of our sake, that you will never have to endure what you are hoping for.

                  • Gail,

                    You never answer specific questions!

                    Instead, you recite your “beliefs” – and then quote scripture.

                    It’s immensely aggravating.

                    • Dear Eric,

                      As I noted earlier.

                      The problem is not that Gail cannot understand your point.

                      The problem is that she is unwilling to understand your point.

                      Her mind has already raced ahead and realized that you have her checked, and will have her checkmated in another move or two.

                      So in order to avoid losing the argument she walks away and changes the subject.

                    • If I understand correctly your meaning of Authoritarian collectivism and/or Coercive Collectivism, you believe that you can’t have everything you would like and you desire to have no controls over your life. Do I have that right? I find this idea the same as abortion. How so, you may ask? Well, the ‘Pussy Parade’ gals want free rein to kill their unborn at will, without any regards to the human that they are preventing ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Who knows, it has worked for them, maybe it would work for you guys too. But, Authoritarianism is not the same as Collectivism, despite what some libertarian ideologues may tell me ;).Clover

                    • Gail,

                      You clearly do not understand.

                      Libertarian morality is based on something called the Non-Aggression Principle. It means, simply, that no one has the right to use or threaten to use force against another person except in self-defense against force.

                      So, yes – you’re right. I do desire to have no controls over my life. That is to say, I deny that you or any other person has any moral right to interfere with me or in any way control my life unless in self-defense against my having first used or threatened to use force against you.

                      And for no other reason.

                      Like most right-wing authoritarian collectivists, you are concerned with abortion. Well, I’m not having one anytime soon, so bugger off!

                      I also don’t own anyone’s else’s pussy – or their flesh. So I have no right to grab their pussy or otherwise mess with it, unless of course I am invited.

                    • Gail, “Libertarian morality” is a misnomer. Libertarianism is not a religion/value system.

                      It is just a political philosophy which if practriced, would ensure that we are all free to practice what ever moral beliefs we care to, in so far as they affect us and ours and our property and those who may voluntarily associate with us.

                      This abortion rhetoric is nonsense. I don’t want the government in anyone’s womb. And whether abortion is legal or not, there are always those who will have them.

                      And it’s very ironic that you see the state as the protector of the unborn, when in-fact it is the state which has legitimatized abortion, and even restricted those who would protest the practice; and it is the state which forcibly takes YOUR money, and uses some of it to even promote and pay for abortions!

                      You’re so worried about the unborn- which is really no one else’s business, other than the person who owns the womb it is in, and the guy who contributed the spooge- why aren’t you as concerned with the millions of innocent men women and children whom the state has murdered, maimed or oppressed in it’s endless wars, be they wars against foreign countries, or “wars” on our own shores, like the “War on Drugs”- or just the authoritarian culture which does not hold it’s armed goons responsible, even if they shoot an old lady in the face.?

                      The state can decide what or what doesn’t happen to your womb; Who pays for it; What constitutes marriage; the terms of marriage; how you discipline your children; how you educate them; how or if you medicate them; yada, yada, and you seem to think that they are somehow doing the work of God on earth?!

                    • And just think Gail, how many FEWER abortions there would have been had the state not been using our money to fund Planned Parenthood and host of other programs and services, and outright funding MILLIONS of abortions.

                      You’re always saying “get involved” and how the state is all about enforcing some collective moral agreed upon by a majority, on others- well here’s a perfect example of the majority supporting something which is contrary to your values…and forcing you to pay for it. How do you like it?

                    • Nunzio, the state’s actions say volumes. I read an article today that UC Davis is putting the morning after pill in vending machines. Meanwhile our dear leaders keep trying to make vitamins difficult to get.

                    • Brent, It seems that Gail fails to notice such things. She thinks that in exchange for giving the state a few of her adult kids lives to kill some foreigners, that the state will prevent some slut from bringing her future hoodlums to the light of day. I guess she ought to rethink that, eh? 🙂

                      It’s really telling though, but not surprising at all, once we understand the true nature of the state- any state. They are the merchants of death. (And much more so than some skank who kills off her baby before it’s sprung, rather than after.)

                  • Gail,

                    How, exactly, do you propose that “powers be kept in check” when this random gaggle of people who have claimed power over others without their consent does not acknowledge the right of individual people to be left in peace, not have their property taken from them against their will? When the only thing limiting to what extent the government can control the individual’s life and seize his property is its own interpretation of its powers?

                    You advocate a system in which the individual is literally the property of whatever gang has a “majority” – or even a minority – so long as they have “the vote” and it is all done by proxy, according to rules they spout and which you seem to venerate.

                    You worry there would be chaos absent a central government that controls people’s lives.

                    I’ll take my chances – as opposed to the certainty of at least a third of my income being seized by official-legal goons, who also forbid me from ever owning property via eternal taxes that amount to eternal rent payments to the state.

                    • Eric,

                      Remember the first goal of all gangs calling themselves government is to sow the seeds of chaos aka law and disorder!

                      David Ward
                      Memphis, Tennessee

                  • Hello Gail,

                    “..but please don’t burst my bubble before it needs be”.

                    Thank you for the work you did eliminating the drive 55 nonsense. I will no longer try to “burst your bubble”.

                    Kind Regards,

                  • Really Gail? We don’t need to fight the government? The government which uses our money to promote things such as the faggot agenda, while fining and or imprisoning Christians [or anyone else] who choose to not do business with, rent to, associate with their favored group, or who dare to criticize such groups? [Some pastors are actually in JAIL in Canada for preaching against faggotry! Pastors from this country have been been denied entry into other countries, just because they are known to be anti-homo; and right here in “good ol’ Merca” business owners have been fined- in one case over $100K- for such “crimes” as refusing to bake a cake for a queer wedding!)

                    And you don’t feel that the agents of evil who promote special rights for one group, while taking away our freedom, should be resisted and fought. (In fact, you seem to think that we should serve them!)

                    And your mis-application of scripture is utterly astounding. You are really making a good case for why many on here are rather hostile towards Chritianity- or what passes for it these days.

                    Also, quoting Scripture to unbelievers who may at least in part be seeking freedom from those who would force them to conform to our value system, is rather counter-productive, -because most of us here are seeking liberty- and in order for US to have liberty to practice our beliefs and religion, and live our lives as we see fit, we must also ensure that others have the same ability- which includes the ability to reject God and/or His moral code if they so choose.

                    Which….brings us full-circle back to the original point: If you want to use an organized group of men who threaten and use violence to maintain “order” and “morality”, whose standards are we going to use?

                    If we could use your standards, then I might not be free to live my beliefs, where they differe from yours. If we were to use my standards, then you might not be free- and whether we could legislate your or my standards, many others would not be free to live their consciences before God…or without God if they so choose- just as if they could use thec government to enforce their standards, we would not be free.

                    This is precisely WHY authoritarian collectivism can not work, and why any time people try and practice it, it always ends in both the destruction of organic cultures and religion, and in genocide, because the only way it can function, is if you have a population who are all on the “same page” and who are all pulling for the same goals; and who are all onboard with the common ethic (i.e. all must believe the same things)- and in order for that to exist, such people must be created, and those who do not “go along” must be disposed of. And this is indeed exactly what we are seeing happening before our eyes, through such machinations as political-correctness; fake news; liberal education; and government regulation- and this is what YOU are supporting by supporting the state.

                    And what we see has been repeated ad-nauseum down through history- the state gets rid of those who do not put the state first as their pre-emminent god- be they be Christians, or those who are practitioners of other political philosophies, or just those who want to be left alone and not participate with the state’s BS.

                    I see no clearer evidence of the operation of Satan, than I do in the existence of governments.

                    And as Christians, we of all people should be the most diligent to guard against illicit government, for it has always been the state which has persecuted us; opposed us; and out-lawed the very things we practice (Just try disciplining your kid these days!)- and this should be no surprise, since it was the state which ultimately killed our Savior and most of the Apostles.

                    • Numzio,

                      How’s this for a story. Paraphrased from the New Testament.

                      Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights (not sure why 40 of anything is important but it appears to be a recurring theme in the bible). During this time Jesus was tempted by Satan to throw in with his lot. One of the temptations was if Jesus would renounce his Father and join Satan, Satan would give Jesus dominion of all the kingdoms of the World. Wow! That is really really tempting isn’t it? My take is this. You can’t give what you first do not have. In this passage Satan plainly states that all governments are evil and under his control/dominion/tutelage. This alone above any other passage in the bible including the hideous book of Romans should let any person professing to be Christian to not support any government and not to place any trust in them.

                      This is not the only place in the bible that warns against the rule of man over man. It is also clearly stated in the book of Exodus that the god of the Hebrews stated rule of man was not needed. However, after enough whining by the Hebrews he instituted a King but with a heavy warning.
                      The King will take the best of your fields, of your herds, of your sons for his armies and daughters for his sluts. On the day that happens DO NOT COME CRYING TO ME!

                      ‘NUFF said.

                      David Ward
                      Memphis, Teneessee

                    • Notice Alert! The following is a disclaimer!

                      I am not Christian, Hebrew, Jewish, Muslim or any other religious denomination. I, also, do not play one on TV.

                      I do believe in a creator. However, I as a creator of more than 100 pieces of music, believe the creator is much to busy to concern himself with one little speck in the universe. Just as I can’t remember all the songs I’ve written and forgotten. Notice my output is not nearly as prolific as the creator of all things! LOL! And yet I do not worry about the song I’ve lost.

                      David Ward
                      Memphis, Tennessee

                    • Well-said, David!

                      And in multiple places where God says “Ye shall keep My statutes and My ordinances, and not turn to the right hand nor to the left…”

                      If we support/do service to ANY authroitarian government, which is a competing legal system/author of ordinances and statutes, we are enforcing that competing system upon others as well as ourselves, and that is why, conversely, the state has always persecuted Christians, because we acknowledge and obey a different God, and not the god of state (Of course, that is not so true for many Christians these days though).

                      And that is why, this country was established by those seeking religious freedom, and why Christians traditionally have been the ones opposed to state power/the state over-stepping it’s constitutional bounds in America- while the liberals tend to be atheists/agnostics, who often have no problem with the imposition of any type of authoritarian moral code (legal system)- unless, of course, they happen to have the good sense to be Libertarians. Many non-Libertarian atheists are just content to use the state to keep the “church” off of their back, and don’t seem to mind when that state prescribes it’s own value system and enforces it.

    • Ernie, I agree with most of what you said. I might even add that I have no love for Syrians. It has been my observation that Syrians are dishonest, out-for-themselves, petty, conniving people -but I still respect the sovereignty of their nation and right to live and exist unmolested. But that’s neither here nor there…just saying.

      As far as a competent manager goes though, I’d like to “believe”, but I don’t see how spending us into further debt with yet more wars, when our economy is basically running on fumes; how fostering what will likely be $10-a-gallon gas prices, and provoking WW3 is being anywhere near a competent manager. Instead, I think the Trumpster has sealed our doom; and it’s even worse, because it illustrates the futility of the political process, in that anyone with a pulse now realizes that no matter who they voted for, the outcome would have been exactly the same.

      I actually believe that TPTB (of which Trump is now a member- whatever happened to “Drain The Swamp” and prosecute Hitlery?) actually are intentionally provoking WW3, because it is the only way out of the mess that they and they predecessors have painted us into. If TPTB just let it all collapse naturally, as it is in the process of doing, they get the blame. f they provoke WW3, they can then blame our ruin on whoever nukes us, and get to start afresh with the goal of their population reduction having been achieved, and they being able to make their sick promises/lies to a buch who who look to them as their saviors, since people never learn from the past, and always fall for the same old lies.

  8. I’m disappointed in the lack of foresight shown in these comments. OK, I’m disappointed in the entire article that lends itself to the comments made.

    I proudly voted for Donald J. Trump. The day he announced his candidacy, I rushed down to the DMV office and registered as a Republican so I could support him. I am and have been delighted over his choices of Cabinet members, advisers, etc. I feel if the Democrats, Republicrats, Liberals, and the Pussycrats would sit down, and shut up – President Trump could get his agenda off the board.

    There has been a ‘Whack-A-Mole’ game going on in Washington as long as I can remember (and my memory goes all the way back to FDR), every time a Republican sticks their head up, one of the above mentioned whackers hit them in the head, and then pleased with themselves, scream “The Republicans did it! Not so, until Donald J. Trump came upon the scene, the Republicans wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without asking the Democrats for permission.

    Bottom line: War over there is better than war over here. Ah, but maybe it’s because I’m a Military Brat.

      • “How about no wars at all?

        War is the health of the state… and the death of liberty.”

        Would that be nice, Eric? However, for the last 27 plus years we have been draining our youth into the Middle East Hell-Hole. Wouldn’t it be nice if President Trump could end the war all together? Americas have won a war since 1945. Why? Because our leaders have been afraid to actually take the bullies and dictators to task.

        Only the show of force will we have no wars at all! I believe that President Trump will ultimately prove to the world of that.

        • I see a typo in my reply – just goes to show you that I haven’t reached perfection yet – I’m working on it, though. 😉

          In my post, I meant to say that “. . .America hasn’t won a war since 1945 . . .”


          • What war did we win in ’45? (Considering that the spoils- i.e. all of Eastern Europe- were handed to the Soviets, and thus the outcomes of that war was that many millions of people had to live under communism/communism was expanded…)

            If our goal was to defend communism, while confiscating the wealth of many Americans, then I guess you could say we won…..

            • You are right, Nunzio. No one sought out my advice, because if they had, most of Germany, Italy, Africa, Japan, etc. Would now be states or at least territories. FDR sold us out. England once said, “The sun never sets on English soil.” We should be able to say that now.

              The reason I support Trump’s war, but not the others from 1945 to date, is that we didn’t fight for the USA, nor to win. I believe that Trump is a winner, and he will win any war he gets us involved in. But if we turn around in 2020 and elect some wimpy no direction person – it will all be for nought. So who are you going to call? As to my reference to “ruler,” you knew exactly what I meant.


              • We can, not so proudly, say that the sun never sets on American troops. More’s the pity. Fighting to win only has merit when on your own turf for purely defensive purposes. Hopefully, turf which you purchased or which was unoccupied before title was granted. Unlike you, I would suggest that equity demand we give back some that we currently occupy.

                I would like to see a strong U.S.ofA., but one which merely declared “America is a friend of freedom everywhere, but a custodian only of our own.” as JQA is reported as saying. At the same time saying “One who attempts to take freedom from us does so at his own peril. We will repulse you and send you home sadder, but wiser.”

                And certainly one where the reference would always be “The United States are…”, not “The United States is…”. A subtle but important difference “we” have lost.

                I was one of those swallow hard when seeing the flag on parade types. Goldwater supporter (until he became a lot more like you in his later years). Reagan supporter. National Review? The only true guide to sane living. I even used to be one of those “Love it or Leave it!” idiots.

                Then, when I was about 40 a young kid loaned me a copy of “The Law”. The scales didn’t quite fall off, but loosened. Ron Paul “happened” about then. I discovered the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Hazlett, Mises, and Weaver’s “The Mainspring of Human Progress”.
                Moving away from St. Paul references to scales, I just say “I Can See Clearly Now”. And I am not at all happy with most what I see.

          • Make that “America hasn’t been at war since 1945,” and you would be correct. That’s when the last war declared by Congress ended.

          • The united States hasn’t won a war since 1783. That is when the War for Independence from Britain ended. All other so called wars that the united States were involved with were the US being the bully and not actual wars but skirmishes. The actual wars usually ended with a draw such as the war of 1812.

            The Mexican War? Bully scrap. Mexico had no long time established government. It was easy picking for a new bully on the block. The Spanish-American War? Bully scrap. The Maine? It was an aging piece of crap, no wonder the boiler exploded. But hey! It made Theodore Roosevelt, an already rich socialist, a national hero. Besides by the time the SA war occurred Spain was no longer a world power more like a banana republic. Of course, the US had to make an example of them.

            Now let’s see what is next? There are so many acts of violence and so little space to list them. The united States has been in existence for 241 years and during all that time has not been fucking with other people a grand total of a whopping 21 years.

            That is not the sign of a Christian nation. That is the sign of Satan incarnate. To wage war aggressively is not Christian. Now mind you, I am not a Christian nor am I Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc..

            However, I have read many differing religious text. Hell, I’ve even read the Book of Mormon! LOL! Yes, one was the KJV of the Judaeo-Christian Bible. What passes for Christian today isn’t in any way shape, form or fashion . The united States ceased being a Christian nation when they started to waged aggressive war. Doesn’t matter upon whom.

            So you say Might Makes Right. I can’t see you being a believer of the NAP. For that you fail.

            • If the USA and its policies and philosophies are so offensive to you, why don’t you go back to the country your ancestors came from, or a country better to your liking. Clover
              I love the USA, and I’ll fight and die for it as my sons, father, and ancestors have for the past 408 years. I am not ashamed to admit this. Yes, there are problems here, but if you aren’t working to change the problems, then you are part of the problem.Clover
              All this anti-war rhetoric tells me is that all of you are scared to death that the ‘Draft,’ will be restored and you will have to fight for ‘Old Glory,’ or leave the ‘Fatted Cow.’Clover

              • Love it or leave it eh?

                If I don’t like that the USA isn’t what it is supposed to be I’m the problem and have to move? If I don’t like what the USA is being turned into (or already become) I have to move? Why don’t the people who want to live a place where things are at the human mean for the last six thousand years move instead? They can choose just about any country on the planet that is more to their liking. I had one choice, the USA as it was advertised. When they change that I have to move to Somalia?

                Why don’t they move to Sweden or Denmark or Cuba or wherever things are socialized to their liking or wherever they can find a parental government to take care of them instead of wrecking what the USA was supposed to be?

                Fight for “old glory”? What a crock of sh*t. War is a racket. Go put that into your favorite search engine. You’ll find a text written in the 1930s by a hero’s hero. The Marine’s marine. He’ll put you straight. He figured out what war is and what the US military is used for. You think I want to go die for the profits of crony capitalists? Kill people who did nothing to me so wealthy families can implement their over century long social engineering plans? You go die for it. Women got their “equal” rights, so you go murder and die for it.

                You sound like what is discussed in the Americanization of Emily when Garner’s character speaks of being a coward and reality of why men keep going off to war.

                • I tried to “Clover” her… but now the Clover code (which I used ti just cut and paste) no longer produces the Clover image… sigh. I hate computers….

                  • I don’t think she needs to be pasted with the clover badge but I just don’t see how anyone can go through the 55mph NMSL battle and come out so statist. It is a subject that should strip a person bare of statist delusions IMO.

                    If I had never gotten into reading C&D back in the day and later into the debates on the NMSL, the crushing of old cars, and more about driving I still may not know or understand the true nature of the state.

                    I guess maybe people think the driving issues are small and don’t have a deeper meaning. To me if the state is willing to exploit its power, create fake science, and more over something as petty as how fast people drive on limited access highways then of course it does it when the stakes are higher and there is less direct personal effect on people.

                    • Hi Brent,

                      The common thread seems to be an inability to apply a concept to a particular. This is a Clover Characteristic. I know Gail, have met her – back in the ’90s, when I was a car columnist at The Times and was covering the NMSL repeal. She is a nice lady and means well. But she seems unable to see past the almost cartoonish propaganda archetypes (e.g., “old glory”) she has had hammered into her head such that her reactions are Pavlovian, instinctive… goodthinkful, as Orwell might have put it.

                    • GREAT point, Brent- about in your case, it being some car issues that got you to see the true nature of the state.

                      I think for almost every one of us, it probably started with one specific issue. Those issues may vary by person….but it’s always one that makes us realize that this “freedom” they always speak of, does not exist; not even in the littlest things.

                      I was lucky, as my first issue came up at a very young age: Compulsory school attendance.

                      If they can compel me to do something that I don’t want to do; and have the right to declare that they are the arbiters of what is “for my own good”, and even compel my parents to fear not complying- as if the state has any claim to the fruit of my mother’s womb- then even a 7 or 8 year-old can easily perceive that we do not possess even the most basic of freedoms.

                      And it just goes on from there- each passing year, as you grow and gain experience, you see more evidence of what that initial lesson taught you.

                    • There was a fair amount of government school that never sat right with me but it wasn’t enough to show me what the state really was. I didn’t make full sense of school experiences until I read and listened to John Taylor Gatto. I wish I had known that in school. I basically made myself a target for teachers with my off the program learning and more.

              • Gail, if you want to fight for this country, go to DC and engage the enemy! The only ones threatening and breaching our borders are immigrants who those in DC not only refuse to repel, but openly invite and give our wealth to.

                The idea of fighting some foreign country half way around the world for various economic of political reasons (such as the fact that Israel wants them destroyed) is not valid reason to fight them, let alone compel our citizens to participate in such insanity by force, while claiming that we are “fighting for freedom”.

                Personally, I would die before I’d take an innocent life just because some idiot in a uniform commanded me to. I have to answer to a higher Judge; and so will that goon in uniform, eventually.

                Those of us who refuse to do evil, are the real heroes. To kill the innocent in service to the state, is about the most sickening, criminal, cowardly, advancement of evil that anyone can possibly do.

                For someone who claims to be a Christian, such is exponentially more evil. How many so-called Christians caused the deaths or ruination of their Christian brothers in Iraq; all the while affording the pagan Muslims and their demonic book the greatest respect? I’m sure that the Devil is well pleased with such actions.

                The last legitimate war that the US fought was the Revolutionary War. Every war since then has been no different than the operation of organized crime.

                • I feel that those who will not fight for their country are cowards.

                  If someone broke into your home threatening to kill your family, would you just sit there and allow it to happen?Clover

                  How are your next door neighbor? After all they are no skin off your nose, right?

                  ◄ Numbers 33:55 ►
                  But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which you let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein you dwell.

                  • I believe you have that backwards. WE are breaking into THEIR homes. By your definition we should all be about killing the remaining American Indians. WWJD?

                    • WWJD?

                      18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?

                      19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.Clover

                      20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?

                      21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

                  • Gail, if someone breaks into my home, they’re going in the sinkhole with a bullet in their head.

                    It should be the same way with those who are breaking into our country, but instead, the traitors in DC are giving them our wealth.

                    And now you say that those who don’t want to serve those traitors by breaking into someone else’s home [country] are cowards?

                    You’re saying that the wars that those traitors declare are a “thus saith the LORD”?

                    Actually, by your own logic, the countries which we invade are perfectly justified in whatever they do to us, because WE have broken into their home; and they are merely defending their borders- something which we should be doing, but are prevented from, because our mercenaries are serving traitors, and doing their dirty-work all over the world- everywhere, except at our own borders, ports and airports.

                    C’mon Gail….you’re certainly not senile, so all I can think is that your posts are bordering on pure spam.

      • Eric,

        I have to agree with Nunzio and other posters here. While you may know Gail from earlier battles such as the 55 speed limit. She basically comes across as a shill for the state. She needs to branded as a clover. No if, and, or but about it.

        David Ward
        Memphis, Tennessee

        P.S. I also agree that her showing up here so soon after the site was hacked is totally suspicious.
        P.P.S. Since when are all my post being moderated? They were moderated under my account and now they are moderated when I am not signed in. Something has to give. If I am logged in my post should not be moderated.

        • Hi David,

          I hear you in re Gail… my finger is on the “Clover” button!

          On the rest: I wish I knew. Computers and code are not – as you know – my thing.

          • Let me see if I hear you right – no dissent or you’re banished – finger on the “Clover” button, is that correct? The hell with what I’ve accomplished throughout my life, surely, I’ve slipped off the rail now. Clover

            Well, I’m disappointed, too. So, I’ll move on.

            • Gail, normally I don’t like to see anyone take their ball and go home but your “love it or leave it ” bs is highly offensive. ….so don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

              In the 60s in west Tx you actually had to commit a crime to even be noticed.

              This once fairly free state….and entire country for the most part has become nothing short of a totalitarian playground for those of The LIOLI crowd with fewer independent minded people every day. I hear the sound of LBJ and Nixon when I hear those words

              Unfortunately for the average person it’s difficult if not impossible to not commit 2 or 3 felonies every day……and stupid people still spout the lie of Americans living in the freest country on earth.

              The Patriot Act was the real start in earnest of creating a police state. We no longer even have the right to refuse to let a cop take our blood. Not very free from my point of view.

              • The fact that the US only contains 4.4% of the world’s population, yet 25% of the world’s incarcerated people pretty much ays it all.

                Either our people are the most criminally-inclined people on the face of the earth….or we are the most tyrannical nation on earth. One of the two must be true.

            • Gail,

              “Let me see if I hear you right – no dissent or you’re banished – finger on the “Clover” button, is that correct?”

              No, that is not correct. Being branded by Eric as a “clover” does not get you banished. And, “dissent” is welcome here; just don’t expect not to be criticized.

              You claim to be a deep thinker, unmoved by propaganda. But, you have offered nothing but boilerplate statist propaganda. You are proud of your reflexive pro-war stance but provide no coherent, moral justification for this view.

              I have read all of your posts and the justifications you do provide, seem based on a number of premises, all of them false. You claim that those “rabid dogs” seek to invade the US and conquer it for themselves. You have made an idol of the US state. You equate military intervention with “fighting for old glory”. You reject the legitimacy of private property by invoking the “love it or leave it” canard. Finally, you believe, despite overwhelming evidence, that “cleaning up” a foreign nation is just a matter of will.

              Your first premise is delusional. It is true that some of “them” want to come here to hurt “us”. But, that desire is driven by the immoral and insane interventions you endorse. Funny, prior to the US’ undeclared switch to permanent war against Islam, most of “them” came here to better their lives, seek education, become lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc… In short, they came to participate in “our” way of life, not destroy it. To the extent that this may no longer be true, US policy bears most of the blame.

              I include the second premise specifically to rile you up. You idolize the US state and argue that it’s greatness derives from its’ willingness to kill and plunder. You cherry pick scripture to imply that Trump specifically, and the US generally, is doing the LORD’s work. Is this not blasphemy?

              You claim that objecting to US wars of aggression is cowardly. You imply that these wars are fought in defense of the US. This is nonsense. US wars are fought for the benefit of a plutocratic elite; the safety, liberty and interests of us “mere mundanes” is not part of the agenda. To advocate that others kill and die for this is not noble, it is obscene.

              The “love it or leave it” canard is logically valid only if the State legitimately owns all property. I assume you don’t believe this.

              Finally, you assert that war is good but only if “we” are willing do do what it takes to win. Trump, you believe, has such will. This belief is also delusional, in that it ignores reality. It also requires a definition of what it means to win. Despite the rhetoric about democracy and human rights “winning”, for the US, means the installation of a stable, compliant, vassal State. This is not possible. The creation of such a State will require violence and suffering; this will be blamed on the US and the newly created State. This government will never be seen as legitimate by its’ own people. In other words, the seeds of its’ destruction are planted at the time of its’ creation.


            • Gail, I don’t think Eric was referring to banishment. I mean, if we don’t believe in free speech for our enemies, we don’t believe in free speech. [Not saying you’re necessarily an enemy].

              Dissenters actually allow us a much greater opportunity to exhibit our own philosophies and prove their superiority. I mean, what is better than letting our own words and ideas speak for themselves?

              Without some dissenters, we are just preaching to the choir.

          • WOW! What a bunch of mean-spirited bullies you have on your website, Eric.

            There is nothing that I could post to this group that would please them, unless I agreed to ‘Goose-step’ with their views and philosophies. Which I don’t, nor will I ever become as pathetically saded as each of you seem to have become. While I still see injustices in the system, I still hold to the idea that USA has the best government in the world (even if Obama did try to destroy it).Clover

            “IYHO,” really? The closest one that seemed to be a mite humble was Nunzio – and he is probably laughing up his sleeve at me.

            You have made fun of my upbringing, my beliefs, and tried your best to make a caricature out of me. You’ve failed on all counts. Since God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, I would suggest that each of you re-read the Bible to know what it says, and try to understand its wisdom, rather than ‘cherry-picking’ a verse here and there. Proverbs 1:7 says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

            • Hi Gail,

              You speak of bullies. What better definition could there be of the actions of the U.S. government?

              I wish you would answer the specific questions I asked – and respond to observations made. Especially as regards who has been taking away “our freedoms.”

              • Eric, do you want to know why I was such a success in Washington DC? I didn’t go there with the mentality that I’ve witnessed on your website. I see nothing but lack of gratitude, discontent, and rudeness toward any ideas, other than the narrow minded views expressed here. My cheery, and positive behavior is what won the Congressional members over. As one representative wrote on a picture he gave me, “You have been kind, pleasant and ‘There.” Do you think that these boys are going to intimidate me with their trite and vindictive comments? Heaven forbid! When I was lobbying to get the repeal of the NMSL, I had 144 Safety Groups, USDOT, and the entire Insurance Industry against me. President Bill Clinton vowed to veto any bill that I got through. Ralph Nader tried to kick me out of a meeting, and refused to serve me refreshments (that hurt ;-), and a USDOT representative screamed that I had falsified documents while I was speaking to the National Governor Association. Yet, I floated through the Hallowed Halls of Congress and managed to get a veto proof bill through. Yes, I’m proud of what I did. Every state in the union have adjusted their speed limits upward due to my effort. I have affected every person who have been a driver or passenger over the past 21 years.
                Impossible everyone said, even you, yet I did it! Maybe I can’t change every law on the books, but I’ve put in more effort than most to keep the local and federal government out of our lives. I guess you still can’t eat ice cream on Sunday in Massachusetts, and you can still shoot a Mormon on sight in Missouri. Whenever I find a law getting too close to me, I lobby to change it, because I want to be a law abiding citizens, and I want the government to respect me.

                I’m sorry that your Eastern states are so far behind, but out West we get to drive 80/85mph, and aren’t bothered if we drive faster – unless you have a California tag – for some reason the cops really dislike them.

                With that said, Eric, ask me again what your problem with the U.S. Government might be? Now, remember my soul resides in the deep South who went to war over States Rights. My ancestors settled in the Appalachian Mountains of Carolina before it was North and South. Little areas such as theses are hard-pressed to have any government intervention other than their own.
                What do you mean “. . .who has been taking away ‘our freedoms?” Re-ask the question(s), please.

                • Gail said:
                  “on your website. I see nothing but lack of gratitude, discontent, and rudeness toward any ideas, other than the narrow minded views expressed here.”

                  Gail, I don’t think that the outright rejection of coercion and unprovoked violence -be it from a gang of men who call themselves’ the state”, or from an individual- can be viewed as narrow-minded.

                  It is probably THE most broad-minded principle which men can ever conceive, as ot affords all people the right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, and only restrains those who exercise violence against those who have not used violence toward them.

                  Pretty much, everything we discuss boils down to that core issue. It’s pretty darn hard to justify any departure from that simple value- whether on an individual, collective, local, national or world level- but when one does, THAT usually represents narrow-mindedness, as it seeks to suspend those most basic and fundamental values for some “greater cause”, when in fact, there can be no greater cause.

                  And no, I can assure you that I am not laughing at you! While we may agree on some points of conservative values, I think, much as is the case with most people, be they liberal or conservative, the difference lies in the fact that most want to legislate their values, and force others by rote to practice them- be they liberal or conservative.

                  But I don’t want a conservative dictating the details of my life, any more so than I’d want a liberal to do the same.

                  But I think what people- even good people, like yourself and my own mother, fail to realize, is that it matters not so much who has control over a power structure- be it GWB or Obozo or Hitler or Castro- but rather, that such a power structure exists. For once that power structure exists, it will be used and abused, and at first, some will lose their freedom, while those condone the values of the rulers of that power structure will consider themselves free; but eventually, the power will increase until that structure possesses all power and all men are mere subjects or vassals and/or a different admin. will reign; but either way, all will eventually lose their freedom, and sovereignty.

                  To call opposition to that “narrow-minded” is like calling staunch opposition to communism narrow-minded.

                  • What kind of life do you live?Clover

                    As for me, I have not experience what you speak of. I go where I want to go, I do what I want to do, when I don’t like something I change it. Period!

                    I do not feel oppressed, and in some respects, I feel society is better than its ever been. There have been changes that I’m not pleased over, but I have chosen a lifestyle that fits my beliefs and opinions.

            • Not another old canard…. the USA is better than the alternatives. At what point along this long line of losing liberty does this become invalid? The millions in the prison system due to personal vices and selling substances wrt people’s personal vices? The NSA snooping on everyone? The body scanners at the airports? The crony capitalist system where if you don’t go kissing pinky rings to cut a deal on taxes forget about having a successful business? The anarcho-tyranny shakedowns including civil asset forfeiture? I can go on. At what point does this eating out of our substance make some alternative better?

              There are numerous alternative systems that work just as well if not better for people on this planet now. For the amount of taxes I pay why shouldn’t I move to a social democracy and pay just about the same amount and actually get something for it? If I were to start my own business I don’t think I would even try to make the stuff here. To be successful these days it often has to be done illegally until the business is strong enough to deal with regulatory state.

              I’m not a bully Gail, you just keep hitting me the bully behavior of the state. I know just obey the law until you can change it. LOve it or leave it.

              How many man hours did it take to repeal the NMSL? It took dedicated effort of many people over the span of two decades to get rid of a law that was obviously bad on the trivial subject of how fast to drive on the interstate. What sort of effort would it take to repeal something more meaningful?

              The fact it took so much effort over so much time to accomplish so little says something about the nature of the beast we are dealing with here.

              It’s not being bully to confront your notions. Either you can argue your points successfully or you can’t.

              • BrentP, I’ve told the group a lot about myself – probably leaving myself open for ridicule, thinking at the time I was among friends because of Eric. I won’t be so forth coming in the future.

                Many of the words, initials and/or acronyms used on this site are foreign to me. I reckon you all are trying to impress each other and overwhelm me. But that is OK, because most of them are easy to find the meaning of.

                Losing liberty? Surely, you jest??? Or are you talking about the federal government land grab. Once there was the right to squat on land not own by someone else, not any longer is this possible. Nope, no homestead rights on the land you chose to squat on. You can no longer throw the overnight ‘Slop jar’ out the window in the morning. A Cop can no longer burst into your home without a warrant like they could in the good old days. The government no longer quarantines you with a big yellow sign on the door of your house. Although, I’m not sure that was such a good thing to get rid of. The “Draft,” no longer exists, and President Trump says he won’t put it back.

                I have to agree that the prison system is a mess. I personally feel that prison should not be a punishment, but a protection of the general public from dangerous people who have demonstrated that they are a menace to society. Any non-violet crime could be handled by ‘house’ arrest, and a fine.

                Airports? HA! I refuse to fly, and if enough people had my attitude and the airlines started losing money, ‘Watch the changes take place.’ But no, people are too short sighted to think in terms of how they can control their own environment.

                Look at me, talking to you as if I think you are a reason person. LOL You have an agenda, and it makes little difference what I write here. So, I’m going on about my business. If anything I’ve written makes sense to you, I’ll return and continue, as I didn’t even get through your first paragraph.

                Have a good day!

                • Gail said: “Airports? HA! I refuse to fly, and if enough people had my attitude and the airlines started losing money, ‘Watch the changes take place.’ But no, people are too short sighted to think in terms of how they can control their own environment. ”

                  I couldn’t have said that better! Another case of “people getting the government they deserve”- but you’ve also said that this is a nation of laws- and what goes on at airports is patently unconstitutional- i.e. against the law of the land- and WE should not have to tolerate such, just because millions of idiots are willing to tolerate illegal practices for what they perceive as for their own “safety”.

                  Our tax money [another unconstitutional institution] goes to pay for those airports/air traffic control/”security” [all unconstitutional as well] and we thus have a RIGHT to use such facilities, but can not, because no matter who one votes for, they refuse to abide by the Constitution; and our fathers have allowed that government to grow so big and powerful, and to restrict our power [by disarmament] so much, that we are now helpless.

                  • I agree with you on this one. Under the guise of ‘safety,’ the government was able to take liberties that were not their right to take. There are many things that I do, or don’t do, as the case may be so that my liberties are not infringed upon. But, I do it quickly, so as not to draw attention to myself. The save who would might rob me. I don’t go around using bad or vulgar words – that does nothing to change the situation. It turns people off that might support your issues.Clover

              • Second part: “. . .How many man hours did it take to repeal the NMSL? . . .”

                From the time I joined the NMA and became first the Texas State Chapter Coordinator and successfully prevented that state from permanently passing a 55 law, to keep on the books ’75mph temporarily suspended.’ The other national coordinators kept chanting “Send Gail to DC, she’s get ride of the NMSL.” And so it was agreed upon. Google me and read my story. While much effort was put into this over a number of years, I personally with very little money, or appreciation got the repeal in 11 months. Who knows if I could have accomplished it sooner.

    • If war comes here it’s because of making war over there. What happens overseas comes home eventually in one form or another. Presently we’re getting an occupation style police state.

      As far as the democrats and republicans go I don’t care about their team sport. It’s nice seeing ‘because Trump’ making everything democrats called conspiracy theories become acceptable topics, but nobody but myself seems to want to use that opening so it will always be special to Trump in people’s minds instead of the way things are and have been.

      The problem with presidents like Trump is that once the state has them the state advances its aims much more quickly.

      • BrentP, you do realize that we haven’t had a president like President Trump since President Harry Truman, don’t you? You are probably too young to remember what President Truman did, but if you’re up on history, you’d know that it ended WWII, and the world knew that the USA meant business for a long time. Our economy was good, and we were respected.

        • So Gail, you’re saying all that matters is that we use power and might to dominate the world and win any wars we deem proper to start, just because….err….why exactly?

          So if Hitler had had the power to accomplish that, it would have been good? Stalin? Mau? Oh, no, it only applies to Americans because we this just happens to be where we live, and so we’re the good guys, and because we fight for the Jews?

          Might makes right? Or do you really take these things at face value, and think that we are somehow doing good by occupying, manipulating and destroying half of the nations on earth? You really believe that we’re “fighting terrorists”? That Saddam had WMDs? That the Japs pulled a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor? That some sand-farmers flew airplanes into 4 targets on 9-11?(And the black boxes were curiously destroyed, but the paper passports survived…LOL) No, C’mon, really???

          • Yes, really!!! Some days, and this is one of them, I wonder why I give the time of day to any of you. Well, OK – most of you.

            Hitler in power, Japanese (in my day we called them ‘Japs’), and so forth through many of the replies to my comment(s), especially yours, Zunzio (what kind of a name is this anyhow, and how do you pronounce it?) If I had had my way during these wars USA would have claimed the countries as our own, as we did in days of old – yes, days before my time.

            As far as your comments on fairly current events – I believe that reality is stranger than fiction, and I know why. Do you or do you just grab at whatever current “straw” is being propagated at the time.

            But foremost, I am under no obligation to make sense to you, my thoughts and talents go deeper than most, so don’t try to keep up with me.

            • Hi Gail,

              Some history for you:

              Hitler was the creation of Versailles, which was the creation of the “progressive” tyrant Wilson, who entered a European war that was no business of America’s, and thereby ended a stalemate that would have resulted in a reasonable negotiated peace into a three-hole rape of Germany that resulted in… Hitler and WW II.

              FDR (like Lincoln did to the South – and I know you disapprove of that) maneuvered the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor as a defensive action (from their point of view). In typically psychotic American fashion, he took umbrage at the Japanese asserting spheres of influence in their own part of the world… while the U.S. asserts “interests” in every corner of the world.

              The Germans invade Poland and it’s an outrage. The U.S. invades Mexico and it’s a glorious expansion of the empire.

              Uncle genocides the native peoples of this continent – siccing the 1870s equivalent of SS Gruppenfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger on them (I refer to Sherman) and … blank stare. Get rid of the red riff-raff. But the Germans push for Lebensraum in the East and you are affronted.

              And, today. Do you really think they “hate us for our freedoms”? I know you are opposed to “refugees” being resettled here. So why, then, do you support actions that create more refugees?

              Your friend and Enemy of Freedom…

              • Actually, Eric, I don’t support action that would create more refugees. I support, cleaning up those countries, so the refugees can go home. I believe that they are entitled to their way of life, and beliefs, but I do not believe that they have the right to change my way of life and beliefs. Liberals seem to be hell bent for leather to help these refugees not only come into the USA, but to change our way of life.

                So, I’m counting on them not wanting to come here, if they feel they can resume their lives in there native country.


                • But Gail… don’t you see?

                  We bomb these countries; “regime change” them… and what happens? Would there be a “refugee crisis” were it not for The Chimp’s war crime attack on Iraq? The continued attacks on Syria?


                  • The war actually started in 1990 under Bush Sr., and it will continue until drastic measures are taken. I’m counting on those drastic measures coming to fruition under President Trump. It is too soon to know if it will or not. I just feel it is important to give him the benefit of the doubt. The Liberals on both sides of the aisle, the rabble-rousers, and the Pussy Parade are giving him enough static. I would think the rest of you could just sit back on the sidelines until we see what plays out.

                    I am thinking, or why would I even bother to reply!

                    • “Drastic measures,” Gail?

                      Great. Throw gas on the fire… maybe you’d like something fissionable instead?

                      You know what, though? One day, “drastic measures” are going to be used against us. You and me. Because of the psychopaths in DC. And you are cheering them on.

                    • The war began in 1914. Wilson got the US federal government into it formally on April 6, 1917.

                      Because of Wilson’s help the Sykes-Picot plan was implemented after “victory” was achieved by the allies. There has been war after war since dealing with what came out of that war to end all wars. More like the war to begin all wars.

                      A century has gone by and people still are singing ‘over there’ and wanting to make the world safe for democracy at the barrel of a gun. A century and lessons haven’t been learned by americans. But I suppose the human race hasn’t learned them in six thousand years so why should those living in much of north america be any better?

                  • Find a new word for the new president, “chimp” is old hat.

                    I identify with him, except for the money, of course. LOL

                    I stood nose to nose with the biggest and best, and while you supported me, you didn’t believe that I could actually pull off the repeal.

                    Trump will give us more freedom, but not to riot in the street, block road, nor torment cops, etc.

                    More freedom, like in the old days? You mean when they held trials on witches, or put a person in stocks. Bust down doors, etc. Ah, the good ol’ days.

                    If more people would take on their local and federal government we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in.

                    I spent 20 years doing what I’m advocating, but I’m old now and the fire in the belly is only dying embers. It is time for the young people to take the torch and carry on. In the meanwhile, I’ll support President Trump and the members of his team.

                    God bless America!

                • And why is it the business of the Trump Regime to “clean up” Syria or any other country? Why is this act of war – and that’s what it was – ok with you?

                  What would your reaction be if another country lobbed 30 missiles (or even just one) at the U.S.”

                  Oh, but that’s different!

                  Really… ?


                  • Exactly, Eric!

                    Would we be O-K with the Chinese coming here to “clean up our country”?

                    And I wonder just how many refugees returned to Iraq since we “cleaned it up”? (Of course, the locals are now wishing for Saddam again, as our rule is much more tyrannical).

                    Funny, but Gail doesn’t seem to notice that more people want out of Iraq now, and no one is going back.

                    And how she doesn’t seem to notice that nowhere in our Constitution does it give us the right to do this.

                    It’s absurdity- preaching “freedom” and “safety” while making our own people pay the cost of these abominable deeds, and ruining our own economy, and making us hated around the world.

                    [By-the-way….the site seems to be fixed! Yay!]

                    • Ya know, Eric? Gail reminds me a lot of my mother. They really do mean well; it’s just that they’ve had that institutional “patriotism” shoved down their throats since they were little kids; between the Depression and then WW2; all of FDR’s communistic programs to “save” them from every boogeyman [which Uncle created], and basically only the mass media at the time as the sole source of information, they’ve basically lived their lives seeing only one side to “world issues”.

                      Would they even DARE question that which they have honored all of their lives, considering that their husbands/fathers/children and even themselves all participated in the various boondoggles in various ways, from being killed, to killing others? They don’t even want to remotely entertain the notion that “we” might have done wrong; that “we” may have been the bad guys; that they may have been lied to; that what they fought and died for may not have been heroic, but instead may have been evil; that others may not have deserved what “we” did to them, but that we may deserve what they were trying to do to us.

                      They won’t even entertain such ideas, because they might have to admit they’ve been fooled for their whole lives, and were tricked into supporting evil, rather than fighting it; that they were tricked into fostering the spread of communism and tyranny, rather than freedom. That their heroes are criminals.

                      Really, it’s not a hair different than the Germans of Hitler’s day.

                      My mother and I still argue about it. She’ll hear something about perpetrating some atrocity on Iran, and say “Good!”. I’ll say: “How is destroying a sovereign nation good? What did they ever do to us?” To which she’ll reply “Oh, they took our guys hostage; threatened to do this…killed so and so…” -and when I mention that WE started it by overthrowing their government and installing our puppet, The Shah, and that we’ve been messing with them ever since, all she can say is “I don’t want to talk about it!” -because there is no rational come-back which an otherwise decent moral person can use.

                      You would think that such would be enough to make them confront their own perspective, but I guess that they feel that being conflicted is better than admitting that they and their loved ones were hugely fooled and served the machinations of evil. )Although if they’d renounce their errors, they could at least redeem themselves, which would be a lot better than going to the grave knowing that they are willingly participating in a lie).

                      It’s funny, you, me, Gail and my mother all liked Trump to some extent when he was campaigning. Trump did a 180 on mosgt of what he originally stood for, so people like you and I no longer support him, since he is now the very opposite of what made us like him, and yet people like Gail and my mother have no trouble supporting him, even though he is now acting in many ways like Hillary whom they [rightfully] abhor. In fact, if anything,

                      There IS no explaining that, other than the fact that they are buying into some BS on an emotional level, rather than on a rational level. Just as my mother liked The Chimp until near the very end. How does one go from supporting a Marxist, to then supporting The Donald?

                      Notice that the major world troubles of the last 100 years or so did not exist, until women were allowed to vote.

                  • The reason I’m for cleaning up Syria is to send the people home, and not let them into the USA.

                    The post I was trying to reply to became so small and in a narrow line, that I could no longer follow it.


                    • The US federal government made the mess that is Syria today. Expecting it to clean it up is well….

            • So, “we” are always the good guys; the rest of the world is always out to get us for no good reason; and we can’t exist unless we dominate and destroy every other nation on earth?

              Gail, you are a perfect example of how people like Hitler come to power and do so with the blessing and participation of the majority of their countrymen- because so many, like yourself, buy the propaganda, hook, line and sinker, without even ever exercising a critical thought or the basic tenets of logic. Even when they are pointed out to you, you just ignore them, even though you can not refute them, because you just want to advance your heroes and your system, as long as they victimize someone else and not you.

              I was going to ask how old you are, because from your superficial knowledge of history and acceptance of propaganda, I had assumed you are very young, but your latest comment belies my assumption.

              As for the Japs: So, when we cut off their access to oil from Sumatra (their primary source of it) thus guaranteeing the destruction of their economy, they just should have sat back like nice Nips and have done nothing and maybe thanked us? What we did wasn’t a declaration of war, but what they in-turn did was?

              But of course, when some Sand-niggers dare to do something, like abandon the petro-dollar, or exercise dominion over their own country, or [gasp] threaten to retaliate against Is-ra-hell, well then, THAT is war!

              No, you are not under any obligation to make sense to me- but then why post on a public forum, amongst those who don’t share your love of war and brutality and empire? You chose to come here voluntarily, so what would the point be if not to try and make us see your “logic” [I use the term in it’s loosest sense]?

              One would therefore assume that you can not defend your position, or that you just post to flap your gums.

              • Well, Nunzio – since you seem intrigued by me, wanting to know my background and how I ‘. . .flap my gums . . .’

                Here is a short bio, and if you are really interested Eric has written several articles about me, and a bio himself.

                I am a Navy Brat, and I am 82 yrs old. When I was 60yrs old, I packed up my belongings into a 20′ Ryder truck, pulling my 1995 Contour behind me on a trailer and drove to Washington DC to become a lobbyist.

                Now, you’ll have to do a little research on your own to find out how I changed your life, and every life in the USA.

                • The only “change” I want from the cartel of psychotic, pathologically violent gangsters and control freaks referring to itself as “government” is for that criminal gang to leave me the hell alone. (And by extension leave everyone else the hell alone except perhaps for defense against actual threats by those even more psychotic and violent.)

                  There is no sign that anything your or anyone has done in government is leading in that direction. Despite all the rhetoric from the Republicans, at the end of the day they accomplish nothing. They cannot even get their act together enough to get rid of 0bamacare. Spineless and useless pretty much sums it up.

                • I wasn’t intrigued, Gail….. And I would like to parrot what Jason Flinders stated. The whole idea of freedom is supposed to be about the individual/family doing as they please with what is their own; not about a collective or majority deciding “what is best” and enforcing their dictates and extracting the resources with which to do so from the individuals/families in the land.

                  NOW you’ve got me a little curious, but i don’t think I’ll take the bait just yet, as I prefer to deal with your ideas on their own merits [or lack thereof] rather than with a personality.

                  I will try and afford you a little more respect though, because of your seniority.

                  Much like my 92 year-old mother, you probably mean well, but it is very hard to overcome the world you came from [It is easier for us young whippersnappers, because things are so much more blatantly evil in our sphere of existence]

                  My mother was a Marine wife in WW2, and was on Saipan in ’45. Our mercenary killers will always be “our boys” to her; she can never overcome that imagery; you can never convince her that they are the agents of the very things that she abhors.

                  Such is propaganda. Government creates a monster, and then says they’re protecting you from it (Oh, yeah, you have to do the work…). Then they have a parade, and everyone cheers- You’re a “communist” if you don’t love the ones who made all of Eastern Europe safe for communism, errr, I mean America safe for democracy……

                  • This nation is not, and never has been a democracy, it is a Republic. That means that we elect representatives to represent us.

                    From what I read on this thread, it seems you are saying that you’re are in favor anarchy.

                    My roots in this country go back to 1609 Jamestown Virginia British Colony. The men in my family have fought in every war this nation has been involved in, except the War Between the States, then my family were Confederates.

                    Yes, I probably have a lot in common with your 92 yr old mother. My mother crossed over to the other side when she was 99 yrs old. I’m pleased to say that our views were similar, as are the Conservative views of my 8 living children and most of my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. However, I do have 2 cousins that don’t adhere to my views, but they aren’t Libertarians, they are Liberals (eww).

                    I am not persuaded by propaganda on any side, not Liberal, Libertarians, Socialist, Communist, Muslim, etc. I do expose myself to all views and decide for myself what is reasonable. As for me, I am a patriot for and of these United States of America. “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

                    • Gail said: “This nation is not, and never has been a democracy, it is a Republic. That means that we elect representatives to represent us.”

                      Amen! On that we can fully agree!

                      Only I might add that to fully realize that ideal and legitimately so, our representatives must abide by the tenets of the Constitution, and within the bounds which it prescribes as being the right of government.

                      Anarchist? Yes, fine. Libertarian; minarchist; Constitutionalist; I’m for anything that would limit or greatly reduce the scope of government. But if the government would ioperate within the bounds set for it by the Constitution, I could happily live with that even.

                      I’m a patriot too- but of the America described in the Constitution and established by the Founding Fathers- which is far different than the “America” we have today. The two are incompatible.

                      Actually, if you’re a patriot of the modern America, you are essentially a communist, because this America practices all the major precepts of the Communist Manifesto- including the biggies of heavy progressive taxation; redistribution of wealth; compulsory pooblik education; and abolition of private property [If you don’t think we practice this, just try not paying your property taxes, or doing as you please on your own property in most locales, without obtaining a permit and/or paying the required fee).

                      Now since no one in their right mind can deny the above, the usual comeback is a string of excuses to justify the existence of the same. Will you disappoint us, Gail? 😀

                      And remember: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

                      Ha! I remember, c. 7 years old watching movies with my mother about WW2 and seeing our mercenaries shooting people; or watching the news and seeing them dump chemicals on the Gooks; and I’d say “I’d never do that!” and Mater would say “If you refuse, they’ll put you in jail, or might even shoot you!”. This from the same person who’d tell me i should be grateful that we live in a free country. Even at 7, I realized that such is NOT freedom.

                      But hey, Gail, at least you and I a little closer to the same ethic than the usual idiot liberals and socialists I end up arguing with. At least we have SOME common ground, both embracing largely conservative values.

                  • Well, Jason – I can pretty much agree with what you have written.

                    True the Republicans have been next to useless for the last 100 years, but so have any other party, save the Democrats.

                    In defense of the other Parties, the Democrats have been bullies. They have had great fun intimidating any person that tries to stand up against them. For them it has been a ‘Whack-A-Mole’ game. Some of the Republicans, suffering from the ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ and some so corrupt that it made no difference.

                    Enter from ‘Stage Right,’ Donald J. Trump. Hopefully he can take them all down, but he can’t do it all in 100 days. As the old saying goes, “It’s difficult to remember that the object is to drain the swamp, when you’re up to your arse in alligators.”

                    • Gail,

                      The Republicans have been far from useless – as far as advancing the scope and power of the federal government. What you fail to grasp is that both the GOP and the Democrats are the same thing at bottom – coercive collectivists.

                      It seems you may be one, too… and that saddens me.

                    • The Republicans may be useless, but the Democrats are WORSE than useless. Truly the party of slavery, reducing the individual to a condition of servitude to the collective. In fact the Progressive movement of which the DEMOCRATS are a part has a long history of worshipping vicious dictators like Stalin, Mao, and Castro.

                      It was the DEMOCRATS who saddled us with the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax, with the blatant lies that the first would end depressions and recessions, and that the latter would never affect working people, it would just be a nuisance for the ultra-rich. (Of course that would be bad enough even if it had not been a damned bald-faced lie.)

                      It was the DEMOCRATS that saddled us with the Social Security Ponzi scheme, with the solemn promise (lie) to the American people that the SSN would NEVER become a national identifier. (Now you can hardly take a dump without being tracked by that number.)

                      It was the DEMOCRATS that saddled us with “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” 0bamacare with the solemn promise (lie) that it would reduce costs and if you like your plan and your doctor you can keep them.

                      It is the DEMOCRATS who are pushing the global warming/climate change lies in order to grab even more power and stolen wealth while placing every aspect of our lives under central control.

                      That’s just a few of the highlights.

                      Yes, the Repubicans are spineless and useless, but don’t try to give me any damned bullshit about the damned DEMOCRATS being any good whatsoever.

                    • Hi Gail,

                      You seem almost reverential toward “Donald J. Trump.” IIRC, you were also a fan of The Chimp.

                      How did/have either of these two increased liberty for the individual in the United States?

                      Note that Trump talked about replacing – not repealing – Obamacare. And has failed at both. But he has succeeded at dropping bombs on foreign people who’ve done nothing to America, much less threaten “our freedoms.”

                      Don’t you see?

                    • Ya know Eric, I was thinking about this last night. People of Gail’s generation were privileged to have lived at an opportune time.

                      They were just kids during the war, so, unless they liost a close loved one, the war essentially didn’t affect them.

                      Then, they came of age after the war, and lived the best years of their lives between 1945 and 1975, which was pretty much the pinnacle of Western society- about as good as it ever could be on a mass scale.

                      I was born in ’62, so I got in on the tail end of some of that. I call it “the old world”- It was GREAT! Those who didn’t experience it, will never know how good it was.

                      I think, therefore, it is natural for people of Gail’s generation to look upon Uncle as the enabler and protector of that way of life.

                      They see the wars as protecting that way of life- even though it was Uncle who created the problems which necessitated those wars; even though those wars killed many innocents, and deprived millions of liberty and property; and even though had we not had those wars, we still would have had that great time period, and probably even more so and for longer, because it was not Uncle who created that Camelot, but rather our people and culture and institutions of society, despite the various evils that Uncle perpetrated.

                      Also, in their day, there were still large factions of Uncle who were defending our institutions of culture and society- i.e. they were [at least ostensibly] guarding against communism; against the countercultural movements, such as the Beatniks and Hippies; and against socially destructive perversions, like faggotry.

                      So it’s easier for people like Gail and my mother to see Uncle as the defender of all that was good and holy. Trouble is, they have failed to notice that Uncle has done a 180, and instead of defending the good, is now promoting the very evils which it used to battle.

                      Why don’t they notice this? Same reason they don’t seem to notice or care that Trump is now doing the diametric opposite of things for which they elected him: Emotionalism.

                      They fail to “see” the actual actions or consequences of those actions. They just remember the imagery and the warm fuzzy feelings they had when listening to the campaign speeches. So now, every time they see or hear Trump, they recall those emotions. He could kill 6 million Jews at this point- or 6 million Christians- and they wouldn’t care- they willingly buy whatever excuse was proffered.

                      Trump knows this, which is why, early on, he said he could kill a bunch of NYers and still win the election. (Actually, that might not be a bad idea, still 😉 )

                      Women have this problem far more than men do. Elections now are all about catering to women. Although, now with Generation Y and Millenials, many of whose men are essentially women, men are starting to go the same way- and maybe this is why they are actively feminizing boys in the pooblik schools- Get everyone to operate based on emotionalism, and the facts/reality/actions mean nothing. You can lie to their faces, and it doesn’t matter. They seem not to remember or care, because all they remember is the way the lie made them feels at the time. The reality means nothing.

                • Gail,

                  You haven’t articulated a morally defensible, principled argument. All you’ve done is repeat belligerent GOP boilerplate.

                  Trump is behaving just like Hillary or The Chimp. More wars – to keep the boobs from remembering that he was elected to stop them and get rid of (not “replace”) Obamacare…

                  Or have you already forgotten?

                • Gail, have you ever considered:

                  Most of the laws in the U.S. are premised on pre-crime – the idea that “someone” might do something to cause harm. For example, random sobriety checkpoints that presume everyone is a “dangerous drunk” until they prove they are not. I know you oppose those laws…

                  Well, the Trump Regime’s attack on Syria and generally operates on the same idea. They “might” do something to us.

                  Do you see?

                  If you oppose the one, you should – logically, morally – oppose the other…

        • Yes Gail, many of us here, even if not old enough to personally remember it, are well aware of what Harry the Haberdasher did. He incinerated 2 cities, one of them the largest concentration of Christians in Japan. All because Japan would not agree to an ‘unconditional’ surrender. And in the end we allowed them to keep their Emporer, which was the one condition they were requesting.
          Plus Harry allowed the OSS to morph into the CIA.
          I could go on and on, but those 2 things alone ought to be enough.

          • Phillip the Bruce, if you aren’t old enough to experience and/or remember it, you are under the delusions of the propagandizes. They spin their webs nicely, and cleverly. I am perpetually amazed how history changes, and I wonder about that in times before my time. Don’t you?

            Shadows on the Wall of the cave is the history we know.
            In the allegory, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners there is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk.


            • Gail I think you are the one under the influence of the propaganda masters, aka the MSM in cahoots with the Feds. My dad served in WWII in the pacific under MacArthur, and even he was opposed to using the nuke on Japan. Truman wanted to show how macho he was by showing off how many people he could incinerate at a single stroke, not to mention impress the Russkies with our power. Kind of like the Donald shooting off missles and dropping gigantic bombs to prove how tough he is.
              Remember all the war movies showing the Gestapo stopping people asking to see their “papers”? How do you feel about being subjected to that here in the good ole USSA any time you travel or at random checkpoints in the land of the “free”? Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Trump’s election was the people giving a finger to the so-called elite. However Trump doesn’t have the intellectual base not to be played by the swamp. Trump can fight the swamp but I as I believe I’ve stated before the swamp, the establishment, has two methods. It co-opts or it kills. The killing may be a political career/character assassination or a bodily one. It tried the first with Trump. It’s usually successful with outsiders. It didn’t work. Now they’ve learned how to press his buttons and get what they want. He’s co-opted.

          See Trump doesn’t have the grasp of history not to fall for dead babies and sunken ships. So Remember the Maine and defend the babies against the Hun. Same old scam. Same old war.

    • Gail, if you supported Presi-fink Trump from the beginning (as I largely did) how can you continue to support him now, seeing that he is doing the diametric opposite in many regards to things he claimed to support while campaigning?

      It is precisely because of “Wars over there” that we have social and economic decay over here; tyranny and violence from our own government, paid for by the money which they extort from us; and why will soon have war over here, because the world will not tolerate this much longer, and nor can we afford to pursue such things much longer. And considering that “we” created most of the problems “over there” which we are claiming to be rectifying (Such as overthrowing sovereign and often democratic governments, to install our own puppets, as we did in Iran in ’53…), what we’re doing is akin to lighting a fire and then claiming to be a hero after put it out, after it destroys the house, because we managed to save the cat.

      • Nunzio, whatever are you talking about? Why did you vote for Donald J. Trump to be president?

        I know why I voted – Donald Trump pledged to disrupt the system. He is keeping that promise and I’m routing him on.


        • Vote? I didn’t vote. I pretty much knew it was going to end up like this, and I didn’t want to give my assent to it.

          I was hoping that he truly would disrupt the system, but he has proven over the course of the last 3 months that it will be business as usual, or even on a grander scale.

          You can’t disrupt the system by doing exactly what the Zionists/Globalists/Neocons had wanted all along.

    • And I, for one, am disappointed int he extreme that a war mongering collectivist comes on here and tells us how much she loves killing people by proxy.

  9. I saw this coming months ago when he started announcing his cabinet picks. Mattis was the first sign. Remember, Mattis was the ideal third party candidate the neocons wanted to defeat Trump.

    It’s frightening how many banksters and neocons have wormed their way into this administration. Trump doesn’t seem to be fighting them off. I guess America got duped…..again.

    • O, ye of little faith. Give President Trump a chance, he has been pulled down on every side, and yet, he has ignored the opposition to forge onward. If you never supported him, then you are the opposition. If you did support and voted for him, then give him a chance, and tell the opposition to sit down and shut up!


        • Gail likes the idea of a hegemonic Uncle enforcing his will upon the world, especially upon the “ragheads” and other such. There ain’t no end to doing right, you see.

        • Very old cliche; We all drink the kool-aid, just from different troughs. LOL a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse, as sadder but wiser, or strong as an ox.

          Pastor Jones is long dead and no longer a treat!

      • Gail, I guess those who voted for Trump gave him a chance, and for war mongers such as yourself things have gone swimmingly but for the rest of us wanting at least some tax relief by not making everybody involved in the military /welfare state even more money it isn’t working…but what the hell, he had no intention of helping anyone but rich sociopaths anyhow.
        I’m not a big fan of big guv that translates into never having any luv for Republicans which goes for the Democrats who decided they wanted summa that big war money too
        This is why I’ve voted once in over 3 decades but instead voted for Ted Cruz as an experiment as was voting straight Libertarian for the rest of that election.

        Had I done the homework I should have I wouldn’t have experimented with Cruz. I haven’t felt clean since.

        At least I got past those decades ago of thinking voting for the opposite party of the current prez might be productive.

        As an old friend who had worked for the Christians in Action and survived their attempt to finalize his retirement told me about an upcoming 80’s vote when I asked what he thought each candidate would do, “There won’t be a gnats ass difference “. He was dead on and I just observed elections from that point on with the exception of 2008. Since Cruz was the only winner I voted for in that election, I’ve returned to the sidelines.

        Now, election nights, I like to stock up on Perrier and Wild Turkey 101 and have a reloading party. Hey darlin, pass me that box of 85 grain Sierra SPBT’S please…..

        • Got me beat, 8Man. I like to have an unloading party and pass SBD’s! 😀

          Closest I ever came to voting was when Ron Paul was running. If he had made it through the primary, I would have actually voted!

          • Nunzio, I gotta admit unloading parties are more satisfying. ..but without a visible. known enemy I’d just be slinging lead at unseen cattle and my cats, not very satisfying. I can imagine Edwin Meese, the Shrub and others but to be honest, the closest thing to a real target that’s ever been close to me was Colin Powell on the 666 ranch just N of me but if he wasn’t just a dupe like many others, at least he had the grace to STFU and go home….and he did rid us of a really abusive Parks and Wildlife occifer so it’s hard for me to hold a grudge. It’s a long story but it’s a west Tx story…and I hate to tell stories out of school.

            • Ah! That’s right; the Shrub has his compound in your neck-o-the-woods! (Funny how when it’s one of “them”, it’s “an estate”, but when it’s someone whom they want to vilify, it’s “a compound”!)

              I was speaking more so of unloading spent tacos and chili though…. the kind that make my colon go pow! 😀

              • The Shrub’s place was close toa Crawford, 200 plus miles from me, nowhere near the 666,one of the oldest ranches in the SW less than 30 miles from me.

                Lucky for us no airport near to land a jumbo jet.

                I used to get my parts with a SW buyers guide before the Internet. I’m remote enough many manufacturers would sell to me without using their retail suppliers.

                Typical conversation, So, how far are you from Dallas? 300 miles. How about Amarillo? Bout the same. El Paso? 550. Houston? 450. Hell guy, you’re 300 miles from anywhere. Yep, that’s about it.

                Oh hell, just give me a physical address and we’ll ship them to you. Well my only address is a PO box but if you use it the freight companies know where I am.

                I’ve had small, inexpensive parts show up at the PO no charge……and then that damned 911 bs was implemented and everybody got an address. …..for their protection. And that’s a joke for more than one reason. My neighbor had a crazy cow run over a gate and break both his legs. He’s 8 miles from the county clinic and the EMTs took 45 minutes to get to his house.

  10. What kills me, is that the Trump supporters who still support him, suddenly believe the intel. Intel which comes from people and agencies which they were rightly calling crooks and liars just last week, for trying to say that Trump was allied with Putin [Wish that he were!]; That the Russians ‘hacked’ the election”; That Hillary et al were innocent; etc. etc.

    And now, the line I’m getting [It must have been uttered in the MSM…] when I try to point out how people have always been fooled by the various lies in the past which were used as justification for acts of aggression/wars, such as “Saddam had WMDs”, is “Oh, you sound like one of those people who believe that our government had something to do with 911”.

    What do you even say to someone who is so grossly ignorant of reality and the recent past?!

    I’ve pretty much given up at this point. Why even argue? Let them have their police state and their WW3. Let their kids and parents die fighting for our tyranny, while they call it “freedom”. There is just no hope for them. We can preach to the choir, and make each other feel good knowing that there are still a few of us who are not under the spell of the propaganda mills of Hollywood and the Dept. Of. Edumacation- but we are not going to wake anyone up from the hypnosis they are under at this point, if they haven’t already figured it out for themselves.

      • And now thanks to the interwebz and ebooks/Kindle et al, the Ministry Of Truth’s jon is now a cake-walk. They’ve even convinced people of something called “The Mandela Effect” just in caseanyone might remember any further back than 5 minutes ago….

    • “What do you even say to someone who is so grossly ignorant of reality and the recent past?!”

      So sophomoric!

  11. Test comment.
    When I load a page it says I am logged in as someone else. This one says “Logged in as eric”. Let’s see who it posts as. If it’s me it’s a minor display bug. If some else it’s more serious.

    • It’s a hack… still not sure whether it’s been fixed…

      Everyone: Log out and then log-in again; clear your cache… let me know whether you’re having issues…

      • Make that “America hasn’t been at war since 1945,” and you would be correct. That’s when the last war(declared by Congress) ended.

  12. Not only was Trump’s $100 million missile attack unjustified and illegal, it was also an almost complete failure in terms of destructiveness thanks to Russian ECM or electronic counter measures. Thirty-six of the missiles ($55 million worth) were deflected and the remainder didn’t do much damage. I read today that despite all that his approval rating is heading up which instantly bolstered a queasy feeling that I have little in common with most Americans. Thankfully, Russian leaders seem to actually possess centers and intelligence unlike the psychopaths running the show here. Those attributes may be all that is keeping us from going to war with a people who should be our natural allies.

    • Hi Marc,


      And, like you, I worry that Trump has now got The Fever – for war. And that we might as well forget about him doing anything to dial back the authoritarianism of the Federal government.

  13. Hi Eric:

    Very nice article.

    I’m struck by the positive feedback loop between United States government (USG) officials and the mainstream media (MSM) regarding the use of the pejorative word “regime” to describe disfavored internationally recognized governments. As you noted, the word is usually preceded by the government leader’s name in an attempt to make him (always male) a personal enemy of the USG, and, of course, of the MSM and the US people. One month ago, you might have heard the MSM and USG referring to the “Syrian government” but now it’s the “Assad regime.” As soon as you notice this language shift, you can be certain that the now reviled government will be the target of belligerent statements by USG officals, if not aggressive actions like economic sanctions, “punitive” strikes, or outright threats of deposing/killing the leader and destroying the country. The MSM will even add the word unnecessarily, just to drive home the message: I recently saw a map graphic on CNN with the label “Syrian regime and Russian forces.” I guess the jury is still out regarding Russia vs. “Putin regime”, although the latter is becoming widespread.

    This use of this language in foreign affairs parallels the domestic use of the word “compound” to describe a disfavored someone’s or some group’s home, ranch, farm, or community. Do you ever hear anyone saying, “I’m going to my compound for dinner?” When you hear this word used by USG or state agents, and copied or incentivized by the MSM, you can be certain that the described people and property will be violently attacked by police or the FBI/BATF/DEA/IRS, etc.

    In both cases the MSM will lead the cheers for the ensuing death and destruction.

    • Thanks, David!

      And, yes, the language is revelatory – as is the syncopation of its use by the government and the MSM, which has become its all-but-official Propaganda Ministry.

      I saw some of this from the inside, when I worked in the MSM, back in the ’90s. I have one particularly interesting story…

      • Eric, David, et al,

        Since the weasel in chief has bought into the use of regime to describe a government the pentagon disapproves, should we now refer to the feral government as the Trump junta? Just asking.

      • WOW! There’s a whole lot of jumping to conclusion on this thread, more than I’d expect from you young ‘whipper-snappers.’ And, all men, too. The rulers of tomorrow, but who would rather sit at their computers hurling mean insults at their elder (no plural, here, as I’ve not detected anyone much older than 30. Eric exempt.), and me!

        Ok, at least one, Nunzio, wants to placate me with some respect for my age, but not my experience – right? You may feel that I’m seared around the edges with propaganda, but this ol’ girl has a lot of mileage. I haven’t sat around complaining about the government or laws, I have interacted with the government and changed laws. Now, tell me what you have done to make your life and our country more to your liking?

        I share much of your contempt for the government, though, and most of the previous presidents, while at the same time accepting that we are a nation of laws. I personally fought the lowering of the BAC nationwide, even though I am a ‘Tee-totaler.” I’ve gone toe to toe, and nose to nose with MADD, and If I was ever stopped at a check point, I would refuse to take the test. Once a TV crew went with me to find a check point, so my refusal would air on the news. I fought a speeding ticket so widely publicized that I was known around the country. From that court circus, it is apparent that there isn’t a cop in the nation that would stop me or at least, hasn’t in those many years.

        With all said and done, until Donald J. Trump appeared on the scene, I haven’t been able to say many nice things about any president that I can remember – that goes back to FDR. Some I actually hated, Obama was one, LBJ was so crooked that he had to be screwed into the ground when he died. Although, I have to admit that I enjoyed Camelot, even though it was only an illusion. I didn’t even think Reagan was that great, not as bad as some, but not that great as people today seem to think. Not you guys, of course.

        I grew up in the Depression – ‘Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without’ mentality. The WWII years were hard, the nation was still recovering from the Depression. There was rationing of gas, sugar, coffee, silk stocking, cigarette, etc. My father was in the Navy fighting in the Pacific. When his ship was sunk in 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea, he was missing in action for 2 months. When the War was over, my father was a different man. Have any of you served in the military or seen war up close and personal? Which would you chose? Waiting for the enemy to come here, or go to them? You do know that erratic Islam wants us dead, don’t you? They don’t care what you may or may not believe. They are like rabid dogs, they aren’t going to live peaceably among us, they want to take over our county with us gone. I’m all for ‘live and let live,’ but when my way of life and existence is threatened I have no problem with them being squelch. If not by our military, then I’ll defend myself.

        I was a young ‘Stay-at-home’ mother during the golden years of the 50s. I never developed the ‘socialist mentality’ that is so prevalent on military bases and in the Brats that grew up on them. You might call me a ‘Free Spirit.’
        Bottom line here is: If you live in the USA, then Donald J. Trump is your president. If you don’t like this, then I would suggest that you work towards finding a candidate that you do like to run against him in 2020. In the mean time, just accept the inevitable. Time and tide waits for no man, this too will pass, so be of good cheer.

        • “The rulers of tomorrow” Gail? I think I speak for pretty much everyone here when i say that I don’t want to rule anybody. Elect me to office and all I’d do is repeal law after law. I could do so for the rest of my life, and it wouldn’t be enough.

          This country was not supposed to be about ruling; it was supposed to be about a very limited government, whose purpose it was supposed to be to protect the liberty and property of it’s citizens, and defend our country’s borders- which are about the only things our now-extant government DOESN’T do.

          Nor can you change such a system from within, as cartels never willingly relinquish power once it has been established. Those with the power, and their minions, would never tolerate the reduction of power necessary to return to a Constitutional government. These monsters think nothing of infringing upon the rights and borders of sovereign nations, at great expense and with great violence; do you think they would just sit by and allow a few individuals to neuter their illegitimate empire? To think so is very naive.

          Nor have I ever/would I ever join the military. The only legitimate military is the Militia. I would defend my own property, persons and community. Other places and countries I am not interested in being a mercenary doing the will of some corrupt politician and/or banker, such as in the oppressing or killing of someone who has done me no harm/is not my enemy, just because some deuche commands me to. Sorry, that is contradictory to my Christian and Libertarian beliefs.

          I’m an enemy of MADD too- but I do not drink, so where does that leave me in that regard? 🙂 Yes, Gail, I guessed by the “Morrison” that you were probably not a tea-totaler! 😉 😀 (Ooo! If I were queer, I’d say “ZING!”)

        • “The rulers of tomorrow” Gail? I think I speak for pretty much everyone here when i say that I don’t want to rule anybody. Elect me to office and all I’d do is repeal law after law. I could do so for the rest of my life, and it wouldn’t be enough.

          This country was not supposed to be about ruling; it was supposed to be about a very limited government, whose purpose it was supposed to be to protect the liberty and property of it’s citizens, and defend our country’s borders- which are about the only things our now-extant government DOESN’T do.

          Nor can you change such a system from within, as cartels never willingly relinquish power once it has been established. Those with the power, and their minions, would never tolerate the reduction of power necessary to return to a Constitutional government. These monsters think nothing of infringing upon the rights and borders of sovereign nations, at great expense and with great violence; do you think they would just sit by and allow a few individuals to neuter their illegitimate empire? To think so is very naive.

          Nor have I ever/would I ever join the military. The only legitimate military is the Militia. I would defend my own property, persons and community. Other places and countries I am not interested in being a mercenary doing the will of some corrupt politician and/or banker, such as in the oppressing or killing of someone who has done me no harm/is not my enemy, just because some deuche commands me to. Sorry, that is contradictory to my Christian and Libertarian beliefs.

          I’m an enemy of MADD too- but I do not drink, so where does that leave me in that regard? 🙂 Yes, Gail, I guessed by the “Morrison” that you were probably not a tea-totaler! 😉 😀 (Ooo! If I were queer, I’d say “ZING!”)

          • “Zing!” is a queer word. In what vernacular are you using? Are we still in the gym locker room, or an even darker meaning?

            To start with “Morrison” is a married name, not my maiden name. Second the DNA of the one I’m married to is Scottish, Brit and Viking (which he is very proud of the latter). Dunagan is my birth name and my DNA is 22% Irish, 58% Brit and 7% Vulga-Ural region. The remaining is scattered throughout Northern Europe. Both of our families were in the Americas in the 1600s, migrating down to the Carolinas before it was North and South, and beyond.

            I would never insult my forefathers (and I mean that literally) by saying some of things that I read on this post. I read that you want to uphold the US Constitution, but then want to put in qualifiers to justify you own agenda.

            The same with your statement, “Sorry, that is contradictory to my Christian and Libertarian beliefs.” The two are an oxymoron. You can’t say that I’m against war, capital punishment, but it is OK to kill unborn children and legalized behavior that is anti-Biblical and against the very precepts of the Constitution.

            Ecclesiastes 3:8 – A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. or Exodus 15:3 – The LORD [is] a man of war: the LORD [is] his name. or – – – Shall I
            go on?

            • Well, O-K, I’ll give ya some sympathy for being married to a Scot! ACCKK!

              And sorry, but I’ve NEVER heard a straight man use the word “zing”.

              You’ve got me beat on being here longer! My grandparents were immigrants. We’ve barely been here 100 years. We’re Dagos (Eye-talians). [From Northern Italy, not Sicily or Palermo! Eeeesh!]

              Now who ever said that there is anything wrong with LEGITIMATE war, as in self-defense? Not me!

              Abortion? It’s a wicked thing, just like sodomy or adultery, but what business is it of the government’s? Actually, I think it’s great that abortion is legal, so that the wicked can off their illegitimate kids. What kind of mother would someone be, if the only thing that kept her from killing her unborn baby was the threat of legal punishment?

              Let the wicked kill their kids all day long. I’ll even give ’em a coat hanger and a vacuum. The more abortions, the less criminals there will be in the future.

              God even performs defacto abortions as punishment on those who have rejected him:

              Hosea 13:16 Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.

              Capital punishment? In theory, fine- like in a theocracy- but otherwise, who gets to determine what offesnes are punishable by death? If one uses the Biblical standards, then we’d have a theocracy. If one does not have such a theocracy, then any disagreement between the Biblical standard and the man-made law, would either constitue injustice or murder in God’s eyes- so you can NOT have capital punishment outside of a theocracy- much less in a system such as ours where the legal system is a Babylon of confusion and contradictions and injustices, and where the guilty often go free and the innocent are often condemned.

              Remember too, that in God’s economy, the next of kin of the victim had the right and obligation to execute the murderer. This solved the problem of what to do with murderers.

              We will not have a perfect world and true justice until Christ returns. Until such time, the best we can do is to try and ensure that keep tyranny at bay, so that we and our neighbors may be free to live our consciences before God.

              Was that not the very thing which the Pilgrims were seeking?

              To ensure such freedoms in an imperfect world, we may have to tolerate the evils that some will do- but that is within God’s plan too- the wheat amongst the tares. And it sure beats what we have now, where in the name of stopping evil, every aspect of everyone’s life is regulated, which only results in the stifling of the good, and does absolutely nothing to diminish evil; in fact, if anything, the more tyranny grows, the more evil seems to abound.

              • We will always have evil amidst us, and the evil will continue doing evil. Isaiah 5:20King James Version (KJV)

                20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

                While we cannot stop, nor prevent it, we do not have to legalize it. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

                With the logic you pointed out, why have any laws at all. Not one law prevent crime, it simply punishes those that are caught. I read once that only 3% of the people doing crime are ever convicted and those only because they confessed.


                • Gail,

                  We have a different definition of “crime.” You appear to hold the general view that a “crime” is an action forbidden by law. I think this is a very dangerous definition. Can you guess why?

                  My definition of “crime” is: The deliberate causing of harm to the person or property of another. In other words, there must be a victim – an actual, human individual who has been harmed in some specific way – in order for there to be a crime. If an accusation is made, but a victim cannot be presented, or specific harm adduced, the accused must be regarded as not guilty of any crime and let alone.

                  According to your definition, most of what the government does – and many things it could do – is legitimate because it is the law and to violate these laws constitutes crime. A person may be accused – and convicted and punished – based on nothing more than that he has broken the law; that is, affronted some statute or other. It is not necessary to produce a victim, or any evidence/proof that any harm has been caused by the person accused.

                  According to my definition, the vast majority (upwards of 90 percent) of what government does is illegitimate because it causes harm to people – and that to violate/ignore most laws is morally defensible because the laws have no moral standing.

                  • Boy, you guys must be exhausted from jumping to conclusions. Did it occur to you to ask me what I thought constitute a crime before deciding what I believe?

                • Again with the breathtakingly asinine comments! Typical for people who cannot make an argument, she resorts to the tired old, well then, let’s have no laws at all! There is nothing to discuss with one this shallow.

  14. “There was, for all of three months, some hope that perhaps this time it’d be different. That – for once – the federal government was headed by someone not perpetually priapic for wars, which are (cheers!) the health of the state, the mortification of liberty and sulfuric acid thrown in the face of human decency.”

    And although I was never too optimistic, I’m bitterly disappointed. I can’t help wondering if he was lying to us all along, or if, after the election he and his family and his fortune were severely threatened (as you alluded to re the Zapruder film.) Probably it was some of both, but mainly the latter.

    Either he was/is a despicable, lying traitor…….or he’s not courageous enough to put it all on the line to save America.

    At least he hasn’t “yet” reneged on his border wall promise, or tried to confiscate our guns. But with WW III looming, things are looking kinda grim.

    • Hi Mike,

      And now he is sending an “armada” to North Korea…

      Why? The US – with at least 10,000 thermonuclear nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them anywhere – is somehow “threatened” by a low-rent Asian Dr. Evil wannabee who might be able to lob 1 crude fission bomb onto… South Korea? Or Japan? And then be vaporized in return?

      Trump has bought the package.

      I can’t believe I entertained any hope, even for a few weeks.

      • Ah, don’t feel bad, Eric. A lot of us thought that maybe, just maybe Trump would offer a little break from the march of evil and insanity that this country has been pursuing nonstop.

        At least there’s one consolation: By not voting, at least WE didn’t give our assent to this BS. We weren’t fooled THAT badly. Imagine how we’d feel right now had we actually voted for the lesser-evil, who in-fact seems to actually be an equal evil to the other non-choice?!

          • HI Eric,

            I was still logged in this morning and had no issues. Normal morning, other than the tragic loss of Will Grigg.


              • Maybe the clovernment doesn’t like some of our comments, and considers such comments on an obscure website a threat to their billion-dollar propaganda machine, so they’re mining for a little info….

                I seemed to have been logged out and unsubscribed at some point, unbeknownst to me- but had no trouble logging back in. (Uh, looking at the name and email fields, it appears to have happened again. Wonder how many of my comments lately have been posted anonymously without me realizing it?)

                  • I have received your communication and it is understood.


                    (Still having to punch in my log-in stuff, and subscribe each time I reply…)

                  • I can access some posts, but not all. At times when I click on the link in the email I am taken to the top, but not to the post that I wanted to respond. This certainly whips up the paranoia, and surely government intervention and control. AAAGGG! 😉

          • Hey Eric, I am writing this on my phone, which sucks, because my computer won’t go to the site. Claims it is not secure

    • Did you have your fingers in your ears when President Trump, while on the campaign trail, said “I will get rid of ISIS. I will bomb them where they live. I will take out their families.” And, all the people shouted, “Yea! Go Trump!” I can’t remember all the names he called the little dictator in North Korea, but he said he would take care of that threat too.

      President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. I supported him then, and I support him now.

      • Gail,

        These “terrorist” groups, if not creatures of Uncle (Osama and his outfit, for example, were financed and trained by the CIA – a fact) are the blowback of Uncle. Has it ever occurred to you that whacking the hornet’s nest tends to annoy the hornets?

        Why is what goes on in a foreign country any more the business of you and I than what you and I are doing is the business of foreign governments?

        These “threats” you speak of are contrived. The notion that Syria – for Christ’s sake, Gail – “threatens” (cough) “our freedoms” is beyond imbecilic.

        Oh! But he “gassed his own people!” Is it really necessary for me to deconstruct that morsel of doublethinkian fatuity?

        And North Korea?

        It is a third world country; maybe a second world country (barely) with (maybe) a small handful of primitive fission bombs it can’t deliver within 1,000 miles of the “homeland” and – would be insane to do, if it could. Do you really suppose the Dear Leader (theirs) is suicidal? That he would lob one of his petty fission bombs – in the certain knowledge that many fusion bombs would be lobbed back, that his country and his regime and himself would cease to exist?

        You buy this delusional/paranoid idiocy?

        You believe the gang of power-lusting, narcissistic psychopaths who are the government?

        You do not see that by endlessly confecting “threats” to “our freedoms,” these bastards systematically destroy our actual freedoms? While destroying the lives of people who’ve never done a thing to us?

        Who has taken away “our freedoms,” Gail? Is it ululating Muslims? Or is it (mostly) white American assholes?

        Has it not occurred to you that the Koreans and anyone else who wishes to not become Uncle’ bitch wants a couple of crude fission bombs for that reason? To avoid becoming Uncle’ bitch? If only “Saddam” had had one… it would have checked The Chimp and prevented the debacle that ensued; the displacement of millions, the deaths of hundreds of thousands… an endless got-damned war that has benefitted not a single American and which has eviscerated “our freedoms.”

        I know. I am an enemy of freedom.

        Cue that Len Greenwood song…

        • eric, same thing I’ve said practically forever . If I were the prez, chief monarch or the head honcho of ANY country, first item on my agenda would be nuclear weapons. Even if your delivery system was a team of mules pulling a large wagon with “patriotic” sinners it would be enough to hold the bullies(US)at bay.

          Only the propaganda infused “military brat” could believe otherwise…..and I’ve known plenty of those who had no such illogical thoughts.

      • Oh, I heard Trump’s threats of “bombing ISIS” when he was campaigning. It did trouble me. How do you “Bomb ISIS”, anymore so than could you “bomb all the members of La Raza or MS-13” here??? I guess, if you bombed Los Angeles, you could say you were bombing La Raza?

        So what does bombing ISIS have to do with bombing a Syrian airbase (which was actually ISIS’s enemy); or bombing a gas depot in Afghanistan; or invading Somolia, or threatening/bombing/invading N. Korea? Hmmm? Has N. Korea now joined ISIS en mass?

        Had this convo with my mother yesterday when I went over to mow her grass:
        Mom: “Thank goodness Prez Trump is doing something about that lousy North Korea, or we’d be having WW3” (!!!!! 😮 )
        Me: “What exactly has NK done to us?”
        Mom: “Did you see? They’d tried testing a missile, but it blew up!”
        Me:”So they’re not allowed to defend their country? At least what they do, they do in their own country. What we do, we do all over the world. We’re the ones going around bombing everyone. We’re the ones with military bases all over the world. We’re the ones distributing arms and munitions to various nations run by dictators; we’re the ones giving money to countries to do our bidding, and arming and financing rebels in other countries…..but Korea is doing something worthy of war because it wants to defend itself? And our bombing and meddling with all of these nations is going to PREVENT WW3??!!”

        It’s like they’ve been hypnotized. No sense; no logic. You’d expect such if it were coming from some stupid liberal who has their head up their ass; but when such nonsense comes from good people who tend to generally uphold high moral values and logic in most other spheres of their lives, it just doesn’t make sense.

        • Your mother sounds more articulate than I. And, you sound like you have ‘mommy-issues.’

          Is she computer literate? What TV news does she watch? Is she a fan of Rush Limbaugh? What about her friends? Are any of them still alive?

          Do you watch any news programs, or do you just stay in a small group of similar views?

          • No, no mommy issues, Gail- LOL. I just find it very ironic that someone who is otherwise of very high moral character, and who despises unprovoked violence, can support wars of aggression; and that even though she can not refute my arguments; and while I often have to provide her with facts of which she was ignorant, she still does not change her position.

            My mother lives on my acreage, about 350′ from my home. Neither one of us watches TV. She does occasionally listen to Sean Hannity; doesn’t care for Rush. (I gave up on all of the mainstream talkshow hosts long ago, after somewhat starting to like them in the Slick Willy days, but then getting disgusted, when instead of criticizing Bush when he’d do wrong, they acted as if he could do no wrong- and so it seems to be the case with Trump!)

            Just about all of my mothers friends are finally dead (They were scattered all over the country, but had kept in touch, in many cases for 60 years! She used to read me their letters when I was a kid, and would still do so recently! I never met the majority of them, but felt as though I knew them intimately!).

            Many of the people she grew up with though are still alive and in-touch, such as a few sisters-in-laws, and cousins of hers, etc.

            It would probably seem very unusual to someone of the younger generations, how, although my mother grew up in the heart of NYC, virtually all of the people from her childhood remained in each others lives to some extent over the course of even 10 decades in some cases!

            For instance: Some of my mother’s sisters-in-laws, she knew when she was a child, as they lived on the same block- and in those days (1920’s and 30’s) even in the big cities, everyone knew each other/knew their neighbors. So, these people are closer in some instances, than some people are with their blood relatives.

            Is it any wonder that I love nostalgia, having heard so many stories of the old days from mother, all of my life, so that I feel as if I had lived in those times and known those people?

            Oh, and no, unfortunately, my mother doesn’t have any interest in using a computer. I wish she would- she could use something to do other than reading and watching DVDs! (She still fancies herself doing yardwork- Luckily, she can’t start the lawnmower or drive the tractors! She has snuck over though, and pinched the pruning shears and grass clippers!)

            I do think that you two would get along very well!

            • Good Morning, Nunzio – although it is afternoon for you. I enjoyed your last post – newsy, informative and interesting. A few statements, I’m not sure if I’m following you though.

              What should I tackle first – it was a long post? OK, I’ll start with your mother and you. So you take care of your mother, correct? I could only dream of a child like you. 😉 My children are scattered to the four winds and I rarely see them. Eight out of thirteen are still living. Several marriages under my belt, but I’ve been married to current husband for 34 years. I truly believe in marriage, and I’ve been getting better at selection and durability. But some would only hold me accountable to my failures, rather than my success.

              You mentioned “ignorant,” all of us are ignorant in one thing or another. It takes a big person to accept this fact. Do I remember everything? No. Have I viewed what I do remember with colored glasses? Of course, we all do, some colored dark and gloomy and some rose colored.

              I used to be a big fan of Rush, and I might still be – it just isn’t convenient to take the time to listen to him anymore. I do have him on face book though, so I get a blur here and there. He really trashed Trump in the being of his campaign, and I wasn’t happy about that. The arrogant side of me felt that he wasn’t seeing the “real” picture. He seems to have soften his stand of late.

              While I would probably like your mom, it doesn’t sound like we have as much in common as you seem to think we do. 1) I’m on the computer most of my waking hours, and dream about it when I sleep. I tell myself often, “Get a life, Gail!” What do I do on the computer? I start the day with banking info; 2) WW etools/fitbit; 3) email, mostly unsubscribing (where do all this crap come from and how do they find me?) 3) Family History research a. for my own family; b. my husbands lines (only 2 are still alive); c. whatever clients that I might have, and right now there are five; d. DNA on several sites. 4) face book and farm town. Now, 5) I’ve added Eric’s site back on my list. I used to be on his list all the time and I drifted away. I have a very limited attention span, probably due to senility (were you the one who suggested this? After all, how can anyone my age keep her wits, experiences, and/or knowledge in tact, right?)

              I am a ‘Desert Rat.’ I live in Las Vegas, Nevada in a typical Southwestern style apartment complex that has 360 units, 2 swimming pools and 2 hot tubs. There is also a fitness center. However, I rarely use any of them, as I belong to a health club and drive 6 miles at 4:30 am to use it. Sometimes I drive further, as there are seven clubs in town. We have lived in the same apartment for 13 years. This is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere, usually only 2 – 4 years and off again to see new horizons. You can read about my childhood at this website:

              Unlike your Mom, I hate yard work, or even getting my hands dirty, so I don’t even pretend to do yard work. I am happy with the desert landscaping, and the maintenance crew that tends to it, so it looks pretty for me. I heard on the grapevine that the management will be painting the buildings soon. I would op for brick red, beige and cream, but I will probably have to settle for charcoal, grey and chartreuse, because those are the popular colors in the area right now. When we moved in the buildings where a cream color with red tile roofs, then they painted them about 5 or so years ago to a beige, dark beige, still have the red tile roofs. Ok – enough of that.

              Most of my friends I’ve lost track of, and I figure that they don’t go onto the computer. I’ve searched face book, Military Brats, Adak, Alaska, Barbers Point, Oahu, etc. all the bases I grew up on are now closed, and my friends are gone with the wind. I find that I no longer have much in common with the young Brats. I am amazed at how many of them are fiercely Liberal Hillary supporters. I don’t have any friends my age, most of my friends are 20 to 30 years younger than me, including my husband. I am an only children, so no siblings, and my parents have crossed over. I remember, as well, my mother and grandmother keeping in touch through letters, as you mentioned your mother doing. Not me, if I can’t send them something on face book or email, they don’t hear from me, and that includes Thank You notes.

              I do like TV though, and I recognize that even sit-com are designed for propaganda, and I delight in pointing this out. Most of them though are not worth my time. I do like ‘Survivor,’ and now I’m into ‘Naked and Afraid.’


              • Hi Gail,

                I’m busy this week, so I’m gonna have to play catch-up in a few days; and I’m looking forward to replying to a few of your posts in particular -but until then, just a few quick words here.

                13 kids? Darn, Gail. It’s a vagina; not a clown car! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! :D)

                Ah! I too enjoy spending time on the ‘puter. Gimme a day when the weather’s bad, and I have no computer work to do, and I can spend the whole day on the interwebz and then wonder where the time went.

                I primarily enjoy forums; especially on a site like this, where I can have a little fellowship with others who share similar views to my own [Before the internet, I was “all alone”- as I tend to have non-mainstream ideas on many subjects and aspects of life- pretty much since I was a kid. The propaganda and brainwashing we are all subjected to from a young age, seems not to have “taken” in my case- Thank goodness], and where I can also debate with others who may be somewhat dissimilar or totally opposite, as I find that I tend to do my best thinking when challenged, as it forces me to more fully examine and test my own ideas.

                So we do have that in common.

                On the other hand, I’ve never been able to understand why people even want to visit Las Vegas 😮 ! -Much less live there; and in an apartment complex or building, no less.

                I can dig the wide-open spaces of the desert though! I’ve spent some time in the high desert of the Sierra Nevadas, and poked around NV. a little too. If I could have a second home and it wasn’t so far, I could see myself having a little Unabomber-style shack somewhere out in the middle of nowhere there.

                Ultimately though, I love trees and grass and abundant rain (Gotta love T-storms!). I moved from the NYC area 16 years ago to KY, where I have 27 acres of former cow pasture and woods, where I put used mobile homes for my mother and I, and manicured the place and built some out-buildings, etc. and pretty much live as close to paradise as one can get in Police State USA these days.

                It’s not the desert though. Had only one neighbor when I moved here. As is usually the case though, as soon as I set up camp, others started moving in nearby- so now I can see a few other houses in my view, especially in the winter 🙁 and while it was nice and dark when I first moved here, now there are a lot of lights all around :(.

                My mother had lived in apartments most of her life- she was married several times too- always picked losers; still spend most of her life alone; never had nothing, except for me and my two sisters- and they are of no account.

                Me? I love solitude; quietness; peace. Never found what i was looking for in a woman when I was younger, and am thankful now that I didn’t, as I’ve come to think that marriage (at least these days) is only for those who don’t like being alone. (Although I naturally strongly believe in the institution of marriage- and that it is for life- which is why it is something I have never taken lightly).

                Anywho, I haven’t even gotten a chance to read new comments (let alone new articles by Eric) in the last 24 hours, and with it being spring now and nice weather and all, I may be MIA for days at a tkime- but hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch-up, at least at night, by early next week.[I don’t understand where the time goes- this is virtually the only comment section/forum I participate on these days!]

                I appreciate the info about yourself. It’s nice when we know someone as a “person” and not just an anonymous name.

                Hey, I’m impressed! 22% Irish, and you can get along with your part-Scot huisband for 35 years?! I thought the Irish and the Scots hated each other? 😉

                • Good-morning, Nunzio! I am starting over today. No, not turning over a new leaf, just starting over. I was in the process of writing a long, newsy letter to you when I lost it. I didn’t bother looking for it because I had not saved it. Carelessness on my part because I had several windows opened and I wanted to get rid of some of them, and yours was one of them.

                  Line upon line, I will respond to your post. I’m pleased that you are cordial to me. I’ve really taken a beaten the past few days, including my old buddy of 25 years. Ouch! But that is neither here nor there, when you get around to reading the posts you will see for yourself. In the meanwhile I’m still humming, “I’m looking over a four-leaf clover that I overlooked before.” So go ahead, “Clover me!” I love the glitter too.

                  I’m busy too. Life keeps rushing in on me. Dang it! Are you your mother’s caretaker (I refused to change this good English word to “caregiver,” because some liberal was offended.) I have the late effects of polio, and now in a wheel chair. But I don’t feel sorry for myself, so don’t you either. I was 19 yrs old when I got the polio from the newly approve vaccine. This is my lasting memory of Hawaii. We were Navy at Pearl when I got sick. I was in isolation for 6 weeks. Told that I would never walk again. Shortly thereafter I was airevac to the mainland. First to Travis AFB, and then to a hospital in Los Angeles that specialized in polio cases. Within 5 years I beat the odds, climbed out of the wheel chair, wore braces and crutches for another couple of years, and finally threw them all away, and resumed my life as a normal person (whatever that is). This is why I don’t feel sorry for myself – I walked, skipped, ran, danced, etc., until late 1999. In February 2000 I was diagnosed with Post-polio Sequelae (PPS). The decline was gradual at first, back to braces and crutches and special ugly shoes. I still don’t feel sorry for myself though, after all many women my age are already six-foot under, and those living are in a wheel chair too. So, life goes on. I tell you this, so I can tell you that I am a caretaker of my husband. He is legally blind with many medical problems. It is humorous when we park valet, they try to stuff me in the passenger’s seat, and Hunny tells them, you don’t want me to drive, she is the ‘Designated Driver.’ LOL

                  Line 2: I enjoyed your humor. I thought I had heard them all over the years, but your quip is new. BTW, just for educational purposes; the vagina is the exit, it’s the womb or uterus that is the “car.” Reminds me of a medical exam I had recently. The doctor said to me after a sonogram, “Your uterus is surprisingly small considering the amount of children you’ve had.” Of Course, I’m always quick in wit, to which I relied, “What were you expecting? My uterus to look like a balloon that had been inflated to much, and just waving around in my abdominal cavity?” Enough humor about my private parts.

                  Line 3: Just push me up to my computer and I’m happy. I hope that I never lose my ability to view the ‘window of the world.’

                  Line 4: Many, OK – most of the guys on this thread have a poor opinion of my views. They are so steeped in their own that they can’t see anything else. I didn’t get one reply over my Plato “Shadows on the Wall of the Cave.” comment. If one never looks out of themselves they are trapped in their views. I understand the “all alone” comment. I get so weary of the ‘aghast look’ and/or ‘I can’t believe she said that look.’ It is rare that I fit in to the Left/right or middle. I do find it stimulating to discuss views, sharing mine and listening to theirs, but when I’m attacked, such as I have been here it is no longer stimulating, fun, nor enlightening. I also don’t care for the “I’m better than you” mentality either that I’ve witnessed here. Too set in their ways and their thinking too limited.

                  Line 5: Short and sweet. I’m pleased that we have the ‘open-mind, I’ll listen to you and weigh what you said,’ mentality. If everyone agreed what use would we be? We couldn’t grow in our intellect, could we?

                  Line 6: Oh, let me tell you about Las Vegas – you do realize that it is like any other town, except we have lots of tourists from all over the world, don’t you? And, they rarely go anywhere except ‘The Strip,’ right? I live 10 miles from ‘The Strip,’ and rarely go there. I don’t gamble, I don’t drink, I can no longer dance, I can’t afford the shows, and I hate crowds. I once thought that I would like to live in the wilderness. At one point, when some of the kids were still home, we purchased a house on 3/4 acre, and it was already designed for growing things. I killed it all, I left a brown farm. Never again. I now live where all my maintenance, inside and out are taken care of – at no effort or cost to me. Yeah!

                  Line 8: “. . .trees, and grass and abundant rain (gotta love T-storms). . .” Me, I love blue skies, moderate temperatures (most days) same old, same old. I never have to worry about umbrellas or snow shoes. When I live back East, I was allergic to everything that grew. I was on medication, shots, inhalers, etc. I told the doctor that I didn’t want to live this way. He told me that I needed to move to a warm, dry climate. So, I went home and told my husband that the doctor said that I had to move to Las Vegas. LOL The rest is history, we have been here 13 years, and I haven’t had to take any medication. Win-win!

                  Line 9: Light pollution. The curse of civilization. When I was young, at night it was dark! I miss that.

                  10: Yes, it is hard on the heart to watch a marriage discinegrate. It is hard on the kids too. With the knowledge that I have now, I would have just made it work, and marriage is hard work, no doubt about it.

                  Line 11: What were you looking for in a woman? A church of your choice is the best place to find a good woman, and it’s never too late to start looking. I don’t know what your age is, but I know that many woman would be happy to find a good man. I’ve never had a problem finding a husband, only lost one that left me, the rest of them hate me for calling it quits. Only one of my has-beens are still alive. My current marriage was effy for a long time. Each year we would say to each other, “Well, we made it through the year, want to try for another year?” And so we did. At some point neither of us could imagine not being a family. 34 years now. It will be hard when one of us turns ‘toes up.’ But no gets out of this life alive.

                  Line 12: I need to go look at other areas of Eric’s website too. With all said and done, I’ve got to go drive my sweetie around, and we have coupon to go to a nearby Casino buffet – yum, yum!

                  Line 13: I appreciate your treating me as a real person. Next time, I’ll really get into my opinions. Have a good day, my friend! Gail

                  • Gail,

                    The core issue is whether each of us is sovereign over ourselves – or not.

                    If we are sovereign, it means no other person may legitimately (morally) use force against us for any reason except in self-defense. This means: No meddling in our personal affairs, no interfering with our choices and no forcing us to go along with “plans” or “help” when we prefer not to.

                    It also means no one else can presume to speak for us unless we have freely given explicit proxy power for them to do so – and in that case, the proxy applies only to us and not to anyone else.

                    This is my position – and it’s why I reject all variants of coercive collectivism, including the Republican and “conservative” variety.

                    You may not realize it, but you have no moral basis for objecting to the coercive collectivism of the left, of Democrats… because you do not disagree with the principle of coercive collectivism, only with the ends it used to achieve.

                    • Eric, you are advocating anarchy. What you deem reasonable, might not to me. So right there you are encroaching on my rights. This is why we are a nation of laws. This is why we elect representatives to speak for us. If we don’t like them, we vote them out. There is less freedom with a democracy than with a republic. The best way to control our lives is to become involved. Run for office, vote, involve yourself.

                    • Representatives?
                      When senators became directly elected and the house capped at 435 that freed the federal government from representing the people except in the most extreme circumstances. Then that just means wait until later. Eventually they get what their masters want one way or another.

                    • The very term “representative” is misleading, as it implies a democracy, in which those elected represent the interests of the voters- as opposed to the Constitutional Republic we are supposed to have, in which [a better word might be:] “delegates” [?] are just supposed to represent us in so far as our delegating the responsiblity to them of maintaining the role allotted to them by the Constitution.

                      [Hurrah! Rainy day…I get to catch up on here!]

                  • Hi, Gail,

                    Well, even though we may be opposites in many respects, I’m glad that we can both be cordial and enjoy each other’s posts, too.

                    To answer your question about being my mother’s caretaker (And I agree, I use the old “real” terminology, rather than the new PC-babble of the cultural Marxists!), well….uh, I do my mother’s shopping, and fix things around her place…but she really doesn’t need a caretaker. (Even when she does, she pretty much won’t allow anyone to do anything for her!). She doesn’t drive (Not so much because of her age- as even when she was young, she pretty much only drove briefly in the 1950’s…. My now-deceased aunt was still driving at 96, and had never had an accident in my lifetime; and my sister has a neighbor who is 101 and still drives!) so she relies on me for that- but otherwise, she still cooks and cleans, and half the time, ends up bringing food over for me! (I’m an excellent cook, myself, too). In fact, I have spaghetti sauce in the fridge that Mopm made, which I’ll be having tonight… Mmmmm! [I’m not your stereotypical Dago, but i do LOVE my pasta!!].

                    I’m just going to keep this brief, because there’s one post I’d like to reply to while I have the chance- but: re: finding a suitable woman through a church when I was in the market:

                    Ah! Finding a suitable church is even harder than finding a suitable woman! Quite frankly, I’ve found that organized religion is counterproductive in this era when we all have direct access to the Word of God. We can spend our time conforming to what other men say, or we can spend our time conforming to what the Bible says. We will be judged by the latter. (As well as blessed in this life- and I can say, in the 32 years since I started doing this, I have been insanely blessed!)

                    But, anywho, Gail, I enjoy your more personal posts, and you do have a great writing style.

                    Now to try and play catch-up a bit on here. Uh-oh, the rain has stopped, I’d better hurry, ‘cuz if it dries up before dinner, I’ll have to go out and put a couple of water inlet gaskets on the tractor! 😮

                    Every time I’m hindered by rain, I always think of this book I read years ago: O Come Ye Back To Ireland by Christine Breen [How did i remember that?!) about this couple from NYC who inherited a rural cottage in Ireland, and ended up moving there and living in it! It rained on just about every page! Hey, you might enjoy that book, what with the mick blood and all…. 🙂

                    Oh, and PS: Thanks for mentioning my humor. A lot of people don’t “get” me. I’m always glad when someone does, because I do try and make people laugh.

                    Oh! And the 4 Leaf Clover song. Yes! It’s been stuck in my head too! Nyah! Well here’s one for you! (I’m a big fan of the big bands and 30’s/40’s music)

  15. It’s the SAME THING, over and over again, and the morons fall for each each and every time, never having learned a thing from the past.

    And just like with past regimes- Bush after 9-11, etc.- if you dare to point out the obvious facts to those who elected them, you get the old “Oh, you must be a liberal! Move to Mexico or Syria! They were gassing their own people and CHILDREN, for Gawd’s sake, dontcha know, and we know this is true because we seen[sic] it on CNN and it came came straight from the CIA’s mouth, and we all know that they can not tell a lie!”.

    Land of the feeble; home of the brain-dead.

    They say you can count on two things: Death and taxes. They need to update that to three things: You can also count on the stupidity of the general public to fall for the same lies, no matter how many times they’ve been fooled by those very lies in the past. Start a war: The opposition will warm up to you, and your supporters will love you even more.

    Isn’t it about time that the rest of the world got together and did what we/they did to Hitler?

    What REALLY irks me, is that it seems that everyone I speak to in real life who supported Trump, instead of feeling betrayed now, is getting out their flag and waving it, even though the creep has abandoned virtually all of his campaign promises already, and even doing the diametric opposite of what he had promised in many instances.

    I don’t know what’s more disgusting: Trump’s actions or the fact that those who voted for him don’t feel betrayed, and don’t even hint at holding him accountable.

    We are in this tyranny, regardless of whom they elect, until we get nuked, or it collapses under it’s own dysfunction.

    Well…it was nice, for oNCE in my life, actually having a wee little bit of hope for something positive for a few months, anyway. But hey, we knew where this was going, right? I mean, ya pack your cabinet with Neocon warmonger generals, how can ya not be planning war?

    • You guys keep forgetting. Trump said he was going to eliminate terrorists. He was going to target their families and their homes. fight a war so dirty that even they would have to stop.

      Now if you have some sort of economic power then we might talk, everyone else is to be destroyed

      • Or if you actually have nukes, like Israel or North Korea. Otherwise​we’ll claim you’re developing them and sanction you.

  16. The local school board stealers have to go to Boobus every seven years (locusts?) and ask to steal more money from me. I found some studies proving spending more actually harms the children. Several people have responded: “We don’t need studies!” These are the same moots breathers that love the Colts and bombing other nations. Idiots.

  17. The cruise missiles were sent both as a demonstration of “Doing Something About The Problem” and as a distraction from the health care loss in Congress.

    It’s very hard for a modern US politician to sit back and say “Nope. That’s not our problem.” and then follow it up with vigorous inaction.

    • Hi chiph,

      Your post reminds me of a quip by the great Robert Higgs: “Don’t just stand there, undo something!”


      • Jeremy, others lament they had hope things would change.

        I woulda hoped in one hand and shit in the other…..but I got sick of needing to clean up decades ago.

        I wrote the NRA in 1980 and told them I wouldn’t let the screen door hit my ass on the way out and their much beloved Republican gun grabber could KMA as they ramped up for more war on the public and foreigners alike.

        Sure enough the antigun legislation they helped write before and then during the Klinton regime’s reign eventually bit my wife and I in the second Chimps reign.

        Trump’s just carrying on with more violence for profit as expected.
        After all, shit always rolls downhill and we’re all downhill from the Republocrat and Demoplican machine with our only involvement being just to pay for the Jack Abramhoffs and the profiteers on either side.

        Every time I have to think about this shit storm I hear the old song playing with just a couple lyric substitutions instead of I’m Just a Gigolo Everywhere I go…

        Get over it everybody till you’re ready to do something different. Doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result is a surprise when nothing changes? Reminds me of a guy I worked with who used a box of fuses when he’d throw in the disconnect, replace those fuses, throw the disconnect again, change fuses ad nauseum. When the whole lot was gone I said “Gosh, they just don’t make fuses like they usta”.

    • The problem is that it is exactly the response he should have. As far as our “country” is concerned it is none of our business.

  18. Hi Eric, et al,
    Having not voted at all, because of principled reasons, I was simply glad that Hillary was out for several pragmatic reasons:
    1) at least for now, our guns are safe
    2) Hillary would already have had us at war with Russia…she has a history of extremely aggressive and quick-trigger war actions under her belt during the Clinton administration, as SoS (Libya) and supporting more of the same.
    3) Hillary is just so fucking arrogantly corrupt and dismissive of anybody who disagrees with her.
    4) As a bonus, her loss set the neo-Marxist, SJW, identity politics crowd into a spiral of angst and that was a joy to behold.

    That said, my brother predicted that Trump would be a yugh disappointment for anybody foolish enough to believe he would change anything. The chattering class goes on about how Trump is “literally Hitler” which is ironic given that the Nazis were left-wing socialists who came to power through intimidating the legally elected government in Germany. The folks who are doing the most Hitleresque actions are the loons on the left. That being said, people are correct in noting that Trump is a vain, narcissistic buffoon. So is Hillary Clinton. That’s what gets elected in the U.S.S.A. If you look at every presidential candidate since G. Washington, every one of them has projected as a peaceful candidate. Every one of them lied like a rug. Most egregious were Wilson and FDR in that respect. Bush 2 declared the U.S. would not police the world. You get the drill. That Trump talked about co-operation with Russia was just a ruse to hook the gullible into believing, against all rational analysis, that this time was different, that Lucy would let Charlie Brown kick the football. Cynics like me knew better. The deep state is much more powerful than anybody realizes. Any intransigence on the part of Trump would have resulted in his assassination and worse. Pence would have been on board with the deep state from the getgo…like LBJ 2.
    One more thing. The left, neoMarxists that have taken over the Democratic party do not think like the majority of the “liberals” of my youth. The new left consists of a bunch of brainwashed, violent, tyrannical, racist, misandrist assholes who eschew freedom of speech…hell freedom in general. They are Clovers in the extreme. The Republicans, in general, are no different. As to what is a libertarian….well the definition seems pretty clear to me and it is also obvious that the Libertarian Party, and Reason magazine and most people who self-identify as libertarians don’t have a lot of respect for basic libertarian principles. I’m relabelling myself as an anti-slavery individualist. The word libertarian, like liberal and conservative has been tainted.

    Hmmm, sorry for the long screed. BTW, the check’s in the mail.

  19. The Congress quit being relevant to the voter in the 1930s. It gave up even more power during WW 2 and even more during the Cold War. Now the Congress is basically just producing material for the late night talk show monologues. And raising money for the parties.

    Ever since the Emerald City was taken over by lobbyists and think tanks there’s been no reason for the public’s opinion to matter. As long as the bureaucracy can find a think tank to produce papers that make the lobbyists happy that’s all that matters. Trump either got a deal or a threat. Either way he’s playing ball now.

      • Either that or they simply learned how to manipulate Trump. Remember outside of mainstream media drawing attention to it Trump has been going after the pedophiles. So it wouldn’t surprise me that the war party simply figured out that with the right dead-children narrative they could manipulate Trump into doing what they wanted. And dead children narratives has been something the american war party has been doing for a century.

        The US government goes to war with stories of dead children or sunken/attacked boats with a side order of WMD time and time again and none of them have ever been true. So there is IMO about a 0.001% chance this chemical weapons story is true as it was told to us.

        Remember the Maine!

        • I largely agree, Brent. I think our fine scum in the agency gave the Trumpster false intelligence- BUT, he should have known; should have suspected what they were going to do. It’s kinda hard to believe that he could walk rioght into a trap like that.

          And then there’s the fact that he packed his cabinets with neocon warmonger generals. Seems silly to do that unless one is either planning to go to war, or wanting to be talked into it.

          But I do think ultimately he was given false intel.

          • For me its easy to believe because I have found Trump to have all the knowledge of history, economics, science, and so on as the average american on the street. That is practically none. He has opinions on them but his knowledge level and time spent on the subjects is clearly low. Sometimes his gut gets him close to the right answer but gut feelings can just as easily go the other way especially when someone who controls the information that is seen wants them to.

  20. Excellent article; however, I take exception to “Only Libertarians, the only sane Americans left, are appalled.”.

    I interpret the word Libertarians (capitol L) to mean the political party.

    As an unaffiliated voter, I consider unaffiliated to be the ONLY sane choice.